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tammy8 replied to tammy8's discussion 'Any one leaving October 6, 2015 yet?' in the group Leavin' for bootcamp in October
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tammy8 replied to tammy8's discussion 'Any one leaving October 6, 2015 yet?' in the group Leavin' for bootcamp in October
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tammy8 replied to tammy8's discussion 'Any one leaving October 6, 2015 yet?' in the group Leavin' for bootcamp in October
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from Norfolf to San Diego

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Comment by MissMySailor on October 26, 2014 at 2:40pm

We send messages through Facebook that seems to be the best way to keep in touch. He just got ooVoo on his phone too so as he was in England recently he face chatted with me for the first time. Between his job as a BM2 and  assistant to the chief he has his hands full then he has to lift weights work out and train with the VBSS team as well so his days are usually 12-16 hours then he talks to his fiancé  on Facebook in the morning and at her bedtime to check on her and his son. When he is in home port he calls me frequently though. You can e-mail on the ship for sure but if you don't have your own laptop you have to wait inline to use one. So I think each ship may be different but I would give them a laptop once they get settled on their ship. When they are on deployment you can give them a calling card they can use from the phones at port when they dock for a weekend but no they can't call you from the ship and the cell phone will work as they are leaving so you may get that last text saying Love you as they are just about to leave the US area. 

Make sure their cell phones have a Gorilla case and are insured because BM's work hard and many times my sons cell phone has fell out of his pocket and got smashed, cracked water logged the guy at AT&T was so nice he would sell him a cheep pay as you go and change the SIM card to get him by.  I think any Sailor should have a tupperware container with rice for that time it gets wet because it really works to get the water out too.

The Navy is what that person makes of it. No matter what happens keep a positive attitude don't let anyone get to you because who your boss is today may not be your boss 6 months from now so keep the big picture in view.

In boot camp they are going to scream yell and call him every name in the book!!!!!!! Tell him their job is to scare out the weak do not take the name calling to heart and laugh it off in   Take criticism and learn from it to make yourself better.

My son started getting ready for bootcamp 6 months before. He went to a local Gym explained he needed to work out to get in the Navy and asked them to cut him a deal on the cost until he leaves after they verified it they were happy to. He went every day lifted weights, stairclimber and ran on the treadmill. Got to the point where before he left he was running with a backpack of books, don't remember who's idea that was but it helped so much in boot camp!!!!! In BC you job ALLOT, and I remember my son telling me they all were in a line and they had to do the stairclimber where everyone was in sink(sp) and if 1 person was off they had to start over he said it was horrible but by training like he did before he got there he was able to get through it much easier than most. Swimming is important too. He said you would be surprised how many people showed up at MEPS could not swim and were sent home. They don't want to teach you to swim and they want you to be a good swimmer before you come to them.

This brings back so many great memories for me! 

Comment by Jessie on October 24, 2014 at 4:58pm

Paula, how often do y'all talk and how? Does he have cell service on the ship or do you skype or email and text? Mine doesn't go to GL until April so we're still figuring things out. I love reading all the stories though, gets me excited to think about the adventures he'll have. Nervous too of course, but mostly excited for him (and proud)!


Comment by MissMySailor on October 24, 2014 at 10:43am

I have heard so many good things about Japan! My sons Fiancé just got out of the Navy and her dad was in the marines for 22 years she went to middle school and high school in Japan. I would love to go there!!!!!

Thi biggest thing to tell your sons is to always be taking some kind of class/certification class. My son thinks all the classes he took helped him pass his tests to Rate up along with studying the entire year before. There is so much information on the test you need to take a long time to study them cram a review when it comes close. My son also talks with a career counselor not sure how often but I know it seems like I hear him talk about talking with her allot to be sure he is on the right track to move onto some thing bigger. There is always going to be bull crap days cleaning deck but as you move up new seamen and women come in and take your place and you move on to better stuff. I remember when they taught him to be a rigger he would go from the top where they hang a flag down the side of the ship to fix a platform. I will never forget when he called me to tell me he got up at 3am got set up to do his rigging then they shut off all the lights and he had to do it out on the water in the pitch dark and to hear the pride in his voice was amazing and a time I will never forget! So I guess I am saying remind them to always look at the big picture and all the things they can become with hard work and every thing I have said before trust me he past up people that were BM's in the Navy years before him because they saw how hard he was trying. 

It's not a bad rate....

Comment by Teri on October 24, 2014 at 8:54am
Paula, I loved reading this and will also forward to my son in Japan so he can see more potential. My son is loving Japan
Comment by Jessie on October 24, 2014 at 6:28am

Wow, y'all made my day and congratulations to your sons!!!

Comment by MissMySailor on October 23, 2014 at 9:37pm

HI all, My son has been a BM for the pas 4 1/2 years now and recently re-enlisted for another 6 years. His career is going great!!! It is very hard work but if they play their cards right they can move up fast and be picked up for additional training. My son became a RIB boat captain at about 2 years then became part of the VBSS team driving the RIB boat during his first deployment. He also drove for a Seal team while on deployment which he and I are so proud of. Since then his ship has sent him for further hand to hand combat and gun training and he was promoted to the VBSS team but now he boards the ships is part of containing crew and he is also trained to bust down doors or blow up and locked doors on a vessel they are searching. He loves it he is an adrenalin junky and money hungry. With VBSS he gets paid a one time fee every time he boards a vessel to search for contraband I am sure it is a danger pay thing. He is a BM2 will be testing for his BM1 soon and he is assistant to the chief so he has his hands full the VBSS training, weightlifting is in addition to his regular hours so he has long days but would not change it. 

For the first couple of years he did not watch TV I swear when off work he said he studied and rested. There are some many tests you take you have to study all the time to keep your career moving at a nice pace.

There are many things you sons can become when they go in as a BM. My son is in Norfolk Va if your sons end up there and he wants to meet someone who can show them around and tell them all the ins and outs let me know my son is happy to talk to them he has done it in the past for me. The base is really BIG it sits within 2 zip codes so it is good to know someone when you get there because the Navy does not show you around.

Take care, Paula

Comment by Jessie on October 23, 2014 at 8:37pm

Will you post about how it is for him as he goes through training? I would love to hear! Thanks!

Comment by Firestar3 on October 23, 2014 at 7:33pm

To Jessie, my son just completed "A" school at GL. Received special orders.Report to Mississippi for "C" School.Then go to VA for Navy Cargo Handling Battalion one as a BM.

Comment by Jessie on October 23, 2014 at 6:51am

Just looked at the time...I'm out the door to work! Will look for you later!

Comment by Teri on October 23, 2014 at 6:51am
You can take classes and cross train

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