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Well here we go, onto a BIG adventure. We are doing the USS Nimitz, this is an Aircraft Carrier. I have been working with the CMC the past couple weeks and we have worked the bugs out and now we are ready to go.  This project will take 3-4 months to complete so there is no rush or stress on us to get it all down fast.

This ship will be done by departments, ALL boxes for that department have a contact which I will give you to ship with when needed. As the number come in and the PC's go out you will see the list change and the shipped will be removed to make room for new ones.

Please make sure that you stick to the count and which department you are listed for so that everyone get at pc. ALL boxed MUST have the HAE sticker on them by the address label, You must email ME at or Sue to get the addresses.

week 1- 5/25- 5/30 will start the shipping. We will try and ship every week or every 2 weeks.

  Lyn Love andI will be doing all the command, and POC pillowcases and helping with the ship numbers

 Wave #Shipping Dates  6-18 thru 6-22


#12 Supply Department (261)- Betty F-20, Donna M-43, Ginnie C- 20, Judy K-28, Patty B-45, Carol A-25, Sue L-40, Virginia B-25, Me 15 +1      Done


# 13- Squadron HSC-6 (230) Virginia B-25, Carol A-25, Debbie M-25, Arlene D- 30, Marilyn F – 35, Sarah P – 25, Suzie B – 17, Cindy S – 30, ,  ME-18+1        Done


#14 Squadron VFMA-323 (232)-Sarah P -25, Virginia B- 25, Carol A,- 25, Sue L-35, Nancy B-39, Donna M-43, Cindy S – 30, ME 10+ 1                            Done



#15 Weapons Dept. (178) Dana – 34, Terry S-30, Ally-25, Marjoie-32, Linda Low-14, Joy A-30, ME 9+1

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Replies to This Discussion


HOORAY that your click-n-ship arrived!!!  Next time it will be easier for you. God is so faithful in blessing our efforts.  Thanks for sharing the wonderful email.

Terry, you are so right.  I still have 1 random one out there that I did wrong, so praying that I hear from someone in that

department too.  I love these notes!  Here's another one:

Hello Ma’am,

  I am a sailor on board the USS NIMITZ. I am from Salt Lake City, UT. I have been in the Navy for 4 years and 9 months. I am 28 years old. I am married, my wife and I have 3 boys.

The crew and I received the pillow cases, they truly lifted our spirits and feel extremely grateful to you and your group, for such an amazing demonstration of love and support for the troops. In behalf of the crew THANK YOU AGAIN, GOD BLESS.



Susan in OH made his.  Here are her photos from his department:

Hey there, 
Im a sailor on the USS Nimitz,  and I just received one of your pillowcases.
I cant even begin to tell you how happy I am! 

Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. We work long hours, and by
the end of the workday, I cant wait to hit my rack. Sleep is definitely the
best form of meditation around here.  Its so sweet that ya'll take the time
to make these, and send them out. Please know that it is greatly

Thank you! 

Ms. Peller,

Thank you so much for the awesome pillow case I received today. I got the one with all of the cats on it, and I love it! The guys I work with picked it out for me since I was unavailable at the time they were issued, but I wouldn’t have picked any other one. I have more pictures saved on my phone of my cats than I do anything else, and the cats on the pillowcase even resemble my two cats back in Seattle, Harold and Margie (my wife is going to love this pillowcase too, because we collect memorabilia that resembles our cats). This pillow case really made my day; thank you for thinking of us.



love this note


My name is Philipe, I recently was given one of your pillow cases and I have to say I will use it with pride.  Thank you and all the people that made them for us.  It means a lot to us out here to think that people in the United States of America would take the time to do such a thing.


Thank you,


Ladies, I want to say what an Awesome Job you are all doing, This project should be winding down in August. The thank you notes keep coming and they are nothing but praise and thakfulness for what we do. We have all pulled together to put smiles and a sense of pride on 4000 plus strangers. Thank You all for your help and I look forward to working with you ALL agian on the next ship ( A SMALL ONE).


