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Wanted to get grad together that PIR on Friday June 5, 2009

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Letter from Lucas today. :) I am so happy. June 5 better get here soon.

Hi Carol,
My son Donnie will also pir on 6/5 according to the nay site hes in div 215. im happy you recieved a letter still no letter from our Donnie his fiance and I are checking our mail everyday just cant wait. Where will your Lucas go after Bootcamp? what div is Lucas in?
Hi, my son James will also PIR on 6/5/09, and after that he should go to Mississippi to Aviation Adm. school. He is doing fine, tired, but adjusting. He called me on Easter Day (also my birthday).It was so great to hear his voice again. Hopefully, time will fly. I hope to hear from you. Ana.
Hi Ana,

My son is heading to Gulfpost,MS for 12 weeks Seabee, he just passed SEALs but I think he's going to stay with Seabees. I miss him so much at this time and although I feel this will be a good thing for Lucas I still wish I could be there to support him. We are in a very small town in Bolton, Ct. and this came up so fast. One more month and we can see them. :) Lucas turns 19 on the 3rd of June so we just miss his birthday.

I am sorry for the delay in answering. I tend to get lost on this sea of messages (no pun intended!). My son James wanted to try the SEALS, but he is "color challenge" and they won't take him. That's fine. I know there is a Plan!! I guess there should be a nice birthday/PIR for your soon. Hope to meet then! Stay in touch!
Hi Carol,
Remember me , I have two sons in BC, the first has PIR on May 21 and the second will PIR on June 5 so we are still in the same group. I'm glad to know that your son Lucas passed. My sons are in separate divisions and they're both flag carriers. I just talked to my son in DIV 211 and he said he already mailed the grad schedule so we should be receiving it maybe tomorrow or Saturday. I'm glad you started this group. I like your strength and I believe your son got it from you. My son said that BC is not that hard. It's life with stricter rules to follow and as long as one is determined and focused, everything is doable. One thing I like in BC, my two sons go to church every Sunday, so I praise the LORD for that and I thank the navy. I told my son that all the navymoms are praying for their recruits and that's an encouragement for all of them. Take care Carol
Hey Del,

Sure I remember you, how are you? God bless you having two sons in at the same time. Lucas seems to have come to terms with his decission and that was the whole key. Are you going to make it to both PIR's I don't remember where you live, I'm sorry? You only have a few more weeks then, at least for the first one. A few weeks after that you will have the other, how neat is that.

Lucas said boot camp is easy but they don't stop. He said they are up at 4:30 and go to bed by 10:30. I missed 3 calls from Lucas a week and 1/2 ago but the letters were great. :) It's funny all the small things we miss about them when there not home. I'm glad you found the group and if you go to PIR's we shall get to meet.

I will be checking the mail, no rest for my mailman.

Hey Del, My son is also in DIV 212. He does the graduations on Fridays and colors at night. so our sons probably know each other. My son is reading the Bible every night and praying with a couple guys that bunk close to him. I thank the LORD every night that he is. He said that it has really given him comfort. I hope to get to meet you at PIR.
Hey Tammy, my son David is in DIV 212 and he is a flag bearer. In his last letter he asked me to mail back his Bible to him that was sent back at the beginning of BC. He said that it keeps them sane and helps them out reading it. I hope that he is one of the guys in the bunks close to your Son. What is his name and I'll write him a letter too! My praises to our great Military for giving these young people the chance to go to church on Sundays. I guess we'll be seeing you at PIR in June!
Thanks Jeanne
That is funny because my son's first name is David. Morris is the last name. It is really nice to find others within the same DIV. Have you heard anything about their DIV being grad n go? My son hasn't said anything and his wife got the grad pack, but she forgot to bring it over for us to go through. I too am very glad that our recruits are allowed the chance to seek God during this experience. Let me know your son's name and I will drop him a line in the mail. Take care and I will talk to you soon.

Hi my name is Teresa, my son Casey is in DIV 212 and is the unit commander or leader. I don't understand all of the Navy lingo yet, but I'm very proud of him'
Our son Devin is in Div 210 and will PIR on 6-5-09. I am so glad I stumbled on this discussion. Appears there are a few of us in the same Div. This website is a great resource for information. Have any of you made any hotel reservations. We will be driving to GL from North Dakota,....about 11 hr drive. We plan on being there on Thursday. It would be great to hear from some of you. Have a great evening and I look forward to more discussions. Good night.


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