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I got this idea from Molly on the wall. I thought it was a good idea. You can either post a question that you know the answer to and just want to make sure others know the answer to or you can ask a question and someone will answer. Anyone can make the question(s) of the day. So if you have anything at all big or small to ask go ahead and ask away!

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I am sure I have seen this question somewhere, but can't find it.
Is there supposed to be a better time of month or year to go into MEPS for jobs? I.e. The start of the month, the start of the Fiscal Year, etc.
Hi Jennifer, not sure if your son has DEPped in yet, but thought I'd answer your question anyways for the benefit of any future Moms reading this thread.

I do feel a bit funny answering you though, knowing your Navy connections and the fact that your hubby is a Chief! :) Maybe you can track down the answer even better than we can and provide us with some info to help guide other Moms of Future Sailors??

Obviously, the time right before the new fiscal year starts in Oct is perhaps not the best time to enlist, especially if you have a specific job in mind. Billets for some Ratings may be few and far between at that time, until the money starts to flow again and more slots open up. Btw: Our SEAL/SWCC candidates are finding it is a bad time to DOR too as "Undes" is the Rating most commonly offered as an alternative! Some get lucky and pull another Spec Ops, Corpsman or other slot, but not too often. I mention this as an FYI because I know your son was interested in those two particular Ratings.

There have been many Nuke and Spec Ops slots available this past year or so, there have been months when that was mostly what they were taking. As you well know, the Navy has been/is overmanned and "Needs of the Navy" determines all. With the economy as it is, people are showing up at Recruiter's offices in larger numbers than ever before and the Navy can afford to be picky about which they offer contracts to and for what jobs.

The beginning of the month is probably the best time, with the most billets available. However, my friend and neighbor was a Chief over 5 Recruiting Stations. He put our son in. I know that towards the end of the month, they were getting antsy and feeling the pressure from higher up to "meet their quotas" for the month. My hubby is in sales and I remember many conversations over the back fence comparing notes about the similarities and frustrations of their jobs!

So, it may be that towards the end of the month, they are more willing to go to bat for you and try to find you the job/Rating and timing you want. On the other hand, you may be more pressured to just take whatever is available at the time! Also, they find that slots open up as other Recruits have not been able to leave on their original ship out dates or have been DQ'd for some reason. So again, there is pressure on the Recruiters to fill the slots! (My son actually took one of those sudden openings. Changed his Rating and Ship Out date, was gone only a week later, almost 2 months earlier than we had planned on!) Sometimes though, it is just luck of the draw. Things can open and close fast. As I understand, it's actually the Detailer's job to let the Recruiters know what's available and assign the Recruit to a Rating. Hope this helps. Think I'll ask our friend for his input. Let you all know what I find out.
My son has been working out to "get a contract" for SAR. Then he does into a "draft"?? Can you tell me how this works and how it might affect his ship date.
I read that there is an online course on through the Apprentice Technical Training program for DEPers who are to go to AECF after bootcamp where they can study for the classes in AECF. Does anyone have knowledge of this? I told my son to ask his recruiter. see below:

By Susan M. Koerner, Training Support Center, Great Lakes Public Affairs

GREAT LAKES, Ill. (NNS) -- The Apprentice Technical Training (ATT) program, available through Navy Knowledge Online (NKO), is providing the opportunity for Delayed Entry Program (DEP) Sailors who choose advanced technical fields to get a head start on training for their Navy careers.

The ATT core school at the Center for Surface Combat Systems Unit Great Lakes is the first stop for Sailors in technical ratings after boot camp. Once they complete the school, they will go on to “A” School, depending on their rating.

“This [program] offers future Sailors who aren't in the Navy yet, a chance to get a head start on their schoolwork," said Fire Controlman 1st Class Roger Hanson, an instructor at ATT who provides technical and curriculum assistance to students in the DEP Program.
"An added bonus to the program is that it saves the Navy money because the total time to train is reduced once the student reaches ATT.”
Hi Michelle, My question is: Can a countdown clock be put on the depper page for going in October and if so do you need to do it and can one be put on a discussion page or only the group? Kathy
My son is not leaving until March and I have a countdown clock. I clicked on one the clock on someone's home page and it walked me through setting it up. If you need to friend request me to try to go through mine go ahead. My son actually looks at it every few days to see how long before he goes. Alicia
Hi jdmom, Thank you for replying. I have one on my home page but I was thinking of putting one on a discussion page for the week leaving for BC. There are quite a few people there and I thought everyone could enjoy knowing the countdown. I really don't know if it can be done. It is fun to see the countdown though. lol. Kathy
Hey everyone, I just poked my nose in here and have to say that am sorry that your recent questions weren't answered in a more timely manner! Michelle is taking a break from our site to pursue some schooling and the few of us assigned as DEPer/Future Sailor Group Co Admins have our hands rather full just monitoring the main DEP comment wall page and the 12 "Leavin" in" monthly subgroups! Lots of questions asked in both those places. :)

So, if you don't get an answer here, feel free to repost it in one of those two other spots. Those that help us answer questions (including some of our Navy vets on site) and provide helpful info may see your question more readily there as they don't check these discussions as much as the Admins might. Obviously, I hadn't been paying attention! Hope you found the info you need elsewhere on site. We'll try to keep a closer eye on this thread. All the best to your Future Sailors!
I posted this somewhere else, but maybe someone here can answer this. I read that the Navy gives a "initial" uniform allowance that covers the seabag and all uniforms (It's like $1800 for women in the Navy - the highest of all the branches). Anyway, I keep reading that pretty much "all' of the first two paychecks will be eaten up by uniform costs. So - is this true? If it is - Why is it if they are given a allowance for it? How many paychecks will be "eaten" up by costs and what are they? My DD seems to think she won't have any money after leaving Boot Camp and I wanted to verify this (she likes to spend, but it hurts her - literally LOL). Thanks so much.


Okay, we've only got 9 weeks until BC.  I've only got a week left with my son in town.  I know we need to finish his

POA for medical and legal.


  What should be in my son's wallet?  Can he even keep it at BC?  If so, what  is allowed?  Normally, he would

have his Driver's License, Debit card, Credit Card, Car Insurance ID card, and I've heard about "mini" list of phone numbers or addresses to refer to at BC, since he won't have them on his cell phone to refer to.


    Thanks, guys!


my question is when take a job but you still have months before going in can you change jobs?
Does my daughter need a watch for Boot Camp?  If so, any suggestions on where to find one for a 6" wrist?


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