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My husband made a mypay and hes currently in RTC. I need to find out what we were paid from. I know he said to expect BAH and his regular pay and he said separation pay. We had money put in our account this morning, but I want to know which part the money is from so I can know what amount to expect on the 15th.. I tried to log into his mypay but for some reason he used an email that I dont have access to. Is there anyway I can know the information I need?

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If this is the first paycheck tbh it will be way off from the rest of them. They have to buy a lot of stuff when they first get there and it can take awhile for all the paperwork to go through. If you want to see how much money about you will be getting in future paychecks you can google what BAH will be at his HOR on the paperwork (thats what you will get in BC I think) family sep is 250$ after 30 days of seperation (from what I have been told it will not start coming through until he has been gone 30 days and even then it can take a paycheck or two.) and then Base pay. for E1 I think its like 1500 or something around there. That might help you get somewhat of a budget going. As far as the info it has to come from him. He can set it up where you can look at it. but he has to tell you the information if I remember correctly.


Technically only the sailor is supposed to look at the LES, which we all know is unrealistic.  So until he tells you how to access it online, you can't.  

^^ very true Anti M. :) I had heard they did make it where the sailor could allow certain ppl to look at certain parts of it. but Idk if that is true.

He has the complete inability to deal with finances lol. Hes never had to, eventually I will teach him, now is just not the time. I just dont understand why we  were paid so much. I was told it was going to be small. Instead it was around 2000. Not that I'm really complaining. I just wanted to know why it was so high. He went in on Feb. first. So confused!

Oh It could be backpay. Is this the first check? if its from all the way from Feb 1st thats a possibility... It would depend also one what your BAH is and if they got it in quickly. But just be careful. Try not to spend too much until he can look at it and see if they overpaid and they find out they will take it back another paycheck with no warning!


If you read the bottom of the MyPay page it clearlly states "If the credentials you enter are not your own, you are in violation of this law and should exit this system immediatly.  Completing this action may subject you to a fine of up to $5,ooo or ...."


ONLY the Sailor can access his/her MyPay.


If you need information...write your recuit and ask them.

Ah didnt know any of this. thank you ladies.

The families of Sailors need to also learn "attention to detail" meaning, not just listening to others, reading all the information before doing doing something illigal (weather you know it or not) can get your Sailor in trouble. 


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