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Need help for friend whose son is in Japan

Started by Laurie in WA (Tyler). Last reply by Laurie in WA (Tyler) on Thursday. 7 Replies


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Comment by Blondie yesterday

Maggs, Fantastic news!  YEAH

blm, hang in there, things will work out.  Hugs to all

Kim praying for safe travels and a wonderful visit for your DIL.   

Comment by Kim yesterday

Great news MyKid,  I'm sure he will love San Diego.  Are they 2 year orders?  Maybe his next orders will be Japan.

It can get cold down were they sleep on the ship, even in the tropics. 

My sailor was told to carry $200.00 yen, just in case.  He picked it up at the airport.  He now has a big fat wallet with money from around the world. He loves showing it off.

He will be one of us on Tuesday.  He is driving his wife to the airport because she is flying to Sasebo to visit her mom and family.  New moms: he is a recruiter in NY state and met her in Sasebo.  I hope to visit them Sunday before she goes and he is going to come visit us when she is gone. 

Comment by blm yesterday

Sorry I have not been posting much, but I read daily and care about all of you

My son is in for Easter-he was recently blind sited by a breakup with his GF and I have been waiting for a hugs. He will be here till Monday. We all going for taste testing for wedding on Monday-we got choice from Daughter and finance on what to try-they are trusting our opinions. Picked out some invitations for her to pick from and that went well-she and finance have been very easy to please so far LOL

Her schooling in SD has been cancelled so not sure when she will be stateside again.

Happy and Blessed Easter everyone.

MyKid-what a frustrating situation-hope all gets worked out soon

Comment by Maggs yesterday

My Kid, Rule 1, We are here to support, Rule 2, Once you join us you are a lifetime member. :)  We dont let people go!!  If you leave we will worry about your oldest, we wont have updates, we wont know how you are doing. One of us will follow you to SD Moms, and beg you to come back!! You are a "Pan Mom" you are one of our family!  Not only that, but you can pass on your mixed up story to another Mum!  :)

  Huskies My sailor described winder in Japan this way. "I am in a boat, in a frozen Ocean. I feel like a peach in one of those cans in the fridge". Sailor didnt take any yen with him, he said it was easy to exchange a little at an airport. He flew from East Coast to West, found the USO, they fed him, He then flew to one of Japans bigger airports, he had a layover there. Thats when He exchanged some money, and used the Multi food vending machines. One Machine you can get hot and cold stuff! He then got his next flight to nearest airport. He was met by a Sailor who drove a bus to the base. He called us the next morning. He was tired, his ship was at sea, but he was busy with cleaning the base, learning about the culture, finding his way around. 

  Oh, My good news, Sailor has been accepted to the University of Maryland. He starts in the Fall!  

Comment by Blondie yesterday

Mykid, PLEASE stay.  Our Prayers are with you and your family.  Singing God's Praises for yesterdays success.  Our God has a plan. 

My sailor sometimes has them call in for muster...she always made sure she got she's the one signing lol  it will all work out.  Hang in there.  HUGS


Huskies, it can get cold in Japan but the worse is the tin box (ship) out in the middle of a cold, cold ocean! and you never know where their ship is heading......Japan's sizes are very small and the normal sizes sale out fast!   My sailor shipped out with just American money....they can change it at air port or base, base gets the best rate.  also 7-11 are big over there and they have good exchange rates.

Oh where does the time go????  Good question, we all ask this question.  On the day to day bases, time goes so s-l-o-w but pretty soon you'll be looking back saying Where did the time go?  (just like when they were little and grew up)  and when they come back from that 2 or 3 year tour....They're so grown up!  (and we missed it)  :(  BUT OH, SO PROUD

HUGS to all

Comment by Huskies yesterday
What is with "long johns". Is it very cold in Japan? Also, does he really need "zen"? About how much would he need? He leaves Sunday. Where did these last two weeks go? I wish I could make it stop...
Comment by MyKidIsInNavy yesterday

OK, so older Son made it through surgery today after 9.5 hours, we are home...Sailor Son in the meantime got new verbals, but waiting new hard orders.  Looks like he will be sent back to San Diego and will be serving on a LPD there, so he was told.  He is not very happy about not being able to go to Japan, but in my heart and with my older Son losing his vision, I am happy inside he is staying stateside for now personally.  I thank you all for your support and understanding and I am sure every now and then things get really messed up like they did for my Sailor.  I would love to stay a part of this group, I joined when my Son had gotten his orders before being sent to his 2 C schools, knowing Sasebo was where he was headed.  You all have been amazing support and so supportive to my older Son and my family.  Thank you ALL

Comment by Laurie in WA (Tyler) yesterday

Wow Mykid I know Navy life can be confusing sometimes but that is really crazy. So thankful for help here on Navy mom's.

Comment by Kim yesterday

Opps, I  think I assumed he was not detached from his command and was just home visiting before he detached.  I just re-read AntiM, and I THINK she answered as if he is between commands.  Sorry if I made it confusing.

Comment by Kim yesterday

Thanks AntiM for popping in to help.  I was hoping for a miracle way for him to stay home.  I know, wishful thinking.

My Kid, I will pass on my son's experience.  He was 2 years boot, A, C school, 3 years Japan, 2 years San Diego, next navy recruiter.  He had to wait for his next school but his ship was being deployed, so he had to detach. 

They assigned him to a ship that was still being built, so his command was an office on base.  The majority of the sailors at his temporary command were sailors just out of their first school.  Your sailor will always be assigned somewhere that he must muster in to.  

Please do not leave us.  I have been praying for your son.  Maybe God has decided that your sailor needs to be closer.


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