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Hey! I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a hold up for classes for AD (aviation machinist) my husband just graduated from bootcamp on 11/26/08 and he is now in FL....i heard that he will only be there a few months?....and after he classes up it will be 14 days! I NEED INFORMATION PLEASE :)

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My daughter graduated BC at GL Oct 3rd and was sent to Pensacola Oct 8th for A School. Her rate is AD. She was just told today she will class up March 23rd!! Your husband will have a few months to wait. he mught as well get a Laptop and sign up for some online college courses to keep him busy. Most what he will be doing is mustering and alot of Cleaning and of course guard duty but alot of cleaning! My daughter cleans so much her Barracks is number one in cleanliness!!
Thanx for the info! Ya my husband said he has to clean all day.....I asked him if he will clean the house when he comes home for christmas....and he just laughed :)

Do you know how long she did INDOC for?...or does it depend on the husband said he starts this Thursday.
My daughter says that her A School for AD is only 15 days so she should be out of Pensacola by April!! WOW!! I thought School for everyone was longer. Was I surprised!! So she will get her orders probably end of march ist of april I would think.
yes the schools have been moved back. My son graduated Oct 3 and has been in Pensacola since then. He says his AD school is now looking like March or April due to lack of instructors. It was first delayed because of the hurricane. At least h'es a Yeoman and on phase III liberty. But bored can only clean a door knob so many times so he says.
has anyone heard how the weather is in respect to ida making landfall? i talked to my son last night im hoping that they are fine but all the weather updates show the storm right on top of them
Ida's down to a Cat One, so no worries.


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