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Hey Colorado Moms we REALLY need your help. 

We need specific items for this packing party.  We are going to make 1000 St. Patrick's Day individual bags for our adoptees.  In order to do this we have a list of the items we need and must keep an ongoing tally of what has been purchased.  Once you RSVP you are coming I will send you the list directly.  If you can't personally join us we would love to have donations and arrangements can be made to have you drop them off early or one of us to pick them up.

Thanks for joining us in this most exciting adventure.


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Okay, do I just RSVP right here? 

Go to the Event tab at the top of your page and then look for the packing party.  I will send you a list as soon as I can, but it will be a few days yet.  Tammie and I need to fine tune it to get it ready.  I am so glad you can help.

Welcome Aboard Misty for a most amazing ride :)))

Chris you know i live over by Grand Junction so i can not come and help but send me a list of things you need and i sure will help by sending you some of the things you need for the packages.  Judi Y

Judi thank you so much.  Some of what we will be doing will be from Oriental Trading Co. so if you wanted to order from them it could be shipped directly to either Tammie or I.  We will have a firm list right after the first of the year and I will post it here, but I will send it to you also.  If you want to write some cards and/or get some of the school kids from Grand Junction to do St Patrick's Day cards that would be awesome.  We definitely want to put at least one card in every bag we send. You could also check with Sunday school classes, scout groups, 4-H groups or any other ideas you might come up with.

Again, I really appreciate your help Judi.

Happy New Year!!!!

Yes please sign me up.  Will make a point of joining you this time.
Phoebe do me huge favor and go to events and RSVP.  Then I can send you the list of needs as soon as Tammie and I finish fine tuning them.  I am so happy you are going to be able to join us.
Chris -- just wanted to let you know that I mailed a box of cards to you today.  They were made by a local school, grades 1-8.  Write back and I'll tell you all the details.  Kathy
Cool...I'll let you know when they get here.  I would love to have the details.  The cards truly are the most important part of what we do.  I appreciate so much you taking the time to make this part of the packing party successful.  You're the very best Kathy MMMMWWWAAAHHHH!!!!!

In case you want to write a thank you or send some pix, the cards came from St. Columba Catholic School,    1801 E 3rd Ave.,    Durango, CO 81301   My friend who arranged this is Karen Siegrist (2nd grade teacher.)  She worked with the art teacher (Danielle Chick) who got on board and had all the classes make cards in their art classes.  There aren't 1000 of them but I think there's one from every kid.  Good luck, and thanks for doing this much for the sailors.  (Our N4M's group was supposed to have BS21 last night but none of us have heard a word, don't know whether is was postponed due to storm or what's going on.    So we're all glued to our phones hoping for the "I'm a sailor" call.) 

I will for sure post pictures and also send some on to the teachers.  I will put stickers on the backs of the cards and hopefully some of the sailors will write to the kids.  Do you have an email address I can add?  Many times they will email quicker than writing, 

Sure hope that call comes soon.  I remember the waiting to hear, it seemed to take forever :)


Thanks so much again Kathy.

I can understand the preference for email.  You can use mine and I will pass along any comments that may come.

I got the cards just a few minutes ago.  They are wonderful Kathy.  I started reading them and I know the sailors are going to find them priceless when they arrive on the USS Keersage.  I can't thank you again near enough for your part in making this happen.  I will get the address and the email onto the back of each card.  Will you do me a HUGE favor please and if you receive any responses will you forward them to me at  I want to be able to share them with other Molly moms.

If you want to post them here too that would be great.  We just XXXX out last names, locations and ranks so we maintain OPSEC.

Thank you again so much Kathy.


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