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Mom's of Daughters 2


Mom's of Daughters 2

A place to come to for support, guidance, to ask questions and share stories. We are all proud of our Navy Daughters.

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First Weekend without my Sailor!

Started by Ampingitup. Last reply by Alisa Jul 6. 15 Replies

I am doing pretty dang good.. I have been focusing on my and trying not to worry about my daughter. I writer her a note every day even though I don't have her address yet. I am trying to de-clutter a bit also... she did some of that with her stuff…Continue

Women In The Navy - videos

Started by CryptoDad. Last reply by NukeMomCarol May 30. 4 Replies

The link I posted yesterday sort of drops you into the middle of a Youtube playlist of women in the Navy. If you want to start at the beginning then,…Continue

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Comment by Oleander yesterday

Hi Anna -- Lala Ribbon Queen is one in the same as Unique Memory Makers/Lora. She's a Navy mom too. 

Comment by kjsdaughter on Sunday
I was feeling really down earlier today seeing that everyone was receiving calls. Well I am a happier mom my daughter just called and I was able to speak to her for 40 minutes. Said she had watch today so that's why she couldn't call when everyone else made there calls. She is finally back on full duty let's keep our fingers cross that she graduates in time.
Comment by Anna on Sunday

Happy Saturday everyone!!  Hubby and I have left Yellowstone.  Staying in Helena, MT for 2 days and then supposed to go to Glacier National Park. Of course there are forest fires up there and most all of the northern areas of the park are closed.  We'll have to see how things go in the next several days.

Loren's Mom,

Glad to see you stop by.  I know right now the bootcamp groups are very helpful for you.  Just hope you stick with us after the boot days are over!!


I understand how your daughter feels, my daughter went through the same things.  If you know how to contact one or two of her friends maybe you can call them and make sure they have the address and remind them nicely that your girl lives for mail call.  Maybe they can spread the word.  So happy that she is doing well with her inspections tho!!!


Congrats to your daughter almost finishing up with A school.  Can you say where in VA your daughter is going?  My son was at Oceana the first 4 years, then went to Dam Neck, and now is at Norfolk.  I love going there to visit him and his family!!!  Lots to do - especially the beach!!!!  And she comes home next month!!!  How exciting for all of you!!!!


These next 4 weeks will go fast as you start to make plans!!!  Did your daughter sound happier when you got the call???  Hope all is well with her!!


Wow, one week down!!!  Hopefully it will start to speed up for you guys!!  I love your comment about being able to do this with a tear in our eye and catch in our throat.  Wish I had thought of that!!!!  I like the idea of the hotel door banner.  I understand that is a relatively new idea that families are doing!!  I think it's great.  I remember for quite some time there was a lady on here - Lala Ribbon Queen (I think that's her name on here) and she made PIR ribbons with a separate color combination for each division.  Don't know if she does but might be another resource to check. Although Oleander's lady sounds cool.  And spyder mentioned buildasign and I highly recommend them for signs or banners especially like homecoming.  I ordered a sign for Christopher when he came back from Afghanistan and his wife put it out again last week when he came home from his most recent deployment.  They are good quality and will last!!  And yes, you only pay for postage!!!


Glad you are having such a great time with your daughter and grandson!!  Love seeing your pictures!!!!  I know it will be hard on you and her when you have to go back home.  Sorry SIL still isn't getting the grasp of husband and father material!!!  Maybe he can grow up or daughter will realize she can do it better on her own.  Although that wouldn't be my first choice for her because that will be so hard on her.  How long is her maternity leave and is he going to take care of his son when she has to go back to her job?!?!?!?!

Well, hope I've caught up with everyone once again.  I try to get on everyday but sometimes that just doesn't work!!!  Had so much fun in Yellowstone tho!!!!  So much to do!!!!

Comment by spyder013 on Saturday
Catsmom. Yes, hopefully he grows a pair or she makes decision to move on without him. My daughter is much happier now she got rid of her loser! Glad antibiotics are working...soon she will be good. Also glad lil guy has thick! Safe travels when you head home...enjoy rest of your time with them!!!
Comment by Catsmom on Saturday
Hi everyone, good to see all the conversations going on.

MamaBear, YAY! For the phone call. Always makes us mamas happy.

I am still in Vigrina Beach with my girl. We fly home on the 29th, going to miss my girl and my grandson so much. Crystal developed an infection in her incision site. They have been able to clear it with antibiotics. She goes back on Friday to see the Dr. They thought at first they might have to cut her open and clean it ou, but thank god the antibiotic is working. We have been going back and forth to the hospital for her, and Justin's check ups. He is doing very well he is now 8 pounds and about 22 inches long. Growing so fast.
They took him to have pictures taken, they came out so cute. Will share with you when I get some. I love being with Crysatl and Justin, her loser husband not so much. I am worried for them when we leave. He stays up all night, and sleeps all day. He got extreamly angry when he had to get up to go get the pictures taken. He gave Justin his first bath, cuz obviously he knows more than Crystal, thought he was going to rip the skin off the poor baby, scrubbing so hard... I told Crystal You must be genial with a baby, you give him his bath! I could go on about him.. But you all know what he is, Just don't understand, how she took him back and allows all his crap! Please pray for her and Justin, God knows what will happen when she goes back to work... He sure as hell won't wake up to take care of Justin.. Wish he would grow a pair, get a job, and act like a real man!
Well enough venting, hope you are all doing well. I really need to catch up on everything. Just so busy
Comment by Oleander on Saturday

Everyone in our family wore them! 2 men, 2 women. And we saw many other men/fathers/husbands/brothers wearing ribbons too. So yes! wear them proudly!

Comment by Mama3Girls713 on Saturday
sorry if this has been asked already, just jumping in for the day!

Do the Dads wear the ribbons as well?
Comment by Oleander on Saturday

The PIR ribbons from Unique Memory Makers aren't just small lapel ribbons. From the top to the tip ours were about 6". They're beautifully made with quality materials. There may be photos on Lora's website showing them being worn, not sure. I remember seeing them in graduation photos maybe even on the RCT FB page. 

Comment by Vickyrun on Saturday

Hi all, Happy Saturday,

Hellraiser, Many people these days have forget how to send real letters in the snail mail. I asked older adults at my church who still knew the art of letter writing. Chrissy got a lot of cards and letters, She actually told me she missed getting them after BC.

Blondie, I agree not the same as going to college. This site was a lifesaver for me during BC, A school and deployments.

roliesom, Congrats on PIR.

Mamabear, don't send priority mail. Anything that stands out they will get teased for and maybe punished.

Your daughter is no longer yours, she belongs to the Navy now. The reason for limited communication is a psychology one. They break them down in order to build them up and make them sailors. The Navy is not just  a job, it is a lifestyle, They must learn to work as a team and obey orders. It is for their own safety and the safety of everyone involved.  I know it is hard for us Moms, but we can't do anything to help. Our children have to do this on their own. You  have to let her go  trust that you raised her right and  she has the skills to do this. When you get to PIR and see the doors roll up and she marches in, you will be proud.

Comment by MamaBear on Saturday

I am one happy MamaBear...just received a call from my SR, Ship 12, Div 280.  Was only 10 minutes, but I wasn't weepy, so it was a fantastic phone call...26 days and a wake up!!


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