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Hope this helps everyone!
On the Flight Deck the crew wear a variety of brightly colored shirts. Here is who they are and what they do:
Yellow Shirts: Flight Deck Officers and Plane Directors.
These are the only people on the flight deck authorized to move aircraft, or to give hand signals regarding taxiing the a/c, or moving it. Blue Shirts: Flight deck crew, always work under the direction of a Yellow Shirt Director as part of a designated crew. Plane pushers/handlers; chock planes, push planes, scrub the decks, and do all the tough jobs on the flight and hangar decks.
Green Shirts: Catapult and Arresting Gear people. Operate, and maintain the Catapults and Arresting Gear. Squadron Aircraft Maintenance people also were green. Brown Shirts: Squadron personnel, in particular Plane Captains. (No ship's company wear brown shirts.)
Red Shirts: Aviation ordnance crews. Load and "arm" those weapons on the aircraft. Sometimes referred to as "BB Stackers", or "Ordies". Purple shirts: Aviation fuels people. Referred to as "Grapes". Gas aircraft. Operate & maintain carrier avgas/jet fuel/ av lube oil systems.
Checker shirts: Squadron maintenance Quality Control people. Responsible for final overall checks of a/c readiness before launch. White shirts: Mail and people handlers for carrier on board delivery (COD).
White shirts with a Red Cross: Medical corpsmen assigned to flight deck during flight quarters. White shirts with a Red Cross are part of the crash crew.

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Thanks for posting this Trish! The one that I posted wasn't as good as this one!
All I did was google it, here is the site I got the info from.
Thanks for the info ladies. Since my sailor isn't on a carrier I've never heard of this. I'm all the time reading and researching whatever I can. I just like to know and find it interesting..
Thanx for the information my daughter is a AO and often wondered why in some of my pictures i have she had different shirts on this explain it ~Teresa~
this is what this group is about, to help one another! :)
Thanks so much!!! My mom's on the USS Vinson informed me these colored shirts are referred to as 'skittles' because when they look down from the tower it looks like someone spilled a bag of skittles all over the flight deck!!!! LOL
Never heard it explained that way, but it makes sense. I have a pic my son sent of the whole air div on deck in colored shirts but they are in formation with each color in a group so more like "yipes-stripes beechnut gum"...LOL
they are all together skittles

I am still pretty new to this site as well as learning Navy terminology...An added bonus to today's Navy verses the 70's, knowing what the colors stand for.

Thank you Trish this has been very helpful

Thank you Trish, once again this is very helpful!  I'm so proud and excited for my son's next journey! 


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