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Comment by DramaSoul yesterday

Anit M....I am so sorry you have to go through this. My uncle had a similar thing where he had the colostomy bag for about 6 months before he could get rid of it with another surgery. He did recover! Sending lots of healing energy your way and surrounding you in healing light. Good information on the oils. I have avoided DoTerra for the same reason. Yeah...those nightshades are not good!!! Miss my tomatoes and peppers. Never was one for eggplant so I don't miss it!

MAMA_C...I am working with my physician (who is a functional medicine practioner as well as an MD) and the nutritional therapist with whom she works. Since it is important to avoid preservatives, artificial flavors, sweeteners and additives, I eat organic veggies and fruits (especially the dirty dozen) as well as animal proteins that are grass-fed, wild caught or free range.It can be a bit more costly but I am just feeding me. There are some GREAT blogs and recipe books. There is even one on how to keep your food bill down and eat only real food. I can only do full fat coconut mild and there is only one brand that does not have preservatives or emulsifiers and stabilizers in it (Natural Value and I do not do the organic one....coconuts are not part of the dirty dozen!)  There is a book by Mickey Trescott...GREAT COOKBOOK! Also, Eileen Laird has a slim little guide to AIP. I do have Dr. Sarah Ballantyne's book but it is not an easy read. Lots of great science and something you read a little of and then put down for awhile. There is another one by Dr. Isabella Wentz which is about the root cause of Hashimoto's thyroiditis. The nutritional therapist has helped a lot and I am really fortunate that the one with whom I work is part of my MD's staff. The hardest part is making sure you have no processed foods and no sugars with the exception of the occasional local organic honey. I was hankering for a chip of some kind and I found some sweet potato chips which are allowed EXCEPT the oils that were used were on the no-no list (canola, safflower, sunflower) no chips for me. The fact that I feel so much better is why I stick with it! This is a lifestyle for me now. I will start challenging some foods in another couple of months. 

Side Corpsman does CrossFit and they eat a Paleo/Ancestral type of diet. He admits he will never be 100% at it because he won't give up beer! Bread isn't as much of challenge for him...he loves him some good beer. Last year a friend of ours in Ohio introduced him to Yuengling on tap and in bottles. He even went to the brewery in Pennsylvania!

Blondie...after the Winter in the midwest and the east...I think I will stick with the NW! Thanks for the offer! My grandparents had a chicken farm so I spent my summers getting up before dawn to feed the chickens and then go out and collect eggs to grade, candle and pack up for the local markets. LOVED the baby chicks. Would've loved to have ducklings!

Hope everyone stays healthy and safe with the weekend coming. 

Comment by Anti M yesterday

Thought I'd say hi... still not right after the surgery, and I can't recall what I have and have not shared.  It is a lot of TMI, but the end result is a temp colostomy bag for six months, then more surgery to reattach everything.  I am miserable, so I am not posting much.   

I avoid certain foods for my arthritis, mostly nightshades, which is tomatoes, white potatoes, eggplant and some sweet peppers.  Really helps me a great deal.  Right now, with this stupid surgery, I am on a bland low fiber diet.  Th slightest thing can upset my gut, and that is unpleasant in so many ways, even painful.  

I do enjoy using oils, I buy mine from a family business in Idaho called Plant Therapy.  Very good, and not overly expensive.  A lot of my friends and neighbors are into DoTerra, but those are expensive, and I do not like the way the company lures housewives into their marketing schemes.  I like the small business model much better.

Comment by Blondie on Thursday

DramaSoul, I know your pain.  Thankfully we live on a farm and can grow our own food  it's well worth it.  Also I work in a Chiropractor's office, we went electronic over 5 years ago, 2 years ago we added another doctor and changed programs....I'm not crazy about electric records, billing etc....too old to change my ways.  I need a good insurance and internet helper.  Want to move to Ohio?   I grew up with ducks!  we raised them and my mom would bring the young ones in until they were big enuff  the turtles and big bass in pond couldn't eat them.  I'd get a few for your breakfast.  :)

T-Lynn, Great story!  Sorry you're all sick.  do you have a furnace/air conditioner...change the air filter!  If you use oils try purification (YL) in a spray bottle to clean surfaces and as air freshener.  Also Thieves and peppermint are Great for sore throat, respiratory.....I sleep with a diffuser running all the time.  Good vibes about son's test :)

screen went blank, thought I lost everything....I cried.  But found it.  if I stay idol too long my computer shuts down grrr.

snowing all day today hopin it stays cold this time I do better in cold dry air and we need to kill some bugs!  Thank goodness I can and freeze a lot....been working long hours and hurting so eating prepared foods I froze.  tonight is broccoli soup and chicken.

well been pecking on here for 23 mins. time to flip the chicken and rest.  Hope everyone gets healthy and has a nice evening.

