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Japan Mom's

For all the Mom's(and Dad's) with a Sailor in Japan

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Going to Japan for a visit

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Nex card

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Birthday cakes and Nex gift cards to Japan

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Comment by DramaSoul yesterday

Hi Everyone...I hope all who feeling under the weather heal quickly. May you be surrounded in the light of healing. 

Two of my son's best friends who are Corpsman are in Okinawa with their Marine unit. Since they are sort of like two more of my children (I have fed them so that's what counts, right?), I can make a case that I am a Pan Mom, right?

My Corpsman made it to his new duty station at Ft. Belvoir VA.He drove cross country in 5 days after being home for 3 weeks. The hospital and clinics are only 3 years old and state-of-the-art.  He was told he would be working either in the Sports Medicine Clinic or the Emergency Dept. so, of course, he is working in the Urology Clinic. Ah...gotta love the Navy. Not sure if that's his permanent assignment or if they just put him where they needed him for now. 

When he was home, my daughter and sil came down from WA to visit. They hadn't seen their brother/bil in 2 years. He has been doing CrossFit (he is BUFF!!) and had about a 6 day beard (he doesn't shave when he is home). My daughter looked at him and said to me "THAT'S my baby brother?" She is almost 6 years older than he is. Yeah...he is quite the man now!  It was sooo good to have them all together. My daughter has always been fiercely independent so we have, on an occasion or two (hahahaha), butted heads. We had a long walk and talk in which she apologized for being a jerk (her words not mine). Well, of course, I started to bawl. BEST GIFT EVER!!!

I auditioned for a play but didn't get cast. 30 women auditioned for 3 roles for women. There were 6 men auditioning for the 3 roles for men. Sigh.  It's probably just as well. Another door will open somewhere else!

Tonight is the 5th night of Hanukkah and the candles are providing a soft glow in my living room. It's always a challenge to keep the cats away from the flames. You would think the potential for singed whiskers would prevent them from coming so close. Not a chance. Tupac isn't as curious as Shelby. the poem.  Let me know if those injections work.  I have a lateral meniscus in my left knee that is non-existent. That knee has had 3 ACL reconstructions over the years. Not ready for a new knee yet either.

I love all the Christmas lights, music and decorations. Ididn't grow up with that tradition and I enjoy all of it. I am planning on driving over to some of the neighborhoods here to look at all the lights. I have quite a collection of Christmas music and I collect various renditions of "A Christmas Carol" favorite is "A Muppet Christmas Carol"!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah (and there is no real wrong spelling of that!) and a Joyous New Year. Yes...yes...May there be Peace in the World. May all of our Sailors, Soldiers, Marines and Airmen be SAFE!

Comment by Kim yesterday

Cuca, welcome to our group.  I hope you post often and I look forward to hearing about your daughters adventures. 

I read all posts when I was MIA and sick.

No baby yet.  Son has invited family and some friends to his new house for Christmas.  I was worried yesterday and he said "No, worries, she was cleaning yesterday and laying carpet".  Nooooo!  I am now in charge of meals.  The house came with a BBQ.  I said "Fill the tank.  Mom is buying a ton of meat and you boys are cooking".

If all works out it will be the first Christmas with all my boys since 2007.  Sailors new house.  First grandchild.  Life couldn't be better.  Plan B is dinner in the cafeteria at the hospital or pizza.

TLynn, I think fresh is the best.  DIL has the same diabetes.  Her diet is working.  I will ask her and send you a message.  I know my son gained too much weight when he left Japan.  New moms, His wife is Japanese and she arrived (after deployment) 7 months later.  She shopped the Japanese markets in San Diego and made all homemade.  He ate more and lost almost 20 pounds.

Blondie, thanks for the pictures.  I wish I could have gone. and hugged you, Maggs and your family.  Thank you for doing this to honor our vets.  Did you get to see the changing of the guard?  Where did you stay?

TLynn, I have a special zippered pocket in my purse that I keep the healing bag that you sent me. I was really sick, but I knew I was well protected.

Comment by T-Lynn yesterday


Blondie - if and I mean IF you have q quiet/non busy day - you'll be lost and we won't have any fun gossip. So it can only be one or the other. Yes, I am being my usually selfishness - your gossip keeps me going :) Hugs to Jack

Oh - lost by one point in triple overtime! That ref needs glasses. But share a hug for his upcoming medal. How was the party?

Today off grocery shopping for FRESH foods. My dil is having such a time with regulating her sugar level. Ned a diabetic recipe book. That diet her doc has her on is so weird. One cup of this and 1/2 of this - and eat mostly protein?  Something doesn't sound right.

My dad was diabetic and he had well rounded meals.

Well, rain is still  here - over cast too. Anyone have snow?

some good news to share !!

Sailor called and he IS getting to come home !!!! Still waiting to hear when - but his is coming!!!!! Maybe he will help me learn how to post my pics from photos to fb or to here. then be READY to see pics - I'll let you know ahead of time so you can have your snacks ready.

Kim - oh Kim ???? Update if you can

And other Pan Moms - check in !!!!

