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hi, i'm rather new here, although i've been a member for quite a while. Due to heath problems, then to a virurs stricken computer, i just never got a real chance to actually visit this chat room.After opening it last week, i almost did not come back to it. i'm not tring to upset anyone, because God knows how frustrating it is to have a beloved child across the world .My son Cody (age 21,two months ago ) is in JAPAN), So, I know what it's like to miss your child. But as I said, I opened up the chat room, and no one was chatting, so I read the chats that had been going on. I couldn't believe how many arguments were going on between Mom's ! i thought this was a support group. Am I on the wrong place ? If so, I hope some one will direct me to the correct website. I don't want to argue with people I don't even know. I had a few questions, and I just wanted another Mom in the same shoes I'm in just to talk to. I hope when I ck. back in, I'll find out if I'm in the wrong place or not.

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Hi Kim,
I'm also new here.. I would love to find a Chat Room for Navy Moms....I love to talk about my Children...They are my Oxygen. lol... Like you..I don't want to Argue...I want to share wonderful stories about our Children. I would love to find a Chat Room.

Have a Blessed Week,
Eddie's Momma
I also tried to go on the chat and couldn't keep up. There was a guy on there and he was or is a sailor and he was just making jokes & stuff. I couldn't keep up and felt as if they did know each other. I felt weird trying to join in on the conversation so I know how you feel. I didn't see arguments but more joking about silly stuff. Like I said I couldn't keep up. I just want friends like you to talk to about this experience. It's a BIG deal to have our son's away from home and doing something so important. Your in the right place, make friends =) Have a great day.
where is your son in Japan my son is also stationed there
Heidi Nor Cal

I have been feeling the same way about the chat room.  There are some nice helpful women on it, but today I was chatting and apparently someone posted about one of my posts that it was borderline offensive.  WTF? I said that I had no intention of offending anyone and what did I say?   Well she signed off and I went to her page and sent her a message apologizing and asked again what I said that she found offensive so I don't say it again.  I looked at my posts and I didn't see anything that could be considered offensive at all.  I then went back on chat and she was on.   I again asked her the same questions, but she never answered.  One woman said don't sweat it and if I want to make it on there, not to let things like that bother me.  Well I'm sorry but I also have feelings and I think I have a right to know what I said and I also have a right to not want people to think I'm some insensitive jerk.  I felt terrible, especially because now I feel she is ignoring me purposely.  I feel as though I don't want to go back on the chat, now I feel funny  about it.

Sent you a private message.


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