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Comment by Michael's mom 8 hours ago
Not a problem. Glad he's better. I don't know a lot of things but I do know my medical/dental benefits so I'm glad to help :) Enjoy your time.
Comment by momplus2 14 hours ago

Michael's Mom...thank you so much. Fortunately, my son is feeling much better. I did share this information with him so he has it for the future. Thank you again...Navy Hugs:)

Comment by Michael's mom 17 hours ago
I can help with the Tricare question since my husband is Air Force. Tricare wants you to be seen on base at all costs. If there is one near you then you need to call Tricare for a referral. They have the person who is sick talk to the on call nurse and if the nurse feels they need to be seen they will ask where they want to be seen and send the facility a referral. They will give you a document control number over the phone. Make sure you write it down. Tricare will not reimburse anyone even if the provider accepts Tricare. Everything has to be approved. They got really strict with this about 4 years ago. Hope that helps.
Comment by momplus2 20 hours ago

2thmeNavyMom-That is just not right. I am wondering if they use a Tri-care facility that is not Military will they get reimbursed? Does anyone know? Thank you

Comment by 2tymeNavyMom 20 hours ago


My son in law was down visiting and we had the same issue.  I looked it up on the Tri-care site and it said they had to get prior authorization if it was outside of their command.  He got the authorization but then insisted that it had to be a Military facility.  I disagreed since I looked up Tri-care facilities and one was 3 miles away but not Military.  The closest Military would have been an hour a way for him as well.  There has to be something closer for them.  Just does't make sense.  He had the flu bad and was throwing up and passing out.  They can not expect you to drive like that.

Comment by momplus2 yesterday

Thank you Blondie....I did post he was coming! I posted I wanted to get on my roof and shout out loud with joy! We went on a little vacation to Mexico. We got home last Thursday. Last night he mentioned he wasn't feeling good. Had temp of 101...but no fever today and resting. Thank goodness. Love having him HOME! Thanks again for your support. Navy hugs:)

Comment by Blondie yesterday

T-Lyn, Smart Boy!  Hope you're all Health soon.  Are weather is up and down also.  Freezing over weekend High on Saturday was 46, windy and rain.  Yesterday High was 75.  Course I worked the whole day but everyone said it was Wonderful out. 

OMG  momplus...YEAH!!!!!   Did you know he was coming?   Sorry he doesn't feel well.  Maybe just from the traveling?  Some will care for them for free because they are Sailor always just pays out of her pocket if they charge.  But we hardly ever go to doctor unless it's heart or lungs.

Comment by momplus2 yesterday son is HOME!!! Yeah! I haven't seen him in 3 years! Need your help, he feels fever...but he feels warm. He has an appetite but feels like crap. We live in the Sacramento area..just wondering if he sees a doctor, can he go anywhere then get re-imbrued? or what ? The closest base is 1 hour away. Any information would be greatly appreciated...Thank you in advance. Navy Hugs

Comment by T-Lynn on Monday


Blondie, I forgot to thank you for posting about Nick. He looks great!!!! I remember we all sent him cards and even packages. I think Shark sent him a harmonica and pictures of herself. Good to hear your daughter is ok with this flooding.  I plan on calling two friends who live out in teh areas too.

And thank Anti m for the website for the USO donations.

Have not heard from my sailor for a while. He is busy on base and having a part time seasonal job. He wants to fix the patio doors at his new home. Plus, he said working this seasonal job he can get all his Christmas/Birthday shopping done and at discount.

How is everyone's weather? WE have the heat on! It is damp and cold. Gee- just turned off the air conditioner two weeks ago!  I know Indian Summer has its ups and downs, but really.

Not watching grandson today - he did not sleep all night and was pulling his right ear again. That has usually meant an ear infection - so the kids took him for a check up. Plus, both kids not doing so hot either. Both look feverish and are stuffed up. Son said some bug was going through his work place - I think it stopped in for a visit.

And I woke up with  a sore throat and stuffed up too. Wonderful.

Pizzamom - my sailor said he didn't like packages form home too BUt honest, he loved everyone he got. So at times, the pet turtle - Shark would send a package or letter. That made his day. So if you have a pet - let the pets send him home packages.

Need to get - Laundry Fairy is visiting and I have to be a nice hostess. Wish all a good day hugs

Comment by Anti M on Monday

@pizzamom ... donating to the USO is very simple.  I give when I  can, usually a small monthly donation.  We need a new roof, so maybe not this year.  As a retiree dependent, I can still use the USO myself, although I haven't recently.  I sure did when I was active duty!  If I could volunteer at one locally, I would.


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