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Good Morning everyone my daughter graduated on 2/18/11 and her job on her contract as I was reading she sign as a ET. The day of graduation she was change as a FC. She was alittle upset but roll with the punches because is the need of the NAVY.. my questions are . What is the main function of a FC? and what speciality schooling education  can they obtain to take this experiences outside in the civilian population ie jobs wise? An can she opt to change once she has 2 years into this field?


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my husband is an FC he graduated 2/11/11 and is on hold for school to start. He told me he has a 4 month training class before his "A" school starts, both this training and his A school in in great lakes. Here is some information I found on the Rate of FC



Fire Controlmen (FC) typically operate weapon systems on-board surface combatant ships. They are trained in the repair, maintenance, operation and employment of weapons such as the Tomahawk Missile System, the Close-In Weapons System, the 5"/54 caliber Mark 45 gun Weapon System and it's associated MK86 Gun Fire Control System, the Sea Sparrow Missile System, and the Harpoon Missile Systems. These include their associated computer and sensor packages. Their job is somewhat unique in that they are trained to troubleshoot and repair their systems, as well as operate them. You cannot enlist with a guarantee for the FC rating. Instead, you must enlist under the Navy's Advanced Electronics/Computer Field (AEFC). During the initial phase of Advanced Electronics Technical Core Course in Great Lakes, Il, you're assigned to either the FC rating or the Electronic Technician (ET) rating. The ET and FC (AEF) ratings comprise the basis of the ship's Combat Systems department aboard ships and are responsible for maintaining the ship's readiness for combat operations.

Typical duties performed by Fire Controlmen (FC):

  • provide system employment recommendations;
  • perform organizational and intermediate maintenance on digital computer equipment, subsystems, and systems; operate and maintain combat and weapons direction systems, surface-to-air and surface-to-surface missile systems, and gun fire control systems at the organizational and intermediate level;
  • inspect, test, align, and repair micro/minicomputers and associated peripheral equipment, data conversion units, data display equipment, data link terminal equipment, print devices, and system related equipment; make analysis for detailed systems, computer programs, electronics, and electronic casualty control;
  • operate associated built-in and external test equipment;
  • load, initialize, and run preprogrammed diagnostic, performance and testing routines for digital computer equipment, digital subsystems, digital systems, and overall combat systems.

Working Environment

Jobs performed by FCs are performed throughout the Navy's fleet of surface ships including aircraft carriers and Aegis cruisers, and at repair activities ashore.

A-School (Job School) Information

  • Greate Lakes, IL -- 89 calendar days (Apprentice Technical Training)
  • Great Lakes, IL -- weeks (FC A-School)

Note: Many FCs go on to receive advanced training (C School) directly after completing A-School).

oh and as for changing rates, my husband said after 18 months  you can put in to cross rate into a new job... but I am not sure how easy that is.
Unlikely after two years of school that the Navy will allow an ET or an FC to crossrate but most really enjoy their job once they finish school and get out to the fleet.
ET or FC's are both good ratings. ET & FC is advanced electronics and computer field.  My son is FC and is getting specialized computer training for his Navy job but that will prepare him for the civilian jobs when that time comes.  My husband (ex Navy) and works as civilian at a military base said the door is wide open for the ones in this field.  FC's mainly work on computer weapon systems (this is my understanding) for the Navy but the training will prepare them for other computer fields if and when they decide to go into the private sector.  I have been told 50 % of ACEF's go into ET and other 50% FC.  Usually it is decided the last two weeks of BC.  My son wanted FC but ET would have been just as good.  A school is the basic electronic classes both ET & FC's attend and C school is the training for the type system they will be working on.  I think she will be happy once she is aware of all opportunities that will be available for her. I wish her the best.

I would doubt that they can change after 2 years because of the long and expensive training in this field. The Navy will want to get there moneys worth out of all that schooling.

Changing rate must be from an overmanned rate, to an undermanned one where there is demand.   This changes constantly.  If there are too may FCs when she desires to change, and she is eligible for an open rate, she can apply.  If not, she stays an FC.  All depends on what the Navy needs at the time.


That's pretty basic too, there are many details which have changes since I was in.

Thank You Ladies for all your answers.. This helps me understand her training more. And it also puts in prospective what she can do with her schooling an her expierence once she in the civilian population. Also I can explain it better to my husband which we are both new to the military life. I appriciate all your help during BC and PIR, But most of all now for answering questions that she did not want to discuss on liberty weekend. I'm just happy that she is where wants to be, and if being in the Navy is her hearts desire then Im with her 100%


Many Blessings to all

LOL, does that make an ET an FC with options?
Our son 's PIR was also on 2/18. Our son was also changed on the day of graduation Our son's div was 082. I believe the buddy of div 081.He was a little set back but seems to be in great spirits. Seems they are on hold. School starting tomorrow..
Hello everyone, my bf is currently in bootcamp and when he enlisted he was AEFC. He wants to be an EC, he sent me a letter today and he says his pre-rating is currently an FC. But from reading your discussion this could change the date of his graduation which is 4/22. Also from reading your discussion it appears the FC is more at sea than the EC is that correct? My bf was also "told" that FC's get deployed more that true?

ETs can deploy as much as FCs, depending on their NEC (Navy Enlisted Code) which they earn in C school.  However, FCs work on weapons systems which are associated with ships.  ETs work on radar, communications and more, so they have different duty station options than FCs.  How often they deploy depends entirely on what their particular ship is doing.  An ET and an FC on the same ship would deploy just the same.

FCs do have a longer sea rotation, meaning they are assigned to a sea tour (ship or deployable unit) longer than an ET.



Sea/Shore Rotation for This Rating

  • First Sea Tour: 48 months
  • First Shore Tour: 36 months
  • Second Sea Tour: 42 months
  • Second Shore Tour: 36 months
  • Third Sea Tour: 36 months
  • Third Shore Tour: 36 months
  • Fourth Sea Tour: 36 months
  • Forth Shore Tour: 36 months


Sea/Shore Rotation for This Rating

  • First Sea Tour: 60 months
  • First Shore Tour: 36 months
  • Second Sea Tour: 60 months
  • Second Shore Tour: 36 months
  • Third Sea Tour: 48 months
  • Third Shore Tour: 36 months
  • Fourth Sea Tour: 48 months
  • Forth Shore Tour: 36 months


Hello there, I am in shock!!! My daughter graduated on 3/18 from bootcamp and she just started school in GL. She is going for FC, and I am so shocked of how long she will be at sea. 60 months, is that really right? I already miss her so much. Thats sounds way too long for me. I know she is really happy and excited. 











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