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Just got my letter from our SR made us so happy :)!  Heading to Great Lakes for the PIR in April and can't wait to see him.

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No, he wasn't in ROTC.  He was in band in middle school.

I would never dream of driving from here, so can't imagine driving from Naples.  It cost us just under $1000 for three tickets, so that wasn't bad.  Now I just have to decide on a hotel and rent a car.  We are flying in on Wednesday just in case there is bad weather and we are delayed.  I know it is mid April, but they are near the Great Lakes and stranger things have happened!


Our church will be praying for your son.  We serve an Almighty, awesome God.  Have faith!   Keep us informed.

Did you use the shuttle for your daughter's graduation?  I'm trying to decide on a hotel and wondering if it would be helpful to be able to use a shuttle bus to RTC.

Mine also wrote "Why the XXXX didn't you talk me out of this?  I've been here a week and I can barely walk from the SMALL punishments.  I think I'm getting sick, but I'm not saying anything because I don't want to repeat anything.  Oh, But my shipmates are really cool!"


Mine said he had a lot more to say but they only gave him a couple of minutes to write.

When my daughter went in years ago, I know she had no idea what she was getting into.  I had no idea what she was getting into.  Our son went in with eyes wide open he knew he would be pushed physically and mentally,I teased my son and told him that my yelling at him throughout his life  was practice for him for boot camp. LOL .  I am sure that he is thinking of me there when they yell at him.   :) 

@Louisianamom, I didn't utilize the shuttle when my daughter graduated Great Lakes, I lived in Illinois at the time so had just driven up there that day for the ceremony.  I think there is a Ramada Inn close to base that does have a shuttle. 

Hi! We also got our letter today! It was nice to finally hear from him. He sounded in good spirits. He said he just keeps his head down, and hasnt gotten in trouble, and so far, has not had to do any extra push ups. Lol. Made hotel reservations, just need to look for airfare from California.

Hello all I also have my son in Ship 02 Div 922, Yes I got the short 6-7 Sentences also, He did say isn't too bad...........  Said will be my 1st letter for a few weeks!!!!!!!!!! Ugh....


I was just thinking how funny it is that I received a whole mailing but desperately searched for his writing, first... and how I cherished just a few sentences... that were impressively NEAT printing, also.  Carried it with me all evening in my purse like he was just gonna jump out of there, haha!

Lol, I'm with you, I haven't put it down.....I am cherishing it also noted the neatness!!!!!!
He dated it the 21st so O was surprised got it so fast.....

You are both right about the neatness of the print, I have never seen mine print so neat.


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