Comment by T-Lynn on Thursday


Good to hear from you Drama :). Keep us updated on you and how re-up goes for your sailor.

My sailor called to share he had taken the test for rank of Chief. But he has to wait a couple of months before he knows.

Here everyone is sick - except the Riker! His mom now has Pink eye and a severe laryngitis. His Grandpa has a bad ear infection and me - that sinus came back with a roar. Now son gets a check up tomorrow - so waiting to hear what he has. Us adults want to hybernate and Riker is running circles around us all.

Oh - have to share a funny. DIL had taken  Riker in for diaper change - put him down - BUT did not pay attention that he was following her back to teh bathroom - where son was taking morning shower. She walks back to Riker's room, BUT Riker takes a detour into the shower with daddy and still in his pjs. All I heard was calling for help with some bad words and DIL laughing and coughing. Sorry No pictures.

Well something fun to start off the day.

Hey - our ground hog did not see his shadow - so early Spring. How about everyone else?

 Wish all a good day and a fun evening hugs

Comment by MAMA_C on Thursday

Hi DramaSoul, I caught your feed and noticed the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP).  I just looked up on google.  I am curious about this diet because I have an Autoimmune disease too. Is it expensive to live on this diet?  How did you start it?

Comment by DramaSoul on Thursday

Hi All!  LOVE all of the pics! Baby pics and those amazing bird pics, Maggs. 

It's been almost a year since I started on the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) and I am feeling better with more energy but I get knocked on my butt if I accidentally consume something I should not. I try very hard to read labels and I really can only eat what I prepare. When I go out, I have to be very specific about what's in everything. My son said I have become "Portlandia". We went out and I quizzed the waiter on where specifically the bison came from and whether or not it was 100% grass-fed or if it was grain-finished. My son said he expected me to ask what the name of the bison was and did it have a stable and comfortable home! All I can do is try to find the humor in it. I have dropped 21 lbs which is a little more than I had intended so the 35 year-old jeans in my closet fit me now! I did get rid of the neon purple polyester jumpsuit with shoulder pads out to here! Hmmm...probably need to clean more stuff out of my closet! We did find out that chicken eggs cause asthma for me but I can eat duck eggs. Finding them is a challenge and I am pretty sure Tupac (who looks like Angel) and Shelby would not like it if I got a duck. 

T-Lynn...still haven't auditioned for anything because I am not 100%. There was one production in which I was interested but I will be visiting my Corpsman in DC when it's "on the boards".

Still working and both offices are now switching to 100% electronic charting. The good news...they are using the same system! Yay! I only have to learn Dentrix!! Anybody work in the dental field who's used Dentrix?

Corpsman said he's going to re-up...he wants to be an IDC. He seems to be doing well. sorry about your fibro flare. Autoimmune flares SUCK! 

We have had more rain so far than last year which is a good thing. We had a little surprise ice and snow storm the first weekend in January. People here FREAK OUT if there is half an inch of snow! 

My Corpsman said he had lots of fun digging out of the snow when that storm hit the East. He said he bought a snow shovel a couple of weeks before it hit and was one of the few in his barracks who could help dig out cars. He said it was a good workout! 

May all in need of healing make a complete healing of body, heart, mind and spirit. 

Hugs to all!

Comment by Jesusintheboat on Wednesday

so liked the pictures of Riker    so precious

Comment by Blondie on Wednesday

LOVE the pictures! 

weather is up and down....rain, hail, snow, teens to 59.  And that is just this week!  

My Fibro is really bad, joints swollen, hard to type or do anything.  Tired all the time because I cant sleep...but I'm hanging in there :)

 try to read and keep caught up

Comment by Anti M on Tuesday

B'smom, I can get the FPO for the Reagan, but your sailor must give you his unit number.  Here are some sites which may help:

Comment by Sonya209 on Tuesday

Hi Huffymom23,

We use Facebook Messenger to communicate with our son. This allows us to either send messages (text) or see him face to face (like skype). Its pretty cool!!!


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