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My son will spend Christmas at bootcamp. Is there anything we're allowed to send him other than a card or letter??

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Nope unfortunately not. Just celebrate all the holidays missed when he comes home! iT IS GOING TO BE MORE DIFFICULT ON YOU THAN HIM.
If your Christmas tree is up then maybe put a picture of the family around the tree in the card, other than that nothing can be sent except for your encouragement and love.
Are we actually allowed to send Christmas cards? I'd heard we weren't supposed to send cards? We are taking a "mini" artificial tree to PIR along with gifts for him to open. We will probably have to take them home and ship them back to him at A-School but at least we can have a belated celebration!
my son is in 059. he wrote no POSTcards, no pics, letters only. I dont know if that means we cant send christmas cards or not. I called his recruiter and asked him. He did not seem to be sure about this either. Said first yes, then no
Holly: That is a neat idea to bring a mini tree and gifts. Does anyone know if we can send cards? my family is asking me and I have no clue.
Yes, you can send cards, but don't send the musical ones, have read all over this site that it could mean extra PT for the recruits who receive them.
Oh good! The cards will help at least! Thanks!
my son wrote, no pics.
so, I dont know.

Does anyone know if they open the letters before our kids get them?
Yes. They look at the pics and can share them with the entire division.
Paula - that is a VERY excellent point. Each RDC is different, and each has different things that they do and don't allow. And for the 3 years that I've been watching stories about boot camp, there are more RDCs that allow cards and pictures than those who give the recruits grief about them.
My husband is in DIV 058 and has received cards from me and the rest of our family. I always send him pics of me and our two girls, and he said that the pictures help a lot!
My son will leave on the 16th and he too will spend his first Christmas ever away from us....


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