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Does Captain's Mast only happen in boot camp - or it can occur anytime during their Navy career?
Sometimes at A school they will hold an "Open" mast, Sailors can attend to see what takes place at a Captain's Mast. If your son or daughter ever has a chance to attend one as a visitor, I would encourage it. They can be very eye opening experiences.
haha - Mary, in the area I live they opened new state prisons when my boys were quite young!!
The prisons were open for public tours before any inmates were housed there.
I took the boys (and all the friends I could gather) and showed them what it looked like on the "other side" of the curly wires!!

hhmmm - don't know if that is what did it - but neither of mine has been in trouble - "KNOCK ON WOOD"!!!!

I was a Legalman in the Navy and got out in 1992. I attended many Captain's Masts and Courts Martials. The usual UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) violations ranged from unauthorized absences (UA), failure to obey orders, illegal use of drugs, drunk on duty, DUI/DWI, destruction of Government property, and I even had a case where someone opened another persons mail.Usually the hardcore cases like assault and murder go to Courts Martial and there is a military judge and military jury made up of E-7 and above and officers. Captain's Mast is used for less serious offenses and is up to the CO as to what punishment. They can be held from the day you enter the Navy until the day you get out. It's been too long since I got out to remember what the penalties are.
Hope this helps.

Thank you Linda.

My sailor is going to CO mast this morning. I am praying for him, he went on UA and didn't know what to do (19 yrs. old). He has never been in trouble before. He was scared and confused. I want him to take the punishment like a man.

thank you
sorry for you Char - hopefully, he gets off easy but hard enough to learn his lesson.

What is UA??
Thanks Brenda,

UA is unauthorized absence. He was scared....

why would they send someone charged with raping another sailor to captains mast? Will they be able to send him to prison from a captains mast?

The Commanding Officer in a Captain's Mast can impose punishment under the provisions of military law or refer the case to a court-martial. Rape would typically be handled in a court-martial, which could result in a sentence to a military prison, but it is possible that due process of law requires that it first go to Captain's Mast. The maximum sentence to correctional custody in a Captain's Mast would be 30 days (there are other possible punishments as well, but since you asked about prison that is the only one I mentioned).

I'm sorry that your daughter had that happen to her.

Rape goes  to court martial, if there is enough evidence..lots of times it is a he said she said and if that is the case or the victim doesn't want to press charges (which happens more times than you would think) than it goes to CO's mast.  I was an advocate for 7 years in the Navy..know wayyy to much about rape in the military.


My son went before the Captain's Mast last February because something that sounded like a good idea to a group of his friends at the time wasn't such a good idea. He was in Power School at the time at Goose Creek. I can't remember exactly what his punishment was, but he lost rank, lost pay, and got held back a class in school. He graduated from Power School in April and I talked briefly with his commanding officer after the ceremony. He asked me if my son walked across the stage. When I answered "yes" he said that is what mattered and I should be proud of him. I don't know how big a mark it is on his record, and, as his mother, it really doesn't matter to me. He messed up, took responsibility and accepted the consequences. I believe he was pretty upset at first, but as time passed and things got back to normal (off restrition and extra duty) he got back in the routine and everything seems back to normal now.

You can read about captain's masts on the internet. The tradition goes back a long way.

Your son will get through this. Mine did.

Thank you for your words of encouragement! I really appreciate your don't know how I am praying for my son...please if you can, add us to your prayers! Thanks so much and congratulations to your son and thank God!



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