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As we all know the Holidays are sneaking up. FAST. For every occasion..I have bought my bf clothes. But this year..I would like to do something special for him. But I have no idea what. So can anyone please help me on some ideas to give him that would be full of meaning?

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I gathered these when I was looking for gifts for my daughter. I haven't looked at them for some time but they were some fun things to look at/ These are just fun.

Melissa, thanks for the suggestion. I'll try that too.,keyword--military%2...

I never knew there were so many action figures.

Looks like Roseann's Deb.

this is a salute to navy chiefs

this is a navy rescuer with a dog.

navy ordinance GI Joe

flight deck action figure
SDCC: GI Joe - 40th Anniversary Action Sailor with Navy Attack
VBBS leader
further down has sailor in work blues (Gi Joe Navy Serviceman) (midway down talking sailor Gi Joe) and GI Joe Homecoming Navy and Marine Recon for Enduring Freedom)
Hi Carla, as a beautiful and unique way to send the gift you might want to try this
A challange coin is a great idea too. You can do a search and find several companies that do them. They often have them for specific squads and what not. The President and high officials I believe have specific ones they give.
I don't know that this idea isn't special Laura - but I bought my son a personal DVD player and the season (dvd) he missed while in bootcamp his two A schools and C school, of his favorite show and some favorite movies. He is able to use it as a dvd player as well.
If he is on a ship there is a curtian called a rack pack ---it gives them pockets and places to keep extra things, and it keeps it darker then the regular curtain.
My son loves loves his ---
BUT fair warning ---some ships or divisions will not allow them. (but if they do allow them GREAT PRESENT)
I say ask ombudsman if she knows if they allow them ???
where do you go to get the curtain rack oack from?

my mother-in-law just now bought one for my husband!
I looked at these for my son and I didn't know what size to get.  How do you know what size you should get?
Okay, I grabbed that one. Very cool. Hopefully the ships allow them! Thanks for the heads up on that too.
This is all very true. They are pricey, but VERY nice. Unfortunately, both my sailors have been unable to use them, and I have them just sitting here at home. I keep hoping that maybe one day they will be able to move to a ship that may allow them. They still knew the gift was more from the heart than what the 'visual' gift is! :0}
Hi Kim,

Oh, I am so sorry to hear your boys couldn't use the NavyRackPacks yet. If you let me know the names of the ships, I can send the CMCs the flame retardancy reports. Sometimes, when they know the fabric is professionally treated and has been tested at a professional lab, and that so many other ships and even the actual Navy buys them as replacement curtains, they rethink the position. Lately, I have been able to chat with several more CMCs to secure permission for their sailors to use them. After five years, we are still pretty "new" to a lot of the more senior sailors and they just don't know about us.

(Funny thing: NavyRackPacks are half the price the Navy pays for those horrible blue curtains they buy!! No kidding.)

You can email me at if you don't want to blurt the ship names out here.
Your boys sound like such fine, fine men.


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