Need to get ready to shop hugs all

Comment by Blondie yesterday

Jack, stood up and went to the door!  all by himself :)  Thanks for all your love and support.  This little guy is dear to our hearts, he's so gentle and sweet but use to try and bark and be mean like old dog, so funny and cute.  And maybe a little bit more special because Sailor bought him for me.  Hoping we're on the way to recovery, with no lasting disabilities.  still hand feeding him and doctoring him but things are looking better this morning.

hope everyone is feeling stronger and better. A Lot of bad bugs running around out there.  Love the cute posts!

joshmom, sorry her lost but hoping he gets that medal.  Your schedule sounds like mine, run, run, run = Exhausted.  went grocery shopping last night, officially not home a night this week!  If I live through today and tomorrow, should be quiet, well maybe not quiet...busy week at work and then kids stopping in and out....but should be able to go home from work and just cuddle and cook and clean....things I love to do!

Safe and Happy weekend to all

Comment by joshmom yesterday
Hello ladies! No flu here just busy busy busy with all the holiday stuff. Hubby & I took the day off yesterday to shop then went to sons wrestling tournament. He was doing well but had a heartbreaker at the end of the night. Lost his last match by one point in triple overtime! That was a tough one to lose but he's still in the running for a medal. Tournament continues all day today. Once we get home from that we have a party to go to at a friends house. I'm already tired just telling you about it! Gonna be a loooooong day

Tlynn - prayers the injections work and I love your sweet!

Fingers crossed for Jack

Cuka - hope your daughter likes the GW and Japan!

Can't wait to hear from you Kim with baby news!

Blessings to you all!
Comment by T-Lynn on Friday


Flu ? Not here - Knocking on wood HARD !

Glad to hear you had a wonderful time with sailor daughter and that she is safe on board her ship. Gentle hugs New Japan Mom Cuka.

Barb - love the funnies.  Now I have images of Santa's reindeer flying after a catnip party. Here too - almost ready for holiday.

Blondie - exciting trip and so glad it was a great time for you

but so sorry to hear about Jack. Glad he is better - will send out Reiki to him.

Hey - Kim - updates. Baby yet? and how are you doing?

I have started the injections for artificial cartilage. Two more an it does not hurt to get it. Then a huge brace so I CAN walk and case those cub scouts. I was told I have the worst arthritis and need a new knee. But when I was talking to myself about having it done, I heard and felt in my heart - not yet. I feel by getting these injections and the new brace - my muscles will get stronger so I can do that therapy.

Wishing all a great day.

Dear Pan Moms,

Even though we are miles apart

We can hug each other in our hearts.

Wipe away tears with soft caring words

And share laughs and joy with a picture or two

So when you feel a gentle warm hug

Its me - saying Thank you

For caring and chasing away my Navy Blues.

Hugs T-Lynn

Comment by Blondie on Friday

Morning all, been very busy here as I'm sure you all are...

came home to a sick puppy. Jack has puppy strangle..whatever that is! a type of strep???? had to run him to the vet Wednesday night after work. thought he was dead at noon! In some areas he seems better but others...he can hardly walk, hubby carries him out to go potty . I have to hand feed him, he's about 1/2 the size he was when I left! I know for sure he didn't eat for 3 days....who knows before we got home :( SIL said he was fine just had red eyes....glad we got home when we did. Praying like crazy he pulls through.

Very few decorations up here, 1 Nativity, a flat fresh Pine tree on wall, lighted fresh garland on entertainment center of course all my Christmas prayers on fridge and yep, that's it!

did all my Christmas shopping on Monday, wrapped on Tue. vet on wed. last night had company supper(hubby's) so I'm exhausted! and even tho I had a Wonderful trip to DC, it was not good on my back, been in pain and adjusted twice this week and trying to be a good pt. and use ice....blah, blah. blah Husband's family Christmas this Saturday, Thank GOD not at my house. We both have to work. His eldest sister rented the golf course and it is being catered YEAH!!! this is like 86 people not counting children. but I still have some grocery shopping to do before holiday so either tonight or after Church on Sunday. Then we start the Holiday schedule at work and even tho it's a short week (closed Thur. and Friday) extra busy with kids home from college and family visiting... office will be hopping and only have 3 1/2 days to get them all in, then following week same schedule! with Month Ends and Year Ends!!! how did I ever do this? I'm exhausted already and just thinking about all the stuff......

hope you're all well and hear /see your sailor's this Holiday

Hoping EVERYONE is healthy by Christmas Eve!  We will be doing Christmas Eve. Supper and Midnight Mass with how ever many of our "children" can make it. Then Christmas Day with my family, only @ 25 of us.

Comment by Anti M on Friday

Yep, I have the flu too. The cannot leave the house kind. Ugh.

Comment by barbara10/08 on Friday

Cuka3305-glad you enjoyed the time with your sailor-any pics:)

Kim-how's the baby watch going?
Hope your feeling better, and anyone else that is sick.

Comment by barbara10/08 on Friday

So, how is everyone?  Seems everyone and his brother around here have stomach flu, colds, fevers, you name it.  Was sick myself just when I thought I'd get caught up for Christmas. Oh well, what's the holiday season without a little rushing around and stress!?  The tree is up, waiting to be decorated, still have to shop and bake, company clean .....daughter offered to have our Christmas Eve dinner, that helps. 

Thanks for the hugs and support-that is what makes this group special:)

Mtnmom-congrats on the new official grandbaby!

Blondie, Wreaths across America looks very special and beautiful. Love the family picture. I love the wedding outfit and it looks nicer in the grape!

TLynn, OMG-glad you are better! That must have been scary. 

AntiM-homemade dog biscuits sounds cool.
No white Christmas around here either-Lots of rain and mud.

And, a couple funnies to relieve holiday stress:


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