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For all the Mom's(and Dad's) with a Sailor in Japan

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finally recieved boxes

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Comment by Blondie 2 hours ago

Hahahaha   just his feet and the floor!

I got a picture of their floors yesterday, but they just got them laid.  so she thought it was important...I helped picked them up  so know what they look like...but she was excited....

Had a Great weekend!

We got dress delivered and even went shopping and got her boots bought!  Sailors got men's clothing picked out !!!! Floors were laid, final enspection today and if all goes right, papers signed tomorrow!

Sunny and 40 today!  :) 

the metal piece that holds the nose piece is what broke :( hubby bent it down so it wasn't cutting into my nose. still my glasses tilt.  got an appointment for tue. night.  but will take @ a week to get new pair :(  and then the Holiday ....!  leave it to me.  LOL  all 1 hour or same day places, don't have doctors on Sundays or evenings.   Our insurance doesn't cover either, bummer cause that's another 500.00 I can't use for the wedding.

Comment by T-Lynn 6 hours ago


 At least you did not get broken! when I read - broken - my thoughts went wild  Blondie. Don't do the shoveling - by the way - where is that in your job description to do that!

Thanks Cheryl.

I have this week off and i will be springerizing my scout stuff. Oh Anti M came up with Springerizing.  Today, clean teh kitchen! Next - I have not thought of next yet.

need to split - hugs all

OH forgot - sailor is buying a house! Share more details when I get them. I bet I get a photo of his feet in the house , but not the house.

Comment by Blondie on Saturday

Scary!   Glad everything turned out well.

still snowing here.  But I decided if she doesn't have the lot cleared I don't have to clear the sidewalks!  Just not feeling good enuff and if she don't care and it's her business....?to add to my woes, I broke one of my nose pieces off my glassed, (tri-focals)  so everything is blurry and makes me sick to my stomache, headachy....UGGG

Comment by Cheryl-TedsMom on Friday

T-Lynn angels come in all shapes. Even Navy Moms. Bless you for being there.

Comment by T-Lynn on Friday


 Keep jumping the water Anti M - loves the stories. ANd what a nice way to end doc/dentist  appointments - with a massage!

At lest your getting his face in the pictures. Mine send pics of his feet, with message of " here I am in ..." Or just the pic of the beer. If I am lucky, I get a pic of the beer and his feet.

Oh, yes, the beer. my sailor too talked about teh Japanese beer and all the flavors. Has your sailor shared about teh candies and gum? WHAT flavors they have!!! KitKat candy bars - soy sauce flavor or green tea. Then there are the candy like our starburst BUT the flavors are better. IF your sailor goes to Disney Japan - try the popcorns. Those too are wild flavors.

 Hey, I have a story to share. Not dealing with our sailors.

Yesterday on the way home, a van turn wildly in front of. I was going slow too - in a school zone adn Blessed Guardian Angels - no car coming after the van. A little girl of about 3 - OPENED the van side door and fell out!!! She rolled adn her mom luckily turn away so not to run over the child. And the little girl's brother jumped out to save his sister. The mom finally got her van off teh road. I thought she was going to go through an apartment though. Teh brother had gotten teh crying sister to the side, I jumped out of my car and the little one ran to me. NOT HURT !!!! Mom ok - shaken up ,but stayed calm for the little one. The mom told me she was glad I stopped, usually no one stops to help any more. I told her son - the brother - how brave he was to save  his little sister. I got home and wanted a rum and coke. I settled for a chocolate muffin. I never in my life thought I would see that. That is only on youTube or the news - NOT real life.

All I can say - blessed the Guardian Angels!

 Wish all a great day - off to play with scouts  hugs

Comment by Anti M on Friday

LOL, sorry, my story streak got going!

Comment by Anti M on Friday

Chu Hi (or chu-hai) is a cocktail  ... traditionally made with shochu, but sometimes vodka.  Shochu (show-chew) is distilled from almost anything, barley, sweet potatoes, and so on.  Not as strong as vodka, but kinda like that.  And yes, you can get it in cans in vending machines!

Sake (sa-kay) is delicious rice wine, but can be very strong.  I did like it, but rarely drank it outside of festivals or restaurants.  Americans tend to pronounce it "sa-ki" which is incorrect, but often understood.  It is actually brewed, not fermented, so not really wine.  But yummy anyway.

Blondie is right, the cultural is excellent and worth exploring.  I loved Kamakura, but I am a huge culture and history buff, so loved all the temples and shrines there.  And the shopping!

Comment by Blondie on Friday

We did everything native while we were there....very enlightening. :)  We LOVED it. Chi Hi (I think they're called) comes in flavors tried every flavor we could find, there was 3 of us and we shared. hahaha I don't need AA yet(?)  Loved the soke (did I spell that right?)  even the one with the snake in it!  left an impression in a lot of sailor's minds, some still stay in touch. :)  the food - Loved the seasonings, the clothing-besides being small, everyone is little over there, was very cute....Loved the whole experience.  

tell them to go sight seeing and exploring.  Lots to see and experience.

phones are calling me.  have a Great Friday and weekend

Comment by Cheryl-TedsMom on Thursday

Josnhmom my sailor also provides food updates. Last month he posted a pic on his FB that looked like something from the Flintstones. Just order a familiar word on the menu [effort to go "native". My sister responded that it looked like a BBQ'd cat (No offense KittyMoms) Of course he ate it. It good, it be TUNA, ugh. He has tried fermented Tofu - ONCE and yes he won the bet. Also found a great French bakery, in town, with WiFi. Talks to his Dad & Bro. about the beer. 

Comment by joshmom on Thursday

Anti M - My son is adventurous so he is quick to try new cuisine and beer!  Before his first deployment I asked him to send me a post card from each port he visited, we now joke that I should have asked for a beer can!!  He did bring home a couple of Chu Hi's (sp?) this time and he claims Hong Kong has the best beer LOL I guess he's become a beer connoisseur!


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