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The purpose of this forum is designed to inform those parents of sailors who aspire to the rate of GM. It is intended to aide parents with what to expect once their sailor graduates boot camp (BC)..also known as PIR, and moves to the A-School side of the base. Questions will be answered by the family of sailors who are training to be GMs. If we don't have the answers, we will get them for you.

Please introduce yourself if your sailor is in the GM rate and provide background on your sailor so that we can get to know you. If you have specific questions about these ratings, and you ask them here, Will and Hoppi will be able to answer your questions. This will help all of us because the answers won't disappear pages down in the general forum.

I want to give Gary T. credit for this great idea; he just hired me as his secretary to put it together. So, jump in and we hope this will be helpful to all of you.

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Hi TJ, and a warm welcome to our GM group. When was Josh's PIR? I'm sure it was a memorable event for you if you were able to attend. My grandson, Michael, is now in San Diego in about his 5th week of C School for VLS; he will then be stationed in June on a cruiser (USS Lake Erie) in Pearl Harbor. Please forgive me for being so late in responding to you but I was fortunate to have my granddaughter spend her spring break with me and we were so busy doing fun things. Like Gary and Bill suggested, reading back through the posts will give you a good idea of what we all have experienced. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and remember "NO QUESTION IS A DUMB QUESTION." We all have asked our share through the past months. Again, WELCOME and keep us informed of Josh's progress. Big Navy Grandma Hugs, Vee
Hello from WA state. My name is Kay and my daughter's name is Taryn. She is scheduled to PIR on 4/2 and we are flying into Chicago next Wednesday! I am so excited. Her 22nd birthday is 4/4 so I would love to have her spend the weekend with us. She is set on being a gunners mate. Her decision, and a firm one:) I am very excited for her!
All of this is confusing so any and all information is always appreciated!
Hi Kay, glad you made it over here. If time permits start at page 1 and read away. Vee, Gary, myself and others will help lead the way. Welcome to our group! Bill
Hello Kay, glad to have you as a member of our group. Like Bill said, please read all of the posts in this discussion and then ask away. We are here to help or find someone who can. Gary T.
Well, I started at page 1 and I have learned a lot. I guess there are different time tables for everyone:) I never thought I would make it through her bootcamp and I am almost there....getting through the "hold" and then A school sounds much easier. I take it that you actually have contact with your Sailor during these times? I have had 1 phone call since she left Feb. 3rd. Everyone says that "no news, is good news" so I am hoping we are set for the official PIR date 4/02. She is in the 900 Division and just through luck is going to carry our WA state flag. I do know I will need to wear waterproof mascara:) I am sure I will be on this site many times over the next few months. I have to tell you when I saw one of the posts early on that said we are all "family" now....I got teary. I can't wait for the official phone call from my daughter to say she is a "sailor"! Wow, how exciting that will be....and then I will officially be one of the gunner's mate family!
Yes you will.
Bill said it Kay. 9 more days.
Hello Kay and WELCOME to our GM group. Congratulations on Taryn's upcoming PIR. You will witness a beautiful event. I'm not sure how much of the weekend she will be able to spend with you...when Michael PIRd on 1-9-2009, he went across to the school side immediately, so he had the whole weekend free with his parents. If Taryn is a grad 'n go, it will probably be the same for her. Do read some of the past posts to acquaint yourself with some of the timelines for a GM. Some of may have changed in the past year, but it will give you a good understanding. We are here to help you, so ask away. Enjoy your time with Taryn...Big Navy Grandma hugs, Vee
Hello All, just stopped by to catch up with the "old timers" and Brett called to tell us he graduated C School today with Top Gun honors. He made it!! He is so proud to have achieved first in his class as are we. He reports to his ship in just a couple of weeks and is looking forward to the next step in his Naval career. Damn, am I proud. Makes it all worth while. Can't wait to see him. Godspeed to all our sailors!! HOOYAA!!
Bill congrats to Brett. Keep staying in touch. Nick is now in his 9th week of C-School with 6 more to go after this week. Nick is enjoying V.L.S. but can't wait til school is over. Gary T.
Nick completed V.L.S. C-School on 17 May 2010 and shipped out from San Diego to Hawaii on 20 May 2010. Vee's grandson Michael completed school in San Diego and recently shipped to Hawaii this past week. Both Michael and Nick are GM'S working on V.L.S. aboard the cruiser U.S.S. Lake Erie. Both appear to be bonding quite nicely. Gary T.
Congrats Gary and Vee...I know it's been a long road for you both....Hawaii...what a place to be stationed..I'm sure you'll all visit eventually. Bravo Zulu to your sailors!


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