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Hello! MommsyT here. Does any one crochet? I crochet clothing as well as blankets and afghans. I really enjoy making baby blankets. Hope to hear from some one out there.

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You should find lots of friends of like mind - here!!
Click Here
Just now discovering your post tonite. I see you haven't been on for awhile. Anyway, wanted to let you know I recently joined a crocheting group at the local church. We make hats for babies, children with cancer, the homeless, and the military. I've been working on the baby hats and also started on the military hats. We all use the knifty knitter round or rectangular looms to make the hats. I will no longer go back to using a crochet hook to make hats since it is so much easier & faster to use the looms. You don't have to count your stitches or rows...LOL...only have to remember to measure the length of the hat. You can make scarfs & afghans with the looms as well.
Very interesting. You are a very giving person. Last winter I also made scarfs and hats for the homeless here in Albany. Really felt a lot of pride in doing so. I love making baby stuff, blankeys, hats ect. Its easy now since we just had our second grand daughter born on June 27th. My daughter in law actually brough the little one home wrapped in the blanket I had made with the matching hat. I was so pleased to see the pics up on face book. To me its so relaxing and i get such a sense of accomplishment when I finish something cute. Keep up all your hard wokr. Its appreciated.
Hello MommsyT,

This is my first day on Navy for Moms, and I'm finding much information for our trip to our Son's PIR = 4th Dec..
Yes, we are very Excited!!! 11 016
I have crocheted for many years, scarves, blankets, hats, and other projects. I just never tried making clothing. I have seen elegant tanks to wear under a formal jacket, or casual jackets and just never sat down to do it. I think you may have just challenge me to attempt it.

My daughter makes hats with Alpaca wool, you wouldn't believe how soft this wool is.

My oldest daughter, creates greeting cards and has me crocheting flat flowers for her. I am so blessed to have some wonderful Kids. 2 Daughters and I Son in Boot Camp.
Be encouraged, there still are women who love to Crochet out here.
i like making crocheted blankets. Sometimes i crosstitch on them too. I have never tried clothing though--a little too daunting!! LOL I tried to knit a sweater once . . . . :/
So darn sweet. Yes I agree My husband loves Tv I don't care too much for it However with a needle and some yarn his boring shows go by fast.
OMG I love too Crochet! As we speak I am making a Afgan for my son Cory and his wife Shawna. Hoping to have it finished by next week. I just finished a bath matt that I'm proud of it turned out real cute. I love making dishcloths and dish towels. Baby blankets, hats ect ect. Just finished making acouple crochet baby animals for our new grand daughter. Have to say though not so crazy about doing that, just figured I should try it at least once. I've also this past winter made scarfs and matching hats for the homeless here in Albany. Loved doing that. I don't really watch Tv so this is my favorite hobby too do. also sew a lot mostly in the winter however. Have made serveral baby quilts and each of my kids have one. Anyways Thought I would share that with you, Hope you have agreat day. Keep playing with yarn.

KAthy, where in Albany do you live. We are talking about Albany NY . I live in Schdy New York. I love to crochet so much that a few years ago, I even took my crocheting to Great escape I figured I'd get something done while I sat and watched shows or if my son went on a ride that didn't appeal to me.. i was making blankets for the cancer patients at the place I took my dad for radiation therapy, When ,I took him for therapy, I would pick up the crochet squares, finish them into a blanket, then take them back to Ellis hospital, then he passed away in'03 I have alot of yarn, so I am trying to use it up. I have also made a blkanket out of the crochet cotton used for dish cloths.
Hi, I have no idea on how I stumbles on this, but I did. I was looking down the list of general discussions, and there it was staring at me.. NAvy mom hobbies. Ther's alot on this list I do . I knit, crochet, sew. I am currently making a hat on my round loom. I have no patience for the long ones. Can't figure it out.. MAybe someone canenlighten me. But I am also crocheting a granny saquare afghgan, and a few other ones. I make mile a minutes as well. I do craft fairs.
I LOVE to crochet - started again about a year ago (grandmother taught us when we were kids) and now have overrun the house with yarn, patterns, books, magazines, etc! Fortunately I have a wonderful husband who hasn't complained (yet)! The most recent project I have been working on is preemie booties, hats, blankets, etc to send to Bethesda Naval Hospital NICU in memory of a grandson we lost 7 years ago. It has been a journey - each little hat/bootie etc has bittersweet memories. But, someone donated a blanket & hat that Jeremy Jr. wore as the vent was unplugged and I have never forgotten that, so decided to pay it forward so to speak. I also have done afghans, scarves, purses & hats for family members as they've asked. Where does everyone get patterns?
That must've been so hard to lose your grandson. I make blankets, hats, & socks for charity, most of it newborn size and some preemie.  Every time I make a preemie set it makes me sad to think of what it's going to be used for and reminds me of the babies I miscarried. I think it can be therapeutic at times though too.
I love crocheting.  I good with scarves but willing to try new things.


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