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Looking for others whose recruit is in SHIP 13 DIV 271

My son is in his second week of bbotcamp and I have not gotten any phone calls the only letter was the info about graduation. I am getting soooo homesick for him. Has anyone heard from there loved one from this division??

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Hi guys,
I am looking for people from ship 13 Div 270. We have not received any phone calls either. I carry my cell phone like it's a heart - lung machine. And when I fall asleep, it sits on my chest. I had the same issue with different addresses...the recruiter gave one and the form letter and one. Then we got our first letter from him, and it was the same as the recruiter's. I am hoping they all land eventually.

What a long strange trip this has been, huh?
No my son is division 272. Maybe the form letters come out at different times from each division. I know they say "no news is good news", but after awhile you just need something to reassure you. Arrghh!!! I will just continute to write him and keep a positive spirit.

mine is in Div 274. No phone calls yet either but he could have called his Dad and I wouldn't know. I do get the stuff that's mailed, box, form letter, and now Navy Federal credit union forms - he had a bank account but guess they were encouraged to use that one?
Yeah...I am anxiously awaiting that first phone call and scared to death to miss it. The letters sounded pretty good...which is a huge relief. The "no news" while killing me too. Good luck with the spirit thing... ;o)
Hi Joensmom,
My husband Lestter is also on Ship 13, Div 271. He left for boot camp on June 11th and his PIR date is August 7th. I haven't recieved any phone calls since the first one and a few days later when he "broke down"... I'm really worried and anxious to hear from him again. Although last week, I got his first letters in the mail and I was soo happy!!
Hang in there and KIT :)


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