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My son is getting ready to graduate from A School and I want to run an announcement in the local newspaper.  I've noticed other announcements that seem to follow a general format - of what they've learned, the purpose of boot camp, etc.  Does anyone know if there is a standard format that we should use when posting these accomplishments?

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The Navy sent my son's to the paper.... after boot camp

you can call your paper, and ask which way to go.

we are in a small town and our paper only comes out once a week

I didn't even consider that!  Did you give the Navy the newspaper information, or is that something the sailor could've done?  I'm wondering who contacts who.  I'll definitely call my local paper.  Thanks!!!

They fill out the paperwork for that with the recruiters during his DEP days. It was just one of the many pieces of paper they had him sign.


There is a very specific set of wording they use, and it releases a LOT of information that would be considered OPSEC violations here. I've never understood the double standard.

I wondered about that.  It sounds like if Kevin didn't fill out the paperwork, the announcement isn't going to happen.  Rats.


Thanks for the information!

The Navy has someone that does it on the sailors behalf,
but I don't think they did that after A school for my son.
Thanks for getting me thinking my son will be home from Afghanistan soon it would be nice to see in the paper.


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