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Just a "what if" question...if a recruit gets injured in bootcamp and cannot continue the training...what happens?

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Hello Laurie, My name is Drucilla and my son was injured in bootcamp he had only began his training on Sept 14th so he only has done 1 week. He has been in the sick unit ever since and is a waiting to see a urolgist on oct 13th. He has been very depressed ever since and wants out of the navy, but I recd a call this week and he sound much better because I told him that things will get better and to keep his eye on the prize. when gets better he will have to start from where he stopped so that is a bummer but that is what happens. I hope this helps I still have lots of question but who do you ask?
Hi Drucilla I know the training is tough so I was just wondering "what if" he gets injured. So if I understand you correctly he will just pick up where he left off. Will he still be assigned the same job duty after bootcamp?
It all depends on how severe the injury is. Sometimes the recruit would have some restrictions (no PT for a few days, for example--this happened to my sailor at BC last year when he injured his leg and was on crutches for a short time) and stay on track for PIR. Other times, the recruit might be delayed and go to Rehab and then join another division with a later PIR date or may have to be separated and, depending on the discharge code used, may or may not be able to go to boot camp at a later time once the injury has healed--possibly with a waiver required. You could check out the posts and discussions in the Ship 17 Moms (now Ship 5 Separations) group at for some additional insight.
Mostly if they can recover from it they'll do so and go back into training just sometimes with an extended graduation date.
But my friend tore his ACL the other day and they're debating on whether they're going to discharge him and send him home.


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