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Blue Candle Lighting on Christmas Day. Several have asked,,, is there a special blue candle? No
Several have asked how many days and how long.? The burning of the candle length is determined by the one lighting the candle.

Once, again this lighting of the blue candle represents the sailors, recruits and military that will not be joining their families during the holidays. This being done because we want to remember the families that are seperated. Some of our children and spouses are coming home and some are not so let us all remember the great sacrifice our men and women do in the service of our country.
Remember any kind of candle will do ,,,blue electric or wax. We thankyou and if you want to comment please do.. also RSVP your attendance if you are doing so in the Events.

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Hey, don't forget to tell in what city and state this candle will be burning!! We are notifying our local radio stations and trying to get this done all across the USA - in honor of ALL military. I think a green candle for the army, a red for marines, a blue for the Navy, and a white for the air force!!! I am giving small blue candles to all my coworkers for a small gift. I am also putting a note in all my non-N4M's Christmas cards!!!
Alicia you are brilliant for thinking of this!!!
Great idea, Brenda Sue! I am going to put little blue candles in all of my packages that I mail.
You forgot the Coast Guard. Our Coastie has had his leave cancelled because their ship needs more prep before deploying at the end of December. He was so sad. Our Navy son will be home for Christmas but for the second year in a row our Coastie will not. I will definitely put a blue candle in the window for our boy and all the others that will be missing their families.
Thankyou Brenda Sue I need someone on my backside to remember how many things I need to say,, have said it so often now am getting a little slow in what to say and what to do. I think that is what is called team work... and team building in the Navy... Thanks again
BLUE CANDLE Pictures, Images and Photos
In Canyon Lake Texas have posted posters asking for the candle lighting, at the grocery store, the senior center, Ace Hardware and some of the churches have agreed to announce and put in bulletins. I found two electric candles at the Senior Center they are now sporting blue bulbs. I wished I could afford to put a blue candle display and the meaning in every store here. Maybe that is a good project for me to work on for next year... If I can this weekend I will go to Walmart and ask if I can put up a blue candle at the entrance and why....they are very supportive of our military.
Great idea. I will get and burn a blue candle My son is station in Norfolk,VA he can't get home for Christmas Miss him lots
I like the idea so i am out to get candles i think i am also doing the green and so forth for all military. thanks
This is really a good idea. This is the second time that my son will not spend Christmas with us, right now he is deployed with The Sullivans, and wont be back until April 2009. I live in Rochester, NY. What a coincidence, the lights outside my house are BLUE!!!!!!
I forwarded this information from this website to all my family so that they can join in with us Navy Moms. This is such a great idea. I am also with Brenda Sue and going to light a white candle for my son-in-law who is in the Air Force since he won't be home this Christmas. Thanks for the great ideas! God Bless all our service people and their families!

Alicia ..... Love this idea .... Brenda Sue I am passing on the candle lighting for all military ... .thank you!!!
What a wonderful idea! Are they only lit on Christmas Day?
Abigal, I have a couple of blue candles that are electric and they are can light yours anytime we just asked to especially on Christmas day. It is an individual participation in any way one wants to or can. There is no rules or set times or candles it was an idea that grew and grew... and there is not a specific protocal.. Do it your way and decorate it your way and light it your way...It is all good and great


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