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Well here we go, onto a BIG adventure. We are doing the USS Nimitz, this is an Aircraft Carrier. I have been working with the CMC the past couple weeks and we have worked the bugs out and now we are ready to go.  This project will take 3-4 months to complete so there is no rush or stress on us to get it all down fast.

This ship will be done by departments, ALL boxes for that department have a contact which I will give you to ship with when needed. As the number come in and the PC's go out you will see the list change and the shipped will be removed to make room for new ones.

Please make sure that you stick to the count and which department you are listed for so that everyone get at pc. ALL boxed MUST have the HAE sticker on them by the address label, You must email ME at or Sue to get the addresses.

week 1- 5/25- 5/30 will start the shipping. We will try and ship every week or every 2 weeks.

  Lyn Love andI will be doing all the command, and POC pillowcases and helping with the ship numbers

 Wave #Shipping Dates  6-18 thru 6-22


#12 Supply Department (261)- Betty F-20, Donna M-43, Ginnie C- 20, Judy K-28, Patty B-45, Carol A-25, Sue L-40, Virginia B-25, Me 15 +1      Done


# 13- Squadron HSC-6 (230) Virginia B-25, Carol A-25, Debbie M-25, Arlene D- 30, Marilyn F – 35, Sarah P – 25, Suzie B – 17, Cindy S – 30, ,  ME-18+1        Done


#14 Squadron VFMA-323 (232)-Sarah P -25, Virginia B- 25, Carol A,- 25, Sue L-35, Nancy B-39, Donna M-43, Cindy S – 30, ME 10+ 1                            Done



#15 Weapons Dept. (178) Dana – 34, Terry S-30, Ally-25, Marjoie-32, Linda Low-14, Joy A-30, ME 9+1

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That will work just fine. Thanks Sue.

I've been a little under the weather this last week. I picked up an infection. I had to deal with that, but I'm well on my way to feeling better and ready to get back to sewing.

Julie, After you get a bunch sewn, let Sue or I know and we will telll you which dept on the ship you will be sending them too. The next shioppment will go out on June 18 to the 22 and we will email you the address. just keep sewing and stashing for now.

Julie, I just sent you my personal email address and you can let me or Maryellen know how many you have when you have some made.

We are mailing this week and the next one is July 5-10th.

Sorry to hear that you weren't feeling good Lyn!   I got my 10 pcs mailed today!   finally!  And I posted the new numbers.

We have mailed 2,058 to the Nimitz so far.

I also mailed 11 to an army unit today.

Julie, I will pm you my personal email address so I can get yours.  I send out the address as needed.  Thanks for helping!

And speaking of helping,  we sure do need YOUR help with this project.  Heads at Ease is a "pay it forward" group.   If we have sent pcs to your child's unit, please help us with this ship.  If you are swamped for time to sew, can you donate fabric or shipping $?  Let Maryellen know if you are able to help in anyway!

Here are the pictures of some of the pcs I sent to the Nimitz reactor dept.

they look great Lyn!   thank you!

I didn't get Cindy's photos, but what a neat thank you note.  It was the 1st one!

Dear Cindy S. and Heads at Ease,


                Hello from a sea far far away. My crew and I just received our pillow cases from your prayer group, and we would like to say THANK YOU  so much from the bottom of our hearts. The thought of knowing friends and family back are missing you and thinking about you helps us get through the day. But when you receive a gift like this from a complete stranger it really makes  everything come into perspective. This gift has touched our hearts and has boosted the moral of the crew just when we needed it. We cannot begin to express the immense amount of gratitude we have for you all and what you do for our military members. Thank you again from all of us out here on the big blue sea.


With all the Love and Respect in the world,


Boatswains Mate 3rd Class (SW) XXXXX

This note really says what the heart of Heads at Ease:

Mrs. Betty F (in FL);


Thank you so much for the lovely pillow case! I picked yours because it’s almost the exact fabric that my childhood bedding was made of. Now, every time I lay my head down to rest I will feel a little bit closer to home and think of your kindness. You have made my day and brought a little bit of sunshine into the drab, grey surroundings of the USS Nimitz (CVN-68). You are a wonderful American and may God bless you every day. I can’t tell you how much this simple gift means to me. I’m such a wuss, I almost cried! J

Your eternally grateful sailor,

AT3 Lorraine

USS Nimitz, CVN-68

I will have 20 pcs ready to go by July 16th.

I put you on the list.  Thanks Lyn!

This Came this morning. 


Thank you for the pillow case. It is really pretty and I love it. Everyone in my shop got one. Thank you for helping us have the motivation during our deployments and tours. Without organizations and sponsorships like Navy Moms we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the small things in life that we lack on a day to day bases. Thank you again!

With love, AZ3 RXXXX, AXXXX



HOORAY that your click-n-ship arrived!!!  Next time it will be easier for you. God is so faithful in blessing our efforts.  Thanks for sharing the wonderful email.


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