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For all the Mom's(and Dad's) with a Sailor in Japan

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Birthday cakes and Nex gift cards to Japan

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Need help for friend whose son is in Japan

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when to expect first leave

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Comment by Maggs 6 hours ago

Anti M, Hugs to you and yours, Hope things start to look up soon. 

 Angel is much better. I however, kicked a chair, and broke a toe, or something, again!! *note to self- Stop getting angry at chairs, They win!!*

Comment by Shelly 6 hours ago

Anti M- I am at a loss as to what to say.  Just know that you are surrounded by (((hugs))).  My prayers for peace to come your way soon.

Comment by Anti M 9 hours ago

Things have just been so up and down for me, one bad thing for every good thing ... a lovely wedding this weekend, but a friend commits suicide the same day.  Good news about a baby on the way, and my friends have one of their friends take his life.  It is pretty overwhelming.  My husband has a student driver, and the student's father died unexpectedly last night.  The company has routed the truck so hubby can take this poor man home.  

It is a bit much.

Comment by Blondie 11 hours ago

T-Lynn are you sure it's not the house making you all sick? maybe you need to get some meters or detectors.....Old houses have harmful things.....sending hugs and healing your way

.Maggs, glad Angel is feeling better :)

Comment by Maggs yesterday

ingScooby is fine, Called the pound this morning, took poor Angel in, they removed the offending chip, and replaced it. She is a happier kitty, and playing with her toys! LOcal grocery, where we do our shopping, was robbed today.  

Comment by T-Lynn yesterday


 Oh poor Angel. Hope she turns around and bite that vet on the a$$!  Scooby sounds adorable.Oh what fun - a kitty in the shower. ( that is what Daisy the puppy will do to the kids, but likes o run as the shower is going - run out and dry off in their bed - smart puppy ) yes, did you daughter check Scooby too for that chip in correctly?

Teh Geek Squad could not install ? That's a first I have ever heard. Hope your lunch was nice at least. So where are you going now for a computer?

Yippe dress shopping.I was wondering when you would get that chance Blondie. And I am not going into details about this house!  Just can't seem to do things correctly to get an easy job done.

Doesn't help with family getting sick too. Hubby and I have sore throats - ear pressure and slight fevers. Both kids are home again today - both can't breath and they will hack up a lung ( sounds like that ). Hoping dil can get in to see her  doc.

Hi Peachy :), drop in and share only a few words. WE love hearing how things are going. please share that your sailor gets  his cake .

Ok, Have not heard from Kim - BADma - Miss ( aka One Hot Navy Mama) and several others !!!! Did I miss something that some are on vacation? sick? broke a toe or foot again?! check in - getting worried.

Wish all a great day, I need more tea so I can keep voice for scout sessions.  hugs all

Comment by Blondie yesterday

crazy busy weekend. forgot my camera this morning...sorry will try later to get pictures up, some on FB Sailor...we got a place, date and time! I fly out next weekend. (this weekend is State Convention) to VA to tour the place, do finalizations and sign all the paper :) BIL is working on getting VA to approve his license, he's an ordained minister here in Ohio.... Things are moving right along.T-Lynn, Thanksgiving weekend hoping to get both daughters home to go dress shopping!!!

I agree, you never get done when you have a house (or family for that matter lol)  there's always something.....

maggs, poor Angel  did you have daughter check Scooby's site?  Sounds like my luck with computers!

Comment by Maggs yesterday

,,Part2,,, Angel was sore after the chip, so we let her relax, she was walking as if she was bruised.  Kitten loves to sleep with people, and watch them take a shower. She will jump in as soon as you turn the water off. Also loves to wake up at 4:30 am and play. Daughter picked her up on sunday after 5. I was back at work today, and this evening Angel who was not happyScooby was in her space all weekend, decided to let me pet her. I told hubby she had a tick on her back. We brought her over to the light, then turned on all the lights in the house. Black ticks on a black cat is not easy to see. When I found it, I was shocked, its not a tick, its the Microchip!!! It has been sticking out of her back since Friday, It was never installed right!! Poor Angel, I thought she was just hissy with me because I smelled like Scooby!!  I will call them tomorrow and sort her out! I"m quite upset myself. 

Comment by Maggs yesterday

I had a Blondie weekend!  No school on Thursday through Sunday. Went to Best Buy for a new computer on Thursday,  chose the one hubby wanted, but needed 8 gigs of Ram, it had 4. So paid for the update, and added software, and a few more extras. got a new printer too. Geek Squad charges $30 per upgrade. We had them do it. 30mins later  we were told they had wrong gigs, had to go to the desk and exchange it for the right one. Tell hubby 30 mins for the gig, two hours for software update. We went to local resturant, had lunch, relaxed, showed up almost 2 hours later. Computer is still in part on desk! I as what happened. It cant be updated!! We made them refund our money... Friday, Picked up Daughters kitten Scooby, took her and Angel to be microchipped at the pound! Kept kitten to Sunday, took her to the Rabies clinic. .........

Comment by navymom3 on Monday

No problem Peachynavymom. I hope he has a great birthday.


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