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Communication with my son

Started by Wheatonpup. Last reply by tnmom50 on Saturday. 2 Replies

Care Packages from home

Started by Kim. Last reply by Classycalicat Jul 29. 15 Replies

Recipes and Other Fun Ideas to Share!

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Comment by Maggs 3 hours ago

Weatonpup, I mailed my son his box once a month. I spent three weeks filling it. I put two of everything, one for him and one to share (if he liked). Some sailors dont get anything, so its nice for them to share. I would put a pack of card in every three months or so. Easter I would like the box with green plastic grass, and fill it with easter candies. In the summer I would send things like gummy bears/worms  hard candies and cookies, as they wouldnt spoil like chocolate.  Have fun filling the boxes with childhood favorites, toss in a nerf mini football (They lose them over the side), frizbees  (they end up in the seas too), and other toys. Just on the occasion. It gives them something to do if they have free time. :)

   I love the name, we had a choice of two Irish wolfhound pups, one brindle the other wheaton. HUbby loved the wheaton colour, but the better personality for the family was the brindle. We talk about getting another now ours passed the rainbow bridge, next one hubby said will be wheaton! :)

Comment by Wheatonpup 5 hours ago

tytulip,Kim & scully, Thank you for the info.  We still don't have the ship's address, but are hoping to hear soon. I will certainly get the flat rate box. How is the food on the ship? Do they get goodies? I am glad to know that we will have some communication.  My son has a laptop computer with him.  Can he use that, or only the ship's computer? many questions!

Comment by tnmom50 8 hours ago


Comment by tytulip40 15 hours ago

Weatonpup - my son has deployed a few times on the Reagan - the first week or so I don't hear anything, then i'll get bombarded with emails, then silence for a week - depends on their schedules.  I send goodie boxes - that, as others here have heard, I don't have the best of luck on - but at Post Office they have flat rate box - I choose the large, it's $16.90 out the door - and the form is pretty explanatory. Emails - like others have said - our sailors are taught not to say anything, so in other words, don't ask just keep it simple and sweet.  I'm working on that one, momma bear always wants to know everything - I'm getting better. I've spotted my sailor in a few of the FB ship pics - they are good about posting stuff - eases our conscience. And another note, this page is a good place to come and vent, laugh, realize you are not alone.  Welcome. 

Comment by Kim 19 hours ago

Weatonpup, mail comes to the ships with supplies.  They replenish at sea frequently.  My son communicated better when he was deployed.  He had a computer where he worked.  You can ship a birthday cake from any company that delivers to an FPO Box.

If this is your sons first deployment, he will be cranking.  He will be working in the kitchen or laundry on top of other duties.  He will have very little free time.  You won't hear from him too much if he has to line up to use a computer.

Send him emails to his ship mail address.  Every day if you want.  Keep them short, send a picture, tell him you are proud of him.  He will enjoy reading them when he has time.

Emails are monitored when they are deployed.  Don't put anything in the email that you do not want the captain to read.  He cannot discuss future positions of the ship, so do not ask.

The navy frequently publish pictures of the ship when they are underway.  Google the ship.  It is cool when you see your son in a picture.  You can forward to your local paper and they sometimes print the picture.

Comment by scully_the_skeptic 19 hours ago

wheatonpup - you can send mail even when they're deployed.  they still get mail when deployed, just takes a little longer. and use USPS flat rate boxes - you stuff 'em to the gills.  our post office ladies know the ropes for sending to the military - told us which boxes to use, and the right customs form to use on the box. :) 

I usually end up sending 3 emails to my sailor's every one email or call. and when he's deployed he does tend to have longer days so less time to communicate, too.  I'm on his schedule. 

thanks for the info Blondie - good to know these things.  my sailor is 25 so he's less forthcoming with info and has been on his own for a bit.  I do follow his ship on FB - that's been good - I've managed to see him in a few published pics - so that's been really awesome.

Comment by Wheatonpup yesterday

Blondie, Thank you for your encouraging words. Good to hear from someone who knows the ropes.  Hopefully we will hear from him in a few weeks.  His birthday is coming up in September.  I hope I can at least get an e-mail to him. We can't mail any packages or letters, can we?

Comment by Momof2 yesterday
@anti m will his phone not work there or is it just because of the cost? Who does he go to to ask for a sponsor?
Comment by Blondie on Saturday

Wheatonpup, try not to over worry, they take will good care of them.  my daughter was over there for the disasters in 2011 in fact we had just gotten back to the states @ a month before from our visit.  within 48 hours all family members were notified the Navy had accounted for all their sailors and their families.  after the official notification we got an e-mail from her saying I'm fine will call when I get the chance, Love you.  She was a big part of the clean-up so she was kept very busy.....the point is the Navy takes our Sailors and their families safety seriously.  :)   Boys don't seem to communicate like girls...they are kept Very Busy the first few weeks, then the homesickness ....join the FB page of his ship/base they keep you informed.  You can Always come here and vent or cry or Brag!  we love to share here.

Maggs, so glad to hear hubby is doing better, weight gain?  must be your great cooking and loving care!  pat on the back.  Sorry to hear about son's troubles, accidents are always messy.  a few years back we were in a head on....not our fault...we still lost a car, never received enuff money to cover the loan we had on it, didn't have a car.....luckily we had a empty credit card, we bought a used van with our CC!  not the best solution I'm sure but needed to get to work and doctor's apts......YEAH for girls!   Had to laugh (once again at you)  married to a Grandfather in deed!   Remember he's married to a Grandmother...and we KNOW Granma's are SEXY!

I have good news but can't release it yet :(


Comment by Wheatonpup on Saturday

Thank you Blondie & Scully,  My son is not big on texting & e-mailing us.  I will e-mail him, though and hope for the best. I do worry about that typhoon, althought I guess it is better if they are out to sea rather than in port.


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