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My 17 year old son will be joining the Navy in June.  I am 100% in favor of his choice, however I'm not entirely sure I'm ready for him too leave home.  He won't go to boot camp until June, July or August of 2014 (he's doing DEP - he graduates in 2014) but I'm already going through separation anxiety (I figure I've got a year to get my act together so I'm not a total basket case when he actually does leave).  It doesn't bother me when he's at school or out and about, but if he's gone overnight (camping, hunting, whatever), that's another story.  My husband asked me how I was going to handle it when he was at boot camp, I said I didn't know. 

What's been the most difficult (thus far anyway) is that I look at him and see the little boy who used to hold my hand and not the young man he's become (he's 4 inches taller than me now). 

Looking forward to hearing everyone's stories!










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Welcome. Take things one step at a time and you will do much better than if you think of everything that is ahead.

Once he has a ship date, go to Things to Do in the Last Month Before Your Future Sailor Leaves for... and go to the bottom and find the group for the month h will leave and join that.

In the meantime, just check things out on the site and ask questions as you need to.

Welcome to the Navy family!

My middle son is currently in boot camp and is truly loving every single minute of it, which helps me cope.  This is what he was meant to do and I would rather have him there and happy, then slowing wasting away here at home at a dead-end job!!    I have never been separated from my boys and I have some bad days and some good days.  You will too.  Concentrate on your child and their dreams and goals.  This is their life and their time, we as the parents just need to support and love them.

I keep this scripture close in my heart, it has helped me alot:

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Mattsmom, I see you have joined PIR 06/28/2013 TG 33 - 12 Divisions (237-246, 814 and 933); I invite you to also join Boot Camp Moms (and loved ones). There will be a lot of great information and support for you therre as well as in the PIR group. Be sure to check out the Pages (found under the pictures of the Members) and Discussions within both groups. What will your SR's rating (job/specialty) be? There are groups fo most of the "A" Schools and/or ratings and knowing that can also help you to plan for PIR weekend.

(Group names within this reply are clickable links.)

Matthew is slated for Hospital Corpsman, but he is also heavily leaning towards SEALS

Since he is at BC, he is going to go to "A" School for HM. Yes, some do get a chance for SEALs at BC, but he would have had to have stood out as outstanding to have been picked up to train with the 800 division--often those passing the first PFA in the Excellent or Outstanding range. See 800 and 900 Divisions within Boot Camp Moms (and loved ones) for more on that. I invite you again to join that group while you are there.

Sometime between now and the end of BC, join HM (Hospital Corpsman) A School in San Antonio. The Rating Information Card for HM can be found at It indicates 19 weeks, but "A" School is 14 weeks after classing up.

I wondered how that worked.  Matt previously was a SEAL candidate and was DQ'd for a shoulder injury that he has since had waivers and physicals to override.  I guess we'll see what happens...

I'm sure he would let you know if he has been invited to train with the 800 division.


Welcome.  My son was also in the DEP, however not for as long as yours will be.  He is also our only child and he went in later after giving college a try (he's 21), so that made it even rougher, because I also had to go through the empty nest syndrome.  It was hard at first, but I was able to adjust and put it out of my mind.  However as it got closer I did cry more and the first 2 weeks after he left were very tough, but the one thing I can promise is it does get easier.      After the first 2 calls and the first letter, I was much more a ease because he was doing so well and was so happy.  This site and the group of women that are on here were also a great support.  I don't communicate much, but just reading and seeing I'm not alone also helped.  Our son has PIR 6-7 and I can't believe how fast it went.  I also found staying busy helped too.       

 I invite you to join Boot Camp Moms (and loved ones) (clickable link) also. What will your SR's rating (job/specialty) be? There are groups fo most of the "A" Schools and/or ratings and knowing that can also help you to plan for PIR weekend. (See PIR Day and Liberty During PIR Weekend.)

Hey there Janice,

My son just signed the papers with the recruiter today to head to MEPS in a few weeks to join the Navy.  He is a Junior in high school, soon to be a Senior and will go in after he graduates in June 2014 like your son.  So, he will be in the DEP program his entire Senior year. He is not my only son as I have twin boys, but they are our only children.  So, that we will be having that empty nest feeling when each one goes his own way.

We totally support him and even though I'm still worried for him, we are excited at the same time.  This is a turning point in his life and I'm looking forward to it.  He knows what he wants and he seems to have goals that he wants to achieve. My son plans on getting into the Nuclear Field which means we basically won't get to see him for 2 years.  That's going to be hard, but we also know that this is exactly what he wants to do.  If he could join right now, he would do it in a heartbeat.

Since our sons will probably ship out to BC at the same time or close to it, maybe we can help each other get through this.  Good luck and keep your chin up.  Read, read, read on here and you will get a sense of pride and excitement.  It will be hard to let go of your son's hand, but remember this is next step in his life and know you can be proud that you brought him up right and that he is one of the "GOOD GUYS". 


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