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Hi everyone, I'm new here and a proud Navy mom and first time to post.

My question is what will be your rank after bootcamp? I saw a lot of E3s and a few E2s.

Is it something to do with college credits? What about if your son or daughter got an award or honor during graduation, will that help to gain another rank?

Thank you.

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I'm not sure about during boot camp, but there are things you can do before hand to get a higher rank. Having college credits is one way and completing the pqs is another way.
hi for your rank to change it could be a number of things how well you do in your tests if you are number one in your class . if you have credits before you go in to the navy.if your job is nuke they usually come out as a E3 so your job is another way to change your rank
After boot camp, a new sailor will be one of three paygrades: E-1, E-2, or E-3. There are several ways to advance, for example, decided by contract before boot camp, or completing certain requirements before leaving for basic, or awarded meritoriously during boot camp (don't hold your breath on that last one). All others just come out as E-1 and have to earn their E-2. That takes six months and isn't difficult. E-3 takes longer, but is also not very difficult.

I was an E-3 out of boot camp because of my AECF contract. Many technical rates have this as an enlistment incentive.
My Nuke had 4 years of JROTC under his belt - that got him to graduate bootcamp as an E3.
When does your son/dtr leave or is he/she in boot camp now?? If, so when is PIR?? Join your PIR group ASAP, it will be your lifeline for info and support
Thanks guys for all your input. My son graduated a month ago as E2, he's still in Great Lakes taking his A school as an ET. My son doesnt have a college credits but he's an award recepient when he graduated bootcamp, that's why im wondering if an award will help him to get an E3 rate.
Anyway, thanks for all the info.
Not every award counts toward advancement points. He can ask his Training Officer or Personnel exactly what he needs to advance. E-2 to E-3 is a fairly simple jump.


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