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My son is currently stationed in GL for A school. He insists there is no heat in the dorms and that they will not ever have heat. Additionally, he states there are only 2 blankets on the beds. Does anybody know if this is true? Are they allowed to have additional bedding sent? Are they allowed to have electric blankets and space heaters? I cannot imagine a Chicago winter with no heat? Can somebody please clear this up for me? Thank you so much.

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Your son sounds right. I got a letter from my son on Friday. He told me that it was so cold in his ship that he has to wear his sweats to bed. He told me that he has only one blanket.
It may not be working now but I can't believe that they would go without heat all winter. That is just my personal opinion. My son did not complain about that but I did hear others say it was cold in their rooms. He may have to wear long johns and socks. I think when enough people complain something will be done. I don't believe they allow electric blankets and space heaters.
My son told me that he was cold at night. I didn't ask whether or not he had heat in his dorm. I bought him a nice warm blanket (queen size) so that he can wrap himself up in it. I hope they have heat in their dorms. I will ask my son tomorrow.
The heat is turned on by a set schedule, not the temperature. Should be on very soon. The buildings have to have heat or the pipes would freeze.

The old barracks are chilly, I know, I spent two winters in the one over by the chow hall/ET school. Corner of Evans and John Paul Jones streets. My temporary room even had a broken window! We had radiators under the windows, centrally controlled. We didn't get to set the temp if I recall right, but it was a long time ago. Don't know how the newer ones are heated. I do know space heaters and electric blankets are not allowed for safety. They can have extra personal bedding, but I think they have to stow it in their locker each morning. That might vary by ship.

LOL, they are barracks, or ships, calling them dorms is just ... a little funny. Sorry, old sailor thing!
Anti M, LOL on calling the barracks dorms. When my son first went off to Great Lakes, I told myself he was away at college and staying in the dorm.( and was not far from home). Now that 3 months have past, I am used to him being away in the Navy. I got to get in the habit calling his living quarters a Barracks. Although for some reason I picture Barracks being a room of 50 men.
I was raised Navy, so barracks came more naturally than dorms. My dad made fun of us having rooms with just a few of us in each one. I was lucky, I had a two man room because I was a platoon leader. They call that a section leader now. Sailors like to call things by the correct Navy name, it is a training/detail thing.

Another thing, if the sailors aren't used to the cold, it really is a deep chill. The wind off the lakes makes the whole place an icebox, even if the temps aren't all that low.

I suggest long johns under the uniforms, lightweight, buy them NOW before the NEX runs out.
Thank you for suggesting Long Johns. That will help with the itchy Dress Blues too.
I called them dorms because I don't know what they are called. Thank you for educating me. He would be mortified with embarrassment if he knew!
Hey, there's always something new for everyone to learn!
When Tyler was there in Winter 2009 (Sept - Feb), he said they had heating units, but they were not used very much...he slept in thermal underwear, jogging pants, hooded sweatshirts, gloves, etc.
If you're handy, you can buy the fleece throws at JoAnne's that say Navy. Add a same size backing to it & tie the edges of it together. we were told that you can cover your rack with these & it's okay, They look really neat with the Navy logo, and they have other brances too. My nephew is a Marine & he has the one I made him with him in Afghanistan. If you get them big enough & use the 2 pieces, it's nice & thick. I hope we weren't told wrong because I just sent my son's to him, along with the long johns. we're from AZ- this little boy doesn't have a clue what he's in for in GL for the winter! he's already cold- it's still in the 90's here this time of year!
My son just graduated bootcamp this past weekend. Can I send him blankets and extra clothes yet? Who can I find out the rules for this?


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