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A place to come to for support, guidance, to ask questions and share stories. We are all proud of our Navy Daughters.

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First time posting

Started by MegsMom2016. Last reply by anxiousmom Jan 28. 7 Replies

Hi everyone.  I am so glad that the recruiter provided me with this resource.  I am feeling many mixed emotions and my daughter just signed up to take her test in February.  The plan is for her to ship out in the fall.  I have tons of questions from…Continue

MEPS tomorrow

Started by AngelaTN. Last reply by azmom Nov 30, 2015. 1 Reply

She (Sav) is leaving today to travel to MEPS. Please pray for safe travels and all. Thank you to everyone who has been so kind and helpful so far. This is a long road and I'm blind as what to expect. Would love to chat with other moms also.

Away for another bday

Started by Noni. Last reply by Anna Oct 25, 2015. 7 Replies

Well this will be two years straight that I haven't gotten to spend with my daughter on her bday. Tomorrow she will be 25... 4 days ago she had emergency surgery and I wasn't there for that. I hate being so far away.

Women In The Navy - videos

Started by CryptoDad. Last reply by NukeMomCarol May 30, 2015. 4 Replies

The link I posted yesterday sort of drops you into the middle of a Youtube playlist of women in the Navy. If you want to start at the beginning then,…Continue

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Comment by Oleander on Friday

Morning everyone - Happy Friday!

Oh no JayDee - that's terrible news! I really hope it isn't as bad as you think :(

I echo everything being said here Marilyn. Plain envelopes, nothing but a small number in one corner to designate the sequence of letters. I made the mistake of bundling all the letters I'd written from day 1 of bc and sent them in what was regarded "a package" as soon as I got her address. My sailor was singled out by Chief. Thankfully there were no repercussions - she was lucky!

I hope you get some answers and solutions Anna! Lots of prayers and cyber hugs for you, Blondie and Jaycee!


Comment by JayDee659 on Friday

Anna, looks like you've got a lot going on.  When will you get the results of the heart and sleep tests?  I sure hope all turns out well!  My husband did the sleep test about 10 years ago and has been using a cpap machine ever since.  It's made a huge difference in his energy level (not to mention his snoring level).  I'm glad he did the test!

My knee made a little pop the other night when I was squatting down to get a patient.  Been icing and taking anti-inflammatory meds hoping it will settle down.  Am afraid that I may not be able to nurse it through this one.


Comment by Jean on Friday
Good Morning to Everyone
Comment by JayDee659 on Friday

Marilyn, it's up to you who you give her address to, but I was very conservative with this.  I only gave her address to a few people who are close and then made sure that they understood they could not send anything but a written letter in a plain white envelope and that they should only be positive in the letter.  I felt that there was enough stress at boot camp without someone sending her a letter full of negative or stressful information.  

Comment by 8isenuff (ET & MM) on Friday

Marilyn, it really is a good group of wonderful ladies here.  Lots and lots of support and understanding.  Be sure to keep us posted!  I think most of the sailors love mail call.  I shared my sailors' addresses with people, because I figure more mail is better.  :-)

It is best to send letters and cards in a plain, white envelope.  Anything with colors singles your sailor out, and she will have to open it in front of her RDCs.  It is much better to fly under the radar, at least in my sailors' experience.  And share that info with friends and family, too.  I remember that, unknown to me, a group of our well-meaning church ladies sent a box of goodies to both of my sailors (they were at RTC at the same time).  It was full of stuff like chapstick and cookies and fudge, and all of the things they are not supposed to have.  I was in a panic when I found out!  I even tried to retrieve it from the post office, but it was too late.  They had to open the boxes in front of the RDCs.  They could have been in a ton of trouble, but they were just severely scolded and received none of the things that were sent to them.  It really could have been much worse.  As in, the whole division could have been punished.  Talk about a lot of praying over that one! 

Comment by Marilyn on Friday
Good evening everyone, I'm so glad to see a mom for daughter group. I received the PIR letter today I thought it was a letter from my daughter. I see her hand writing so I have faith she is doing well. I sent card and letters off today. I'm hoping to get a call or letter soon.
My question:is it best to give her address out to friend and family. Or collect the letters and sent them in a brown envelope?

AMOm my daughter is also going to Meridian,MS her PIR Mar 18 She is with Div125. Add me and we can keep in touch.

Anna and hellraiser78382 I will pray for you. That your health issues doesn't get worse or cause you pain.
Comment by 8isenuff (ET & MM) on Friday

Thank you, Oleander and Blondie.  I am so glad to have that part over.  Now, if we could get some orders...

Anna, Oh my goodness!  I hope this turns out to be a false alarm, and no damage is found.  My oldest daughter did a sleep study.  She thought she did not sleep well, either, but it turns out she slept enough that she got some results.  I don't think you can flunk a sleep study.  ;-)  Again, I hope it is nothing.

AMom, this is a really good group of gals.  Laugh, cry, share what you want, there is someone here who can identify with you.  I wish I had known about it while my sailors were in DEP.  It might have made my BC journey a lot easier.  I cried a lot at first (my son and daughter joined together and went to RTC together).  It got better as we went along, and before I knew it, it was time to plan for PIR.  I did write to both of them pretty much every day.  Number your letters, so she knows which order to open them in.  :-)  Hang in there!

Hellraiser, you and Blondie have really been through the ringer lately.  I hope you both get your strength and energy back soon!

Comment by hellraiser78382 on Friday
Welcome Amom this group is great. We have a bunch of lovely helpful ladies. My daughter went to bootcamp in june. She graduate A airmen school Tuesday and off to virgina to the USS Esinehower.

I've been having a few health issues slowly working on. My anxiety got bad and it was plying tricks on my heart, so now I have to wear a heart monitor for a month. My back had been acting up so went and got the checked. I have disk degenerative disease and my l2, l3, l4, L5, S1 are all bulging and my pelvic has shifted. Not a candidate for surgery something I will have to live with. Was told to get an exercise ball and work my legs to strength the muscles in my back. I will have injection every few months to help with the pain. Today I just had my right bottom wisdom and my left bottom wisdom and tooth next to it cut out along with scraping the left side bone and getting the infection I had out. So I'm down in bed. Other then that south Texas weather is confused. One minute it's nice the next freezing cold! Hubby is home for a few days so glad he's here to help.

Anna sage travels hope everything goes well for your daughter.

Blondie I hope everything turns out well for u also. Prayers to u ladies!
Comment by Anna on Friday

Good Evening Everyone!!

Wonderful news from AMOm and me2anavymom!!!  I hope both your daughters do well in boot!!  Keep us posted!!


I've been watching national weather much closer lately.  I know it's supposed to be freezing cold across the middle of the country.  As long as cold is all I have to deal with, I'm ok.

So part of all the tests I've been getting at the local VA clinic here was an echo of my heart.  Seems as tho it looks like some damage done but nothing  specific yet.  As part of that follow up they wanted me to do a sleep study to see if I have sleep apnea.  So last night I had to go to the hospital in Gainesville, FL about 2 hours away, get all wired up and spend a night in a nearby hotel.  But I had an absolutely lousy night sleep!!!  Tossed and turned, couldn't get comfy, knee hurt all night, blah, blah, blah.  So I wonder - - - what if they tell me I flunked the sleep study!?!?!?!

Comment by Oleander on Thursday

Wonderful news me2anavymom! 

My calls came from 847 too


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