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My son just left for Chicago this week. Does this gutted, empty feeling ever go away? I realize I'm not the first mother to see her child leave the roost....but damn! This is tough. I'm so excited to see him in 8 weeks and after that I'm sure knowing I contact him more often might help. But, for now, I'm trying desperately to deal with cutting that umbilical cord.

I'm very proud and excited for him. It's just a mom thing.

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Hi Mary Jane,

Wow, "Gutted" huh, perfect description. I hope this too shall pass for you as when your child first left for bootcamp. I have a son that will graduate on March 20, 09 and as if il was not far away enough from Delaware. Leaving the nest is tough on them as well as the parent/parents. I have not been the same since he left.. This is the younger of 4 boys. None of my boys were really out of reach like this. That's where I found this sight and hoped someone would hear my heart. I am here for you as we all need friends right now as our sons/daughters are going through these different transitions and making new lives for themselves. If you want to talk, I have and ear as well as a heart and my prayers for you and your family. Stay strong, and pray. Have a good weekend.
Write, write and write . . . little 'folksy' things about home will help you feel connected and will mean a lot to him when he gets your letters:)!
Learn more about what he's going thru by reading some of the links about Boot Camp . . . once you have his address/division you can connect with others who can pass on more info about what they're doing . . .
Join a few groups . . . like Adopt a Sailor or one of the 'hobby' groups to help fill your days and keep your mind busy . . .
Almost before you know it, you'll be getting ready for PIR and wonder how the time passed so quickly:)!
It IS tough . . . but you can do it:)! GIANT HUGS to you:)!
Well, I'm not sure about you - but when he was born - I felt "gutted". Again, when he went to kindergarten - II felt "gutted". Seeing him take off on his bike for the first time without training wheels - I felt "gutted". Seeing him drive off in his truck at sixteen - I felt "gutted". (Sorry, crying now)!!
Yep, you are a great mom - and this is a normal feeling. Sorry, can't finish. I miss my boy also and he has been Navy property for over a year now!!
Thanks to all of you for your advice and support! I'm already writing letters so I can send them out to him on a daily basis. My daughter is writing too.

It's a part of life that every parent dreads, when a child leaves for college, or to serve our country, etc....

I will keep myself busy, and start counting down the weeks until April comes around.

Thanks again!
Hi Mary Jane,My son left Jan 23, 2008. It was by and far the hardest thing I have ever experieinced. I am very close to my son, and I thought my heart was breaking. Each day it gets a little easier.I cried for days when he left , I cried for 4 hours when I left him after boot camp.I cried for 30 minutes when he left after school, and I didnt even cry at all when he came home for Christmas.It will get better!! I hope you will be able to go to graduation. It is the most patriotic and grand event I have ever been to. I would love to go again.My son graduated in March of last year. He then went to San Antonio for school. What is your son going to do? My son is now stationed in Bangor Washington. He is an MA (master of Arms) at a navy submarine base. I hope this helps, feel free to write back if you want. You will get better. I am so proud of the man he is becoming. It is really cool to see how much he is maturing. Goodluck
It will get better after you get the first letter, and first phone call. You will be so proud when you go to PIR and see him in his uniform. Hang in there Mom...
Does it go away? Not really but it becomes less over time. My son and I were close so it was extremely difficult for me to see him walk away. And even today (5 weeks later) walking down the cereal isle at the grocery store brings tears welling up. I think it is different for each mom - but for me, I feel "gutted" only occasionally now.

Hang in there mom. Write him lots of letters! Even though he may not get them until week two, he will get them. My son isn't a real big writer and yet I have had 9 letters from him already. In one it said:

"Got your letters today and started to tear up. I felt like such a girl. I looked around and all the other guys were crying too."

Overtime the sadness is overcome by unyielding pride!

hi mary jane: gutted is a good word...I son has been in the Navy for 2 yrs, and I can still remember the day he came home from school to tell me Navy Recruiters would be coming to our house that day! I know that his first letter from bc became a treasured item and everything was so new to me and I worried so much about every little thing....But, I will say that it does get easier and when u see him in his uniform...well, it is just indescribable..and the proud moments just keep coming...he has started on a new life, but u will always be an important part of it for him...I miss my son everyday, but when he calls & comes home on leave I know that he has made the right decision and that he is happy, which of course it what we all want for our kids. I guess all we can do is take it day by day.
Take Care and Best wishes to your son and family,
Hang in there, it will get better. We are all here for you to lean on.
Gutted is a good word to describe those feelings. The US Navy knows how to take care of your son. I was so bad when I son left 5 years ago, I called his Recuritter. I just had to have some kind of contact. It does get better; I promise. It is one of those mother things, I am sure. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I became so patrotic... It really helped me.
Hi Mary Jane: my husband and I dropped our son off at his recruiting station yesterday afternoon at 3pm. He called me from his motel last night and will be getting on a plane at Tampa in an hour. I am so upset that I can hardly type this. I know this is the right thing for him to do. It will be so good for him but I can hardly stand to look at anything of his. Just his truck sitting in the driveway tears me up. I have read all the wonderful replys that everyone has sent you and it is so nice to see. I am glad that I am not the only one.
Hi Randy,

I know how you feel. It is a good move for your son. You are right, you are not the only one. We are all here for one another. You should read the poem, it has helped me. Look under for when you are struggling,this has helped me to stay busy and know that our child has to live their life. They are our Sailors, Our Soldiers, Our Heros. There is this empty gutted feeling, that's a parent's love. I hope you stay on this board and ask for comfort from the Lord during this time to get you through it. As I was instructed, keep busy, decorate your page, music, pictures, etc, stay bus, keep you mind and body active. This too shall pass as you get letters, phone calls and are in contact with your son. Bless you, take care, stay stong and hold on. It is said to get easier. I am here for you as well as all who are on the board.


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