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Does anyone know if they are allowed to receive care packages? If so what can we send him?

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thank you for the information.
i've been scanning some of my recruits favorite sports teams, articles, and military cartoon comics (tasteful) to send him and keep him smiling... also instead of sending physical pictures, i've been printing 4 on regular computer paper.. they do not have much room to store pictures etc. so that gives them more space w/out sacrificing what you send them!
Save the care packages for when he gets to A school.
Hi Chris, I was wondering if you could tell me about how much time it takes for their first pay to arrive. My son left some things to take care of and he has not had any deposits yet. Should I be worried or send him a letter to inquire? I don't really want to bother him with this, as I am sure he has other things much more important.
It may take up to a month before he gets his first paycheck. They get paid on the 1st and the 15th of the month and it usually takes a pay cycle for them to get caught up. We had to float my son a loan to pay his bills until his paychecks started to be deposited. The first one would be higher because it would be for a month instead of 2 weeks, but then they take uniform costs out of it so it won't be as much as normal. After the first couple of pay cycles it should remain steady. Don't worry, it'll get there, just not as fast as you'd hope for.
thanks for the help. it's nice to have someone who know's this.
They don't take out the cost of the uniforms, but they do take out the cost of other stuff, like shampoo and underwear. Recruits usually lose part or all of their first paycheck, $500-600 for "incidentals," The $1,100 - $1,400 in uniforms is covered by their initial uniform allowance.

Thank you I was wondering this my self!  my husband was in the navy but in the 80's and times have changed! Do you know if they send them with there first phone card?  I am paniking trying to get my son his card so he can call in 2 weeks!  finding one that will call cell phones has been a challenge!  If you can recomend one it would be great! 

Hi Alma: I did the same with photos printed them on regular paper and mailed them. He could not get enough pictures from home with my letters. I also had his friends post meaages on his FB page and mailed that to him once a week. He loved that very much.. I wrote him letters from his pets and put their paw prints on there. Also a great idea for them is sending them typed stickers for your address and their address from RTC so they dont have to write all that out after writing many letters. I sent him sports updates and little tid bits from what is happening in the world.. They need all the encouragment you can send their way as boot-camp is tough.. I would find funny cards.. I wrote a letter to his whole DIV early on about team-work and supporting one another.. They do become family with their ship-mates. Their is a wonderful letter on Navy for dad from Larry Huffman I sent my son and he read it to his DIV... We are all here to lean on and support you. We have been where you are and what to help you all we can.. God Bless your son for joining the Navy...
I've sent cards (no singing ones), pictures, comics, newspaper articles and letters. She is enjoying all and they have let her keep everything so far. I try to keep her up on current affairs but I am very careful what they are about.
siouxpermom yes that is the only way they can call home is with a calling card...unless it is an info call. Then they use the RDC phone and id is US Government
make sure the calling card is activated and they are familiar with using it....they can take a cell phone to text/call along the way then make the last "I'm here" call then pack it up in the box.


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