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HM (Hospital Corps) A School in San Antonio


HM (Hospital Corps) A School in San Antonio

Sailors becoming Hospital Corpsmen at A School in San Antonio, TX - proud families, friends and loved ones, join in!  The Hospital Corps is the Navy's only enlisted corps, the most decorated, and the best rate in the Navy.

Group co-Admins  Britt<3CorpsmanWife and Marcy~Corpsman Mom with Britt's HM 'mascot' :)  WELCOME TO THE PARTY - and the roller coaster!!

Location: San Antonio, TX
Members: 853
Latest Activity: 6 hours ago

Families and loved ones of sailors in A School for HM (Hospital Corpsman rating)

at Medical Education Training Command in San Antonio, TX.

NEW MEMBERS, PLEASE 1) INTRODUCE yourself in the Comments section!


Answers to many of your questions are there,

and ALL the info is relevant to your sailor's future HM experience.

Start with these...

Navy Medicine Almanac 2014: Hospital Corps pp. 34 - 35

Navy Medicine Almanac 2013

About the HM Rate,  HM Rating Card/navy.miland 

Overview from

PROGRAM DURATION:  The actual time that a Sailor physically spends at the HM school in Fort Sam Houston, TX is 96 days.  The Sailor is in the seat, learning, Mondays through Fridays for 70 actual instructional days.  The course covers emergency medical technician training, nursing skills, knowledge specific to the Navy Hospital Corps, and clinicals.

Program Overview:  METC/Basic Medical Technician Corpsman Program

Read this for an explanation of Hospital Corps School Phases and Liberty

There is a graduation ceremony - smaller than PIR, but very special - and families and loved ones are invited to attend.   Photos and schedules are posted on the Basic Medical Technician Program page on Facebook, link is below.

Link to Directions to Ft Sam Houston/Walters Gate/Anderson Hall. 

Please read and use the METC info.  Your best bet for some questions may be to call the quarterdeck or campus support center at METC.  Before posting a Discussion with a question, please ask it in the Comments section, and look through the Discussions - you may find what you need, plus a lot more.  This is a good one: Info for those new (or not so new) to Hospital Corps A School.

Check out the METC Online website for Medical Education Training Campus at San Antonio.  The site has a live-chat function.  Campus Support Center phone number:  210-808-6382 (210-808-METC).  Click here for the METC brochure and a brief overview.  

This METC Program Catalog 2012 includes course descriptions for Basic Medical Technician/Corpsman A school (page 10) and C schools (see Index).

METC on Facebook:  Medical Education Training Campus on Facebook

GRADUATION SCHEDULES AND UPDATES are posted on here: Basic Medical Technician Corpsman Program on Facebook along with class photos and other info. groups include Corpsman Moms & Dads, Corpsman MomsCorpsman Wives, GFs, Moms, and FMF Corpsman Moms

Read this to find out What the heck is Field Medical Training Battalion (FMTB)?

Field Medical Training Battalion East at Camp Lejeune, NC official website  then -> Students -> Welcome -> FMST

and Camp Lejeune Moms on N4M

(Females go to FMTB-East only; otherwise, it's up to the needs of the Navy as to which location a Corpsman is sent to.)

FMTB West Camp Pendleton CA official site & Camp Pendleton Moms on N4M

Corpsmen serve in a variety of settings including hospitals and clinics and on ships (called "blueside"), and with forward-deployed Marine units (called "greenside" or Fleet Marine Force (FMF) and where one can earn the FMF qualification.

Hospital Corpsman Navy Enlisted Classifications (NECs) - There are 38 - thirty-eight! - specialties within the HM rating, from Search & Rescue (8401) to Dental Lab Tech/Maxillofacial (8765).  Here is a list of HM NECs and C school locations.


