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For all the Mom's(and Dad's) with a Sailor in Japan

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Nex card

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Birthday cakes and Nex gift cards to Japan

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Need help for friend whose son is in Japan

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Comment by Anti M 5 hours ago

My husband will be home tomorrow, so I will make a turkey meatloaf.  I didn't think he would be here, so I did not thaw the turkey. 

I spent a lot of Thanksgivings in Japan.  We hosted when we could, or went to the homes of our friends.  It is very unusual for anyone to be alone unless they have duty, or choose to ignore the holiday.  Even f they have duty, they can go get a meal at the chow hall.  

The bases put on all sorts of holiday activities, for families, and for single sailors.  It was great, actually.  Yokosuka does a really nice Festival of Trees.  My husband was active with the local Webelos troop on base, and they did a nice tree for that.

Comment by T-Lynn 7 hours ago


I can remember my sailor sharing that he was invited to his chief's home for holidays. ( My on stayed in the barracks his entire time in Japan). And once visiting Hong Kong - an American teacher invited several of the sailors for dinner. I agree it makes you feel good to know your sailor is being treated special when you can't.

Oh packing those boxes. We have had many fun talks about what to put in those boxes. And how to pack them FULL ! Maggs always said to pack extra so your sailor can share. She is right.

Talking about Mas - check in . You too BADma. Several of you have been quiet - jump in the water - we miss you

Well - Blondie. That's all I can say. I finally have decided to write the Energizer people and tell them about you. You are a shoe in for the new icon of the Energizer Battery. Just don't do a Flo haircut.  Glad daughter is with Joe and I like teh shirt in light blue.

I must have missed some post, so I need to go back and find them.

Tonight is turkey dinner with kids. They are going into the Chicago burbs for dinner with her family tomorrow. So hubby and I will be alone - just the two of us. Well - 1 turtle - 1 puppy and 3 cats -  alone.

Hey - yippe a sailor coming home. Now you still have to stay here and share gossip.

Need to get along - hubby home soon and I can smell the turkey !!!

Wishing all a wonderful day tomorrow hugs

Comment by barbara10/08 15 hours ago

Hi Ladies!  Well, we finally were able to get out of the driveway on Monday!  Did all my catch up food shopping and thanksgiving shopping-we are ready to start baking!
I am pretty sore from shoveling, reinjured elbow, fell and sprained ankle, but not so bad I can't walk on it, so we're good. We had warmer temps so much of the snow melted, not much flooding, thank goodness, and nothing major weather wise coming anytime soon. 

T-lynn, we have, I think 3 districts closed til Dec 1, rest have re-opened. Blake took one look at the snow falling, opened his mouth and started catching it, haha.
Babies have their own time schedule......doctors don't seem to know this.

MamaC- he will grow, you will learn patience.  Holidays are the hardest, try to stay positive, check in here, it helps more that anything....hang in there, hugs.

Joshmom, I am So dreading that 10 lbs.-hoping to keep within 5 thru this holiday season. Been working at it so hard and hate to lose ground, but dammit, why do all the goodies have to taste sooooo good?

ReneeC-yes, confusing til you get the hang of it. P.O. helped me too, felt pretty clueless at first.  As for the weight-I always left that blank and let them weigh it & fill it in for me.

Cheryl-great advice. I know it makes me feel better to know what is going on.

2tymemom-I was so happy when my sailor spent holidays with his CO or others when he was in Japan. Really makes you feel better knowing they are not alone.

Navymom3- Happy Birthday to your sailor-how exciting to soon have him only 3 hours away!

Blondie, did your doctors have to tie you down? lol. 
Enjoy the time off this weekend:)

Hope eveyone hears from their sailors & has safe travels if traveling!

Comment by mtnmom yesterday

Navymom3--You taught your sailors right, to share with others.  My son has not been home for Thanksgiving since he entered the navy.  He has hosted others sailors when he was in port, and cooked his first turkey a couple of years ago.  Enjoy having yours in the same country.

Comment by navymom3 yesterday

Both my sailors are hosting a Thanksgiving at there house. One in Japan and one in California. Both are having sailors over that have no where to go. I am so proud of them. This will be the last Thanksgiving for my Japan sailor to be in Japan. Plus it is his birthday the same day. I am sure he will give away leftovers as they are coming to pack his apt on the 1st. So not much linger and he will only be a 3 hr time difference.

Comment by 2tymeNavyMom yesterday

Good Morning mtnmom,

My son and I use the "Line" app, but thank you for the heads up on the Tango app.  I will look into it. 

Also, thank you for the great idea of trail mix parts.  We also keep a box that we perodically add stuff to and then mail.

My son has volunteered to make apple pies, from scratch, crust and all and will be going with others to his CO's house for Thanksgiving.  It warms my heart to know that he will be with family for the holiday.

Take care all,

Comment by mtnmom yesterday

Good morning all;

Does anyone talk with loved ones via Tango (an app)?  Son asked me to download it.  I think I'll try to find it for my phone.

Reneec- I always have a stack of 5 or 6 large APO boxes, you can order them online from and any forms you need.  I have an open box sitting on my freezer, filling with goodies from every time I go out.  It takes me  2 - 3 weeks to fill a box.  My son especially likes me to send him the parts of trail mix and he mixes it himself.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and hears from your sailors..

Comment by Blondie yesterday

from sailor.

Comment by Blondie yesterday

Thanks all. 

she's with Joey so her mood is better.  LOL

T-Lynn, you KNOW me too well.  Over did it sat. and Sunday.  was miserable Sunday night and Migraine all day yesterday :(  feeling a touch better last night @10pm, both doctor's worked on packs, T.E.N.S unit when I could stand it, muscle relaxers and finally pain killers so did get some sleep. Lots to do today to get caught up!  bed clothing to wash, using automatic washer so not too bad, dishes to catch-up cause I guess no one else can do them?  will start baking cookies and making soup.....

Big baby?  I believe due date is wrong.

Just be blunt!  No one wants to be a gold star mother.  maybe article would be better :)

mtn, Always good to hear from our sailors, warms are hearts!

joshmom, thanks for that little story, made me smile. One Big teddy bear to HUG.

Cheryl, congrats on letter, always makes you feel better to hear from CO and know he's okay, people are looking out for me.

Comment by Cheryl-TedsMom yesterday

Received a letter from our sailor's CO yesterday - welcoming our sailor to his command. He spoke well of our son and invited us to USS Antietam's FaceBook page to publicly track what our sailor is up to. [I had already joined before he deployed] They post some great pics. If you are on FB you should see if your sailor's commands also have FB pages. I like having some way of knowing what my sailor is doing.



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