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My daughter will be graduating from recruit training on July 18.
Could you suggest a git for the occasion that would be a meaningful
keepsake to her, following this training experience?

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What about a scrapbook of all the letters she has written and pictures you will take at bootcamp?
Nice idea, thanks. I have ordered her a Navy pendant that I think she will like, too.
My son called a few weeks ago (he graduates 8/1) and he said he would love a full body massage. He said his back hurts sometimes from sitting on the ground without any back support. Not sure where I would find a place to do that.
My son asked for an electric razor, he said he's tired of shaving every day.
The only thing that my son could take back to the Barrack at night after bootcamp was his watch. He wanted a Navy approved watch and that day we went out and got it.

Most of the kids go to Gurnee Mills Mall there they have pedicures/manicures that give military discount.
How do you know its navy approved or did you wait for your son to go with you?
We waited for him and told him that we wanted him to have a watch as a special graduation present that was Navy approved so he can wear it always.

It's basically all black, with military time on it as well.
This is more of a gag gift. I plan on giving Dusty a "Tide-to-Go" pen. Don't want him messing up his dress whites. He requested a religious medallion for our church that he could wear and I've gotten him one.
My daughter had PIR on 7/3. The only thing that she was allowed to take back on base was a watch. Like Lynn above we took her to the mall and bought her a new watch. The Gurnee mall has a Fossil store there and a Movado store. Apparently the local retailers know that rule too. lol. The Fossil store was pretty busy with new sailors. If you purchase a new watch from a local retailer I would have it engraved with your sailors PIR date.
We did not give him a gift at BC PIR but after he got to his A school we sent him a package of all the things he requested and we tucked in a digital camera and a case for a gift so he can take pictures of all of his Navy adventures across the world...He really liked it

That is sure a sweet and nice idea!!  The package including the gift!!  I sure am taking note of that!! Thanks for the tip!! God Bless!!!


I opened a stock trading account for my SR...with a few dollars deposited to get started. Now he can invest all that money that will just be piling up...


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