HR:  Hospitalman Recruit (E-1)                      HM1:  Hospital Corpsman 1st Class (E-6)               

HA:  Hospitalman Apprentice (E-2)                 HMC:  Chief Hospital Corpsman (E-7)             

HN:  Hospitalman (E-3)                                  HMCS:  Sr. Chief Hosp. Corpsman (E-8)                

HM3:Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class (E-4)        HMCM: Master Chief Hosp. Corpsman (E-9)      

HM2: Hosp. Corpsman 2nd Class (E-5)  

How to read a Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) (your sailor accesses his/her LES by logging in at     

IMPORTANT:  Read and follow these Operational Security (OPSEC) guidelines.  N4M is an open website that can be read by non-members; and not all members are necessarily what they seem.  Be smart and keep yourself and all our sailors safe.

Bookmark this for the future!  Navy Credentialing Opportunites Online (Navy COOL) for HM

METC brochure, click to enlarge:

Cool video from Navy Medicine - We love our corpsmen!!

Discussion Forum

first duty station

Started by Thinton88. Last reply by Thinton88 Jul 11. 2 Replies

My husband is supposed to graduate from HMDA school in less than a week and he hasn't gotten his soft orders yet.  My question is it normal to wait this long to get orders?  Also what happens if he doesn't have his orders by graduation?  We didn't…Continue

Trying to visit San Antonio in May

Started by jad0407. Last reply by MariaFaith Jun 24. 14 Replies

Hi, if anyone has information that could help me I would really appreciate it.  My boyfriend is at school in San Antonio right now at Fort Sam Houston and I'm trying to plan a visit for when I get out of school in May.  I have been looking at hotels…Continue

Stethoscope brand! GIFT!

Started by 670dsdlc. Last reply by 670dsdlc Jun 20. 3 Replies

Hello beautiful ladies! I want to get my corpsman a stethoscope for a gift..but I don't know what brands are good? can anyone help me out here???Continue

Struggling in A school

Started by csandjmom (Ship 02 DIV 921). Last reply by Casu May 30. 8 Replies

My son is really struggling in A school. He has failed 2 tests now and is really contemplating separating. I know he does not want to but really has no idea what to do. Any suggestions? He is already in mandatory study hall. He is so young, only 18,…Continue

Comment Wall


You need to be a member of HM (Hospital Corps) A School in San Antonio to add comments!

Comment by Mom2B 6 hours ago

Paula, our son leaves tomorrow for Okinawa!  He just graduated from FMTB-east. 

Comment by carafid1 8 hours ago
My son is stationed in Okinawa and loves it. He works the maternity unit and is happy there. There are a lot more rules on that base but I'm happy that he loves his job and since they have a curfew less chances of getting in trouble !!!
Comment by Trish from Texas 17 hours ago
@Paula- our son left for Okinawa in May and is loving it. He works in a clinic with other PMTs.
Comment by Paula 17 hours ago
My son got orders to japan after corpsman school. Has anyone son or daughter been there? He graduate September 2014. Thanks Paula
Comment by Trish on Sunday
Marcy thanks so much for your response!!
That's my biggest concern! I pray every day that he will focus and study-But only they can do this I also know that! I look forward to learning and sharing with everyone! I read just about all the material offered great stuff in there too! And now I am trying to find the right flash cards lol!! ;)
Comment by Mon on Saturday
We face timed our son today for the first time today while he was at the "Sack". He looked great and he is happy. He loves the base...He is doing good on his test has maintained "A's" on all 3 test so far . They have another on Monday. He said he is studying so he can be in good standing for "C" school. Anyone out there hearing things from their sailor?
Comment by Marcy ~ Corpsman Mom on Saturday

HI Trish, we have another new mom whose sailor is cross rating - "ASTRID."  First, be very proud of your son!  Most important, let him know that he'll need to focus and study hard, as there is a lot of material covered in the course. Joining (or starting) a study group is a good idea; don't get distracted and take advantage of all help available.  Class standing is important when it comes to C school selection if that is his path.  Keep in mind that the Navy WANTS him to succeed  :)

Comment by clover65 on Friday

Anyone has any info on NAS in Lemoore CA?

Comment by Trish on Friday
Hi ladies, my son is starting A school here first week of August and I'm wondering if there is any advice on what he should be prepared for or what we may need?? He changed from the engineman program to this one- I'm pretty worried about it:)
Comment by Filnavymom on Thursday

Anybody knows if FMTB is mandatory for all corpsmen even for female ?


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