These came in this morning, what a way to start the day. We are a big hit.



Maryellen Peller,

Thank you very much for the pillow case. It was very thoughtful and I like the fishes on it. Thank you again for showing your support.



Mrs. Peller,

I got a pillow case you made today. We’ve been deployed for several months now and we had just run out, so it really couldn’t have come at a better time. I appreciate you all taking the time to make us pillow cases. It might not seem like much to a lot of people but out here every little bit means a lot. I would like to say thank you and god bless.

ET3 Ixxx
To secure peace is to prepare for war.( I like this saying)


Dear Maryellen Peller,

My name is Petty Officer 3rd Class Hxxxxx onboard the USS NIMITZ. I received a pillow case from Heads at Ease.
I appreciated it very much! I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your day to help Sailors and Marines with a friendly gesture and a moral buster! Thank you again for the pillow case! Have a great day!


IT3 Hxxxxx, Jxxxxx
Tactical Data Systems CS5

Heads at Ease, 

I would like to give a big thank you (as well as my division) to Susan S and the rest of Heads at Ease for providing us with the outstanding pillow cases. They made everyone’s day and they were well needed. All of us onboard the USS Nimitz thank you for your support as we continue to serve our great nation.

Very Respectfully,   IT1 Ryan xxxxx

I always write back with alittle history about how HAE started, my son, me etc.  Ask about the pc they got and how the deployment is going for them.  Here is his response:

Hello Sue,

That is an interesting story. 5 years and counting? I say it is a great idea and thank you again.

The pillow cases are an amazing item to have. It is something you wouldn't think of, but when you get it all you can think is, "wow, I could really use a pillow case." All of my junior Sailors were like kids in a candy store when they got to pick a pillow case to have.

The pillow case I received is blue with stripes and the edge is decorated in bugs with medical outfits. It is the good kind of bed bugs I say. That is a insane amount of pillow cases. I can only imagine how much positive affect it has had on all the service men and women.

I'm happy to hear that your son served and is now doing great things. Tiger Cruises have been the highlight of my deployments because I get to see all the family members experiencing what we do and there's nothing but smiles and good times.

It is a pleasure to serve. Our deployment has been going so far so good. We have been able to do what we do best; protect and serve. We've had some rough waters and hot weather, but things have been smooth sailing. 

Thank you for the email. 

Very Respectfully,
IT1 Ryan xxxxx

This is one of the best that we have received!  And to think in 12-08, I thought a pillowcase was a frivolous item!

Thank you for your generous time in preparing these gifts for our Sailors.  On a warship where your allowed white sheets with white pillow cases and a wool blanket, these special pillow cases allow my younger Sailors to have an excuse to put some color in the only place that they can call home while on deployment for 6+ months.  I have seen a boost in moral due to these cases arriving.  It may seem odd to some folks, but when separated from the family for over half a year, it is the smaller things in life that can actually connect us in big ways.  Thanks for all you do for our Sailors and Marines around the world. 




What a way to start my day.



Thank you so much for the new pillow case. We received about 30 pillow cases for my division aboard USS Nimitz, and I was thrilled when I saw a guitar themed pillow case. I snatched it up right away (one of the benefits of being one of the supervisors here). I bought a brand new guitar to learn to play while we are deployed, and it has helped me relieve my stress and frustration with being separated from my family. Now I can sleep with guitars as well. I can’t fully express how happy I am to have my own pillow case now. I don’t know if you really understand how important it is to have a nice pillow and case on a ship, but it is normal for us to wash and reuse pillow cases and sheets as an entire berthing compartment (living quarters). Until your generous gift arrived it was hit or miss on pillow cases. Unfortunately personal hygiene is not as standard as I would like, so not all sheets and pillow cases are “soiled” equally. Most of the sheets and pillow cases are yellow (supposed to be white) and stink horribly. Now that I have my own pillow case there will be no confusion about which one is mine, and therefore it will stay clean and comfortable for many years to come.

Sincerely happier thanks to you,

CS45 Work Center Supervisor
Combat Systems Career Counselor


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