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For all the Mom's(and Dad's) with a Sailor in Japan

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Comment by Cheryl-TedsMom 7 hours ago

T-Lynn read your advice to new JapMoms RE: Longjohns - My son is stationed out of Yokosuka and when he left for Japan I made him take his Longjohn. He has been Japan for a 1.5 yr. and he hasn't worn them yet. With space at a premium it might be smart to keep them @ home and ship them to them in Japan if they find out they are needed when they get to their respective duty station. 

Just saying - my son is still annoyed with me that I made him take his Longjohns. 

JapMoms with more time in please chime in!


Comment by Maggs 13 hours ago

I have been loosing bird seed.. The House feeder has been empty every morning. Today I found the culprit.... 

Comment by DramaSoul 14 hours ago nieces and nephew asked their mom (my older sis) not to sing lullabies when they were little. She will be the first to tell you she's tone deaf! I have done singing since choir in Jr. High and even studied voice for awhile. Not good enough for Broadway or the Met but it works for everything else! Would love to hear your Scottish accent!

T-Lynn...sending good dental energy. 

Comment by T-Lynn 17 hours ago

HI. Maggs great photo ! Yes, I saw Angel.  Now it makes wonder what she is up to if she was able to get the clouds for form her likeness powerful kitty there. Hey - I your accent your make your voice unquie to hear sing.

Hi New Mom and welcome aboard. Tell your sailor besides getting his passport - pack his long johns! Teh NEX runs out when it gets cold and teh Japan sizes do not match American sizes. My sailor learned teh hard way and made an emergency call home to please send his long johns - he was freezing.

Anti M: how is the foot coming along? If you have to sit = how are you packing for the Burn?

Kim - what a cutie !!!! And I agree with Blondie - how long can we stay and rest in that beautiful back yard? how you doing?

Yippee Drama is back on. Can't wait to hear again that you are on stage and performing. Congrats on completing 3 months and I hope the next 9 fly by for you.

Hi Miss - good deal on teh stove/oven. But noticed you didn't say anything about the nice young man that helped in teh move. Waiting :).

Blondie - isn't it nice to get just Hubby and Wife time? Glad you got some. 

Hey - I am doing better. Dentist got the all the bad stuff out at one appointment. Now teh next three should be easier. Tomorrow is the next one - yippe and on hubby's birthday too. What a way to celebrate - in the dentist office. And with grandson in tow.

Well, I need to get along - have to make a dinner before a camp out meeting.  hugs all

Comment by Maggs on Sunday

Dramasoul... I once tried to sing... Everyone left... LOL.. I cant hold a tune, always wanted to sing.. all my family can.. I cant even whistle.. LOl... But My Scottish accent is wonderful.. LOL.. :)    

Comment by pizzamom on Sunday

Thank you jesusintheboat

Comment by DramaSoul on Sunday

Blondie...I like the idea of the tub of ice to cool off! Dontcha just love Murphy's Law? Both offices I work in are going through changes...UGH!!

Comment by DramaSoul on Sunday

Beep Beep...I am beeping in. Love all the pics and Kim, how do you not just smother that cute face in kisses 24/7? 

Maggs...I saw Angel's face immediately! Maybe because Angel looks a little like my Tupac. auditions right now so no roles in plays. I have to decide if I want to study voice again to audition for musicals and right now, I don't have the energy to do it.

The reason I don't have energy is that the Hashimoto's which has been in full exacerbation, has a leaky gut component. I had been taking Vitamin B12 supplements but with the permeable intestinal tract, it doesn't get absorbed I get to give myself Vitamin B12 shots once a week. I don't mind giving other people injections but usually, when I get an injection, I look away. Hmmm....can't do that when you have to give it to yourself. I am following this really restrictive AIP eating plan and my doc assures me it will only take a year to completely heal the gut. 3 months down, 9 to go!

I think I posted that I went to my Corpsman's Frocking Ceremony early June but...given the brain fog of late...I could've dreamt that I posted it. We had such a good time together. I think he's coming home sometime in the fall when his 2 buddies who are in Oki come stateside. As I understand it they will meet in San Diego, hang out for a few days and then my son and one of his buddies will drive to the NW and home while the other one goes home to visit his family. Two Corpsmen in the house will be a hoot!

I am a great follower of professional bicycling (since I dated a cyclist when I was just out of college) soo...I have been following the Tour de France. One more day! 

It has been far too hot and dry here. I heard it was suppose to rain this weekend so I washed my car on Thursday. It seems to have worked! I know that DC has had much more rain than we have. My son said it rained on the 4th during the day but stopped for the fireworks display at the Capitol. 

I read posts and don't always post. May all who are in need of healing be healed and those in need of comfort be comforted.

Hugs to you all!

Comment by Jesusintheboat on Sunday

hi pizzamom     yes get it now then you will not have to ship it to him and over there is too much red tape to get one     

Comment by pizzamom on Saturday

My son shipping to Japan in Sept.I've read that he should get a passport before leaving is this something he can do on base.Thanks for any help on this subject


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