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Okay, back by popular demand. And while chat is down... I thought we bring back this thread!)

You know you're on the Navy for Moms site too much when........ You get off the computer and your hand is curled up stiff like it's still on the mouse. – Tammy Hodges

Let’s hear err... read yours :D

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when your daily letters to your sailor in bc are filled with bc gossip from the n4m website--oh, and my husband just finished the dishes--which he never does!
This was so true during boot camp. Andy couldn't figure out how we all met. Now, it's finding all the Goose Creek sailors who started classes same time as he did (TODAY--indoc if over!! Now he won't have time to,umm, spend on the puter just chatting)
so kristine thats how you get husbands to wash the dishes??wonder if i didnt wash the clothes or clean the bathrom /ok i woke up from my dream i dont even log off the site ever dont want to miss out on anything.....
this was so much fun to go thru addicted to n4moms.i dont think i have laughed so much in awhile.i to spend alot of time on here.i just love this site.thank all of you for your support and especilly this discussion.
This type of discussion happened quite often when N4M's first started back in March. We now try to schedule "parties" like this; but the spontaneous ones ALWAYS end up being much more fun!!

You know you are addicted when you have been in dress clothes since 6:30 am and it is 9:12 pm and you sit down here before changing into something comfortable!!!

Ugh - Mondays!!!
HA! Or you just totally skipped getting dressed and stayed in your jammas! LOL *hangs head in shame*
saves on doing laundry and it is economic and environmently friendly. No shame, you are doing your part to save the world.
You're right!! We shouldn't use any major appliances between the peak hours of 7am and 7pm! That means no cooking or laundry, so what else are we suppose to do? I don't know about you, but, I think I'll go green!! Hehe!!
LOL routine ... get up, let dogs out, sit down and check N4M!! Really embarrassing when you get a visitor at the door around 11 am and have to tell them through the door to please wait a min .... you need to get dressed!
My family will ask me something and I always say , in a minute.

Computer Friends
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You guys are too funny! I'm laughing out loud and my bird is looking at me funny! I can relate to most of these.....I check my blog before I take a shower, before I leave for work, I have my blackberry on to stay in tuned and I race home to the computer and check it first thing. It's 11:28pm and I'm still in my work clothes. I didn't manage a dinner tonight. But nothing else.


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