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Can someone please tell me what the attire requirements are for Boot Camp Graduation??   I'm getting conflicting opinions from Coat and Tie to Business Casual. My son graduates in Great Lakes August 13, 2010 so any information would be so appreciated.  Thanks!!

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When we went we saw everything from suit and tie to jeans and a nice shirt . Some of the women wore dresses and others jeans and nice top. There was no dress code. I dressed as though I was going to dinner at a nice restaurant . Just be comfortable. Have Fun. It's SO GREAT when they come out and you finally get your hands on them again !! Any other questions let me know
Thank you so much for all the information. It is very helpful. Can't wait to see him.. :-)
Well pretty much that is what you'll see. Just wear what you'll feel comfortable in. Usu what you would wear to Church is best.

Join your sons PIR group...there will be lots of info there and you'll hear how the group is doing, just click on the http address http';//

And congradulations!! Have you watched any of the graduation videos...check behind the "Videos" tab here and grab a kleenex
You will see every type of attire and no
one will frown at you if you wear jeans, shorts, etc. but since they will be in dress uniforms and worked hard for eight weeks to earn that uniform -I felt wearing my "sunday best" was not out of order.

I wore dress pants and a sweater and was comfortable and I suspect the mom sitting next to me in her jeans was just as comfortable as well. Enjoy PIR, it truly is a very proud day for the sailors and their families.
The best advice I've ever seen is someone who said "Dress to the Uniform". Your sailor will be wearing his/her Dress Whites/Blues. You should dress accordingly. Just my opinion, tho....
Well we were just there for a grad date July 30th and there really isn't any code at all -- it's very sultry this time of year and I wore light capri's and a dressy shirt and my husband a nice pair of shorts with a button shirt -- casual - and comfortable - the bleachers are just like the ones you sat in to watch sports in high school so wear comfortable shoes - and arrive early!
I agree my son worked hard to wear those dress blues and we dressed up also my husband wore a suit and tie and I also wore a suit and WE ALL wore US FLAG lapel pins!
I don't know the actual temp, but I do know you will be pretty cold. So I would suggest a nice pair of pants and sweater, or something of that nature. I'm a Florida girl so I can tell you if it were me, I wouldn't wear a dress. I get cold too easily and I don't know what the heat situation during the festivites. I suggest no high heels though(unless you can walk in them for a pretty long distance from the entrance gate) I wore a small 1 inch heel and was pretty comfy. I know not much help, so I',m hoping one of the other mom's who have been there during the winter months can chime in here and give better information. Good luck and congratulations to you and your recruit.
My son was an honor recruit so we had reserved seating (of course we didn't know that until our arrival) however, I would suggest to get there at least an hour early, if not earlier, to ensure you get a good seat. Bring your camera and take lots of pictures. Also make sure you bring your recruit a change of clothes so they can lounge around the hotel room. Anything roomy and comfy. they won't be able to leave the hotel room without their uniforms so it really doesn't matter what they wear in the room. My son was grateful to get out of the uniform and chill for a bit. Sean is pretty outgoing so he was very talkative. I hear some are not. But don't be surprised if they want to pass out and sleep. We ordered pizza, chinese and anything else he wanted and had it delivered so he could just chill out for bit. It's a wonderful event that you will never forget. Hummmm, I wonder if I missed something. I'm sure I did so if I think of anything else, I'll be sure to pass it on. Please feel free to contact me anytime! :-)
Yes, I did too. It was much more laid back. Especially the first day. If you are there the whole weekend, I'm sure he'll want to get out and maybe even meet up with some of his friends who don't have family there. We had about 5 recruits (thank God we rented a mini van) one day, but it was wonderful. As far as the pics, Sean pre-ordered all that stuff from what I understand. I know he ordered the pictures of him in his dress blues. I believe all of it was pre-ordered. However, if he doesn't pre-order, it can be done after graduation as well, so you won't miss out. By the way, my name is Christine :-)
Nice to meet you too Mary: I was a nervous wreck until I saw the child. I was so proud of his accomplishments and I hope he chooses to be a"lifer" in the Navy as did his grandfather, uncles and most of his cousins (one was a hold-out Marine... HA!) Bring your tissues because you will cry. You are right about the weekend being about him and whatever he wants to do. It's sad to see some kids not having parents or family there so they are thrilled when they get to tag along and be apart of it. I can't think of a better Thanksgiving.
Hi there... I am in Yucca Valley... my son PIRs 12/3 though, so you and I won't be there at the same time. I am wondering if I even own a coat warm enough to take with me LOL.... you will have to let me know how it is when you are there! I'll be a couple weeks behind you. Congrats on being the mom of a sailor!


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