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My boyfriend only gets 4 tickets to his graduation which he will be giving to family members. I wont be able to go to that but I will be able to see him during Liberty. Here are my questions 1.  Is there any way he can get extra tickets? Looks like a no based on what I read.   2.  Can anyone suggest who I need to go through to make travel arrangements?  3. How long is the Liberty for and what do families usually do during this liberty? 4. Since I am not attending the graduation, I will be able to see the live streaming but then I would need to meet him after. Any suggestions??

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1) I don't believe that's an option...2) I'm assuming you're traveling from Louisiana? My suggestion would be to check out Best Fares for a flight into Chicago, then rent a car from there. (My plan at least, I'm coming from DFW)....3) I believe they need to be back in uniform, at their unit by 2000. What to do? I'd recommend getting a hotel room so you can hang out with him and relax, and EAT GOOD FOOD. After my graduation, all I wanted was to go scarf down a steak and as much good food as possible. I have no doubt he'll feel the same way! Congrats, and best of luck!

Do find out what his Navy job (rating) is and where he will be going for A school. If he is staying at Great Lakes for school, then he will have daytime liberty all weekend. For schooling elsewhere, he will most likely have Friday liberty and fly out on Saturday.  This will determine the answer to question 3.

He will be going to Maryland for A school he is E3 and job is MCO or mass communication

Then you can expect him to have liberty from the end of PIR to early evening Friday. Very early Saturday you can meet him at the airport ticket counter and then wait with him at the boarding gate until departure. Be sure to bring ID so his airline can issue you a pass to get thru security.

Thanks that is what I heard and it's very nice to know I can wiAt with him


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