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Sammie posted this to the comment wall

Hi all. I usually don't post, I'm more of just a reader. But I wanted to share with the newer moms that there is an amazing DVD that may be of interest. It is a 3 disc DVD set called CARRIER. It is a 10 hour documentary done by PBS, of life on the carrier USS Nimitz. A quick google search for CARRIER will bring it right up. It is $40 for the set, or you can watch it for free online. I ordered it after having already watched it online. And I swear it has got to be some of the best money I've ever spent.

I went ahead and googled it and this is the link

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This an excellent documentary...I recomend every to watch this. It really made me aware of how things work in the Navy and on a cariier. My oldest sailor is depployed now on a carrier and the things he has talked avout are very similiar to the documentary.
My husband and I watched this when it originally aired and we couldn't get enough. That was long before my daughter enlisted or even thought of the Navy. I ordered a copy of it for her for in her Easter basket. (yes, I still give her an Easter basket-some traditions die hard with me and this will be my last for a while). It didn't come in in time but should be here soon. I'm hoping we can all watch it together and she can get a feel for what it's really going to be like for her. I recommend it!
Its also avail on iTunes for $22 - I ordered it so I could play it on my iPod when I was traveling. My son also watched it on his before he left and now my daughters are asking to see it too.

If you Netflix, you have the option to receive the discs in the mail or watch instantly.
Ask your local recruiting office, they may have a copy that they will loan you.
I just finished watching this online and it was a very helpful documentary. So interesting following the sailors. I cried too many times to count. Very moving.
I just ordered it on, after watching a preview online. My husband has seen it. Former Navy of 10 years. He said it was too much drama for him. I know I'll enjoy it. He was on a Nuke Sub. My son leaves in less than 5 weeks. I'm getting anxious. My daughter leaves in the fall for college. Not sure how I'll handle this all at once. The empty nest thing...........
We have this documentary. It is the most informative I think and the most accurate of what they experience..I also recommend that everyone watch this documentary!
I just recently downloaded it from itunes for $21.89 and it's been amazing. I'm really enjoying watching it and my son is getting even more excited! What a great program. Many thanks to whoever recommended it first!! And if you haven't seen it, I agree, it's the best thing you can spend your money on right now!
Thanks for the info. I am going to check this video out, I am curious to see what goes on.
We live in Puerto Rico and I tryed to watch the video in the compu but there is a message that says that there are restrictions to this area!!??
I'll keep looking for it at the stores,until now I coul'nt find it.
You can see it for free on The whole thing is available.

I was a little disappointed that they only covered the air crew. The ship's complement wasn't covered at all. Also, they seemed to find every screw-up and low-class idiot on the ship. They made it seem like there are 3 screw-ups for every outstanding sailor (or Marine, in the case of the dancing guy). Even the First Class (sailor of the quarter?) ended up "doing wrong." It is not like that at all. Most people out there are just hard-working folks. On a large ship it really is like living in a very compact city. I'm sad they only looked at the Navy's complement of "trailer trash."

I think Mel Gibson being the director had something to do with it. Even though it was PBS, they had to have "drama" for the show. And there really isn't a lot of drama on a ship unless you look for it. Work? Yeah. Occasional silliness? Of course. But emotional drama? They had to interview a lot of sailors to find all that drama.
I really enjoyed watching "Carrier" and was just awed by how hard the sailors work. My son leaves in August for bootcamp on the first leg of his journey to being a nuke. I recommend this program highly. You can watch it for free on youtube and PBS.


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