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Here is a list of things our deployed Sailors like to have in care packages (compliments of Molly's Adopt-A-Sailor group). PLEASE remember that these are suggestions only....if you have other ideas...add them in and share with us. The goal is simply to make sure that every Sailor that receives a package knows that he/she is loved and honored.

Remember that we want to make and/or write cards for each box we fill. The more cards the better...the well wishes are priceless to our Sailors. Plan to include a pre-addressed postcard to make it easier for them to send a thank you note if they have time. Including your email address also will help them out.

Capri Sun
Sweetened Kool-Aid Packets
Country Time Lemonade
Kool Aid
Lipton Tea Mixes
Flavored coffee and Cappuccino
Flavored drinks to put in water
Hot Chocolate
Hot Cider
Flavored Creamers
Juice boxes have not traveled well

Beef Jerky
Beef Sausage (very popular)
Candy of all kinds - really like Ind. bags of Skittles and hard candies
Canned meats
Canned cheese
Canned chips
Canned Fruit
Canned salsa, dips
Canned tuna, chicken
Chocolate anything (they don’t care if it melts)
Cookies – all kinds
Dried fruits
Granola bars
Hickory Farms stuff (no refrigeration)
Peanut Butter
Pop Tarts
Protein Snacks
Power Bars
Cereal Bars
Trail Mix
Microwavable Soups
Microwavable Single Meals
Hamburger Helpers Singles
Easy Mac
Single Serve Brownies Bowls
Chocolate and Lemon Microwave Cakes
Instant Oatmeal
Otter Pops
Sunflower Seeds
Slim Jims - any kind
Jalapeno Cheetos
Baking Soda
Peanuts in the shell - roasted


Coffee Mugs with lids
Books (new or used)
Board Games
Travel size games
Card Games
Comic Books
Electronic Games
Holiday Decorations
Magazines (Newsweek, People, Maxum, Cosmo, Sports Illustrated, Car related, Fitness related, ESPN,hunting and anything else sports related)
Tabloids Newspapers (fun to read)
Playing Cards
Poker Chips
Word Puzzles
Nerf Balls
Soccer Balls
Trivial Pursuit Cards (no board)
Disposable Cameras
Scented Candles
Silly Putty
Squirt guns
Wooden and styrofaom airplanes



Smelly stuff - ozone
Aspirin and other pain relievers
Alka Seltzer
Band-Aids - fun ones, butterfly and regular
Cough Drops
Dental floss
Disposable Razors
Foot Powder
Hand Sanitizer
Hair brush/Comb
Kleenix - Individual pkgs and boxes
Bar Soap
Dry Shampoo
Cold and Flu Liquid packs
Sore Throat lozenges
Vitamin C drops
Toilet Paper
Toothpaste - the real stuff
Baby wipes
Wet ones
Air Fresheners
Hand and Foot Warmers
Heat Packs
Shaving Cream
Flip Flops (Shower Shoes)
Fabric Softeners

Can Opener
Boot Socks (gray, green, black only with thick soles) Wal-Mart has them
Tan Shoelaces - Leather 72"
Bug Spray - OFF requested alot
Plastic Utensils
Reusable Microwave Containers
Straws in paper wrappers
Napkins (even those from fast food restaurants)
Tan T-Shirts – various sizes (Mostly Med & Large)
Fleece Blankets
Panty Hose for cleaning weapons
Deep Woods Off wipes (this is the replacement suggestion for the collars)
Phone Cards - AT&T has a Military Global card
Super Glue
3M Hooks with removable tape
Mechanic Gloves (Mechanix Brand or similar from Walmart or Home Depot)

Dog Treats
Rawhide Chews
Dog or Cat Flea Collars

Your local Newspapers/Comics
Photos of your town or state
Postcards of your State and or city
Jokes you know
Blank Cards for upcoming holidays.
Notes of Encouragement - The most important thing we can do

If you are mailing lots of media only stuff check out sending it Media Rate - takes a little longer, but it could be much less expensive.

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Replies to This Discussion

Spices too
Got it and I added it to the Colorado list too....thank you Miss Molly :)
Thank you for the list Chris!
great list Chris! thanks for doing this.
I'm a shopping fool..just give me a list and stand back..can't wait to start
Sunflower seeds, Sports Illustrated, ESPN (magazine).
Added them Melissa and thank you!!!! As far as the list goes ladies - it was a group effort, so many input ideas and as you can see it just keeps growing and growing and growing......
And I saw this on another website. Straws in the paper wrappers and napkins. So if you get too many at the restraurant, don't throw them out, send them.
Ben actually got some of those items in a box that a middle school sent him.
Ok SuePL - I added them in. I am amazed at all the wonderful ideas out here - guess I shouldn't be though - the site is Navy Moms and they are definitely the brightest around.
Ladies, Just a little something, I have a friend whos son in a Marine and he said they really like dog and cat flea collers so they could put them around their boots to help ward off critters. My mom works in a resturant and sd she would get us some straws in wrappers and possibly some utinsils that have a fork, knife, spoon and napkin. Still on the lookout for other things. I was going out the door on my lunch break at work to mail my son a care package, when my dearest darling son called to ask if I had sent his package yet cuz he forgot to tell me something else he needed. Talk about timing, I'm standing there by the door with a huge package in my hands when my cell phone goes off. Talk about great minds thinking alike.
Ok Marlo I'm adding the collars - with an explanation.... teehee teehee, wouldn't want anyone to think we've totally tipped - well, maybe a little bit.
I should point out that the pesticides used in flea collars are species-specific. The agents used in most dog collars are toxic to cats, and highly irritating to humans. (I have to mention this because during both American wars in Iraq, American soldiers have asked relatives to send them flea collars to protect them from sand fleas - an improvised tactic condemned by the Army's Health Services Command as unsafe and ineffective).

please see this link click
and this link click

you could send the deep woods off wipes. That is what I am asked for


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