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Liberty is different than Leave.  Leave is similiar to requesting time off for vacation at work, they must submit a chit and have it approved.  Liberty basically means that they have "liberty" to leave the base but they are still "on duty" and cannot travel far and they are still accountable for their whereabouts and some even have duty while on liberty.


There are three (3) phases of Liberty - all of which must be earned.  They can also be taken away!


Phases are like being a freshman, sophomore, junior, senior. They get different privileges depending on how long they have been at school. Phases are the same at "most" A schools, but the amount of time in each phase varies between schools and can vary between rates (a rate is the term for the job they will hold).

Phase I is for sailors who have just arrived. They are required to wear their uniforms at all times outside of their barracks, are not allowed to leave base and are required to muster three times each day. 

Phase II sailors have been at the school for an average of 2-6 weeks. They can wear civilian clothes and they can go off-base - only with a liberty buddy.  They are not allowed to stay out overnight.

Phase III are sailors who have been at the school approximately 4-12 weeks and have shown personal responsibility. They no longer have to attend evening muster and can stay out overnight.

Student sailors may be "phased back" or denied the next phase if they fail inspections, miss PT or morning muster or otherwise get in trouble.  Even while in Phase III, there are certain cities they are not allowed to go to and there is a mileage boundary line which is unique for each A-School.  For example, NASP/Corry Station in Pensacola, FL do not allow sailors to go to New Orleans.

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Good to know! Thanks Hoppi. I've seen a couple variations of this list, and all were a bit different, so I tried to keep with consistent info. Appreciate your feedback, I am open to more info if you notice it. I would rather get it out there right the first time, but if not, let's correct it with updates!
My fiance will be at A school in GL for Corpsman - we're trying to get married once he has gotten to the phase where he has overnight liberty - so assuming he does everything right and according to schedule, it should be in Phase 2, which is after a couple weeks? Please let me know! Thank you!!
Congratulations, but I have some important news for you. Sailors cannot get married until they are finished with A-School AND they must get permission to get married! A shock, I know, but they belong to the Navy and that's the rules.
Thank you for the heads up, but he actually told me that he asked about the process, and as long as he gets permission and follows the proper chain of command, it will be allowed.
Okay, that's good to hear - and glad you heard from him first and not me! I hate to be the bearer of sad news!
But I need to tell you, there's a N4M member on this site who actually works at GL A-School and although her posts are blunt and very direct - they are always correct! She is the one who has posted several times that they cannot get married til after A-School, and she works at the school your future husband will be going to. Her user id name is Hoppi aka Angie. If you scroll down on the normal G&G Info page, you'll see some of her posts. Click on her name, request her as a friend and then send a message that you have marriage questions. The RDC's at boot camp know the rules for boot camp very well, but they rarely get the facts right when it comes to rules at A-School. Trust me on this!
Oh okay, thanks again for the heads up! There's so much info out there its hard to figure out what's accurate and what's not! I always told my fiance it'd be easier if we got married before he went in, but he didn't want to add more paperwork and chance any delays, but now he's wishing he listened to me and we did it before! ( i try not to throw in too many i told you sos, since i know he's already stressed!) Thanks for the advice!
Oh... but that's the best part of being married... the "i told you so's" lol.... Yes, many are finding that it would of been easier and better to get married before they signed up! Hoppi will know the exact info you need. Best of luck to both of you, his PIR date is coming soon, 8/13, how awesome!
Wow - thanks for the info here as well. I am also engaged, my fiance is in BC, goes on to school in CT in 2 weeks. He was also scared to get a (another actually, we got pregnant!! hehe) wavier before he left. LOL. We will just wait it out though.
What is muster?
Muster is when they gather for a head count, and basically make sure everyone is where they are supposed to be doing what they are supposed to do.
Sailors at Pensacola can leave base in Phase 1 as long as they are in the buddy system or signed out my a spouse or parent.
What does muster mean?


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