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My son went to the recruiter today and took the practice test he made a 35 the recruiter told him he would have to atleast make a 50 on his real Asvab test for the Navy to even consider taking him because they have there quota of white males he said if he was Hispanic or African American or a woman they would take him with a 35 is this normal procedure.

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I have heard many similiar stories and our recruiters have verified it. If your son is determined to join the Navy I might suggest a tutor specifically for the ASVAB test. Ask your recruiter or start calling around if this may be an option for you.
Thanks you for the reply
A 50 must be scored if there is GED and not high school grad. A 35 is the minumum requirement.
He graduated high school in May of this year
My sons friend didn't score well. Their recruiter told them about a book called (with no offense to anyone) its called Asvab for dummies..They say its a good book (my sons friend did study it and passed )Hopefully that helps!
Thanks I did go buy him that book so no offense taken here he is studying now hopefully in a month or so he will go take it again
Officially the requirement is still 35. But since the Navy is currently full (mostly), many districts have set a temporary minimum of 50 for all applicants. In my recruiting district, males can not join at all unless they are automatically qualified on the ASVAB for nuclear propulsion (usually 90+ scores). Females can get in with a 50+ score but jobs are still limited. This should relax a little bit starting in the new fiscal year. proudofmyseabee is correct that a 50 must also be scored if there is a GED or any non traditional education but generally it is almost impossible to get in right now with anything less than a high school diploma from a traditional high school.
Thanks for your information he will retry the test in October
Well officially our ASVAB score is still a minimum of 35. You have to remember the actual score doesn't tell you what jobs you can get, it's your line scores. Yeah it helps to have a higher number because statistically you will have higher line scores if your raw score is higher. But this isn't always the case. I don't know if any of you know this but your ASVAB score comes from only 4 sections on the test. It's the 2 math and 2 english sections. That's why we give you a practice test that only has these four sections on it. The full ASVAB has like 9 sections on it but like I said, only 4 of them give you your score. The jobs in the Navy don't generally care what that score is, they look at combination of 3 or 4 of the line scores. So what happens is, a person with a 40 could qualify for more jobs than someone with a 50. I have seen someone with a 90 not qulify for hardly anything because the only thing a 90 tells you is that that person is good at math and english. And as far as being a different race, that's not going to help you a whole lot. Maybe a little but right now with how hard it is to get in it's not going to help. No matter what race or gender you are, if you have a 35 ASVAB score there is no way you will be getting in right now.
Thanks you gave me alot of useful information


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