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What are the names of all of the ships?

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There are 14 different "ships" (barracks), and about 12 divisions in each ship, and every one of them has a different address.

Ship 01:  USS Pearl Harbor (This Ship is no longer used.)

Ship 02:  USS Reuben James  (900 Divisions are housed here.)  3600 Ohio Street, Great Lakes, IL 60088

Ship 03:  USS Hopper  3600 Ohio Street, Great Lakes, IL 60088-3156

Ship 04:  USS Arleigh Burke  (800 Divisions and the RCU are housed here.  Other divisions are also housed here sometimes.)  3600 Ohio Street, Great Lakes, IL 60088-7103

Ship 05:  USS Theodore Roosevelt  (SEPS and the THU are here.) 3610 Illinois Street, Great Lakes, IL 60088-3118

Ship 06:  USS Constitution  3510 Illinois Street, Great Lakes, IL 60088-3119 (This Ship has been undergoing construction and may not be in use.)

Ship 07:  USS Chicago  3405 Sailor Drive, Great Lakes, IL 60088-3401

Ship 09:  USS John F. Kennedy  3415 Sailor Drive, Great Lakes, IL 60088-3515

Ship 10:  USS Enterprise  3425 Sailor Drive, Great Lakes, IL 60088-3525

Ship 11:  USS Kearsarge  3505 Sailor Drive, Great Lakes, IL 60088-3505

Ship 12:  USS Triton  3515 Sailor Drive, Great Lakes, IL 60088-3515

Ship 13:  USS Marvin Shields  3420 Sailor Drive, Great Lakes, IL 60088-3520

Ship 14:  USS Arizona  3410 Sailor Drive, Great Lakes, IL 60088-3510

Ship 17:  USS Mason  (This Ship is seldom used.)

HERE IS A DIAGRAM (from a Powerpoint presentation created by Craig). More stuff on N4M Survival Guide.


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