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How hard is it to get early separation due to failure to adapt( lied to by recruiter) How long does it take?

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Hi Zachs mom. My son also was lied to by recruiters. He got a bait and switch deal. He got Defective Enlistment entry level separation based on the fact they had all the info to judge he did not even qualify for the job he signed up for.On Ship 17 Moms, I have a bunch of discharge links posted at the top of the page. The ist one explains different types of discharge. I will send you a friends invitation. It will show on the top of your page to the left . you click it then a box opens you can accept the friend. This enables private talk if you prefer to not share details publicly. I would need to know more to help you figure it out.
My son is in separation as we speak and it is a nightmare. He has been there for 16 days and is going crazy. It is a terrible place to be. He was also disqualified for his job due to the fact that he passed all tests here but when he got there they claim that he has a color disorder with his eyes. He has been on Ship #5 all this time watching people come and go and yet they keep him and do not talk to him or process him at all. It is so frustrating. he did nothing wrong but is being treated worse than a prisoner. yes, I am very upset.


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