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My son leaves on Dec 7th for BC. Any thoughts on what's okay to send while he's there over Christmas to make him smile and works with Navy rules? Your ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi Tori,
You posted your message two days ago - and no responses to it, yet! I think this site has gotten so busy that we're all having a hard time keeping up with it.

My son graduated bootcamp on Aug. 29th and is in Great Lakes attending A School. I wish I could tell you that you would be able to send goodies and gifts, but unfortunately, you can't. It will not be allowed and they would take those things away from your son if you did. The best thing to do is write to your son as often as you can expressing your love, support and encouragement to him. It's like Christmas to the recruits every time there is mail call. Sending cards is also nice, especially during the holidays. Also, you can send pictures to him of family and friends. I even heard of some moms sending clips from newspapers back home with articles that may be of interest to him. I would also recommend that you celebrate your holiday early before he leaves for BC. Try to make it one that you both will always remember and cherish.
Thank you for your thoughts and wishes. We just returned from a nice Japanese lunch, and trying to get in a little extra time together. Tori
My daughter also leaves Dec 7th for BC. I am trying to plan an early Christmas Celebration for her, but I am really having a hard time with "gifts" for her. Whatever they are .. she will have to leave them to go to BC. I am toying with other ideas for a gift, like a quick weekend trip before she leaves or an adventure package (like skydiving, but it's going to be too cold for that) .. I can't afford too much. Any ideas??????
My son will also be in BC during the holidays. I asked if I could send him any thing and was given a resound NO. I can't get anything to him. I am planning on just writing and sending him letters from all of us which I hope he'll get around Christmas.
Have Christmas BEFORE he leaves. Maybe combine Christmas and Thanksgiving?!?! Christmas does not have to be ON December 25th.
Hi Tori,
My son also leaves Dec.7 . I don't think there is anything we can send them, besides lots of letters, but I plan on bringing him a gift at graduation.
Tori, I had a big party....started it with Thanksgiving, then moved to Christmas, then to New Years and then a birthday cake and balloons because he turns 21 before PIR. It was AWESOME.

as for Christmas, send him one of those cards that you can record a message in. Nothing will beat hearing your voice for Christmas!!!
Hi Tori,
First of all, I'd to say best of luck to your son, he's got a long two hard, but very exciting months ahead of him! And best of luck to you as well, these months are not going to be easy as well, but when you see him finish bootcamp in two months, it will be worth the wait I promise :). My boyfriend went to BC back in April, and all we could send were letters, fun little cards, and I also sent some pictures. I think for Christmas a great idea would be to send a fun card (NO music cards, they get in trouble for that I've heard!) and just write about home, tell him what's been going on. It makes him feel like he's still there, with family & friends and he knows that you all love him very much and support him. They especially need that when they're at BC, it's a challenging time for all of them. If you have anymore questions, just ask me, I'll try and help and reply as soon as possible!

Best of luck, sending all the best!

Hi Tori, My son left for BC on the 7th also. I'd love to share this experience with someone who's going through the exact same thing at the same time. My son called at 1:00 on Tuesday morning to say that he made it there, and he thinks he will get another phone call in about 3 weeks.Until then, I guess I can look forward to the box and a packet with more information in it. Do you know any more than I do???


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