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Mom's of Daughters 2

A place to come to for support, guidance, to ask questions and share stories. We are all proud of our Navy Daughters.

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Thank you Anna!

Started by gone2beach. Last reply by Anna on Tuesday. 5 Replies

It's nice to know I am not alone and that there are others in tears as well. This daughter was my grand daughter who we adopted. She has a very special place in my heart...and so hard to let go of.Does anyone know if greeting cards are ok as long as…Continue

Dropped her off yesterday

Started by Ampingitup on Monday. 0 Replies

I dropped her off yesterday and did get to talk to her a little bit after she got the hotel. Today knowing it is the big day I feel like I could be sick. I did have her leave me a voice mail so I can listen to it when I get to missing her, and I…Continue

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Comment by Blondie yesterday


first Catsmom, they don't know what they're missing, Why should you put in the order if it's not your job?  Don't get stuck doing someone else's job and them getting the pay...I've been there and stuck here.

that being said, trying to calm down here.  What is she thinking?  really?  THIS WAS MY WORSE NIGHTMARE.  wasn't she talking to someone?  where's her lawyer or counselor?????  her CO?  I've lost here so will just Pray.  HUGS

Thanks for all your well wishes, migraine is gone just a lot of neck pain and stiffness, brain fog....

speaking of fog it's terrible!  another 2 hour delay, muggy and drippy, can't hang clothes out they never dry :(

spoke to both girls last night, Oldest is housing us Friday night and taking us to airport at 4am, so talking what we're bringing to eat/drink.....sailor about what we're packing, what the hotel's like, what we want to do when we get there.....

this morning oldest sent me this article, yes, I cried

Comment by spyder013 on Tuesday
Wish it was in az...dang nab it!
Comment by Catsmom on Tuesday
Thanks spyder, wasn't meant to be, and thanks for the extra prayers! Good to have all of you in my life! Yeah maybe Anna's friend knows some people to talk to the POS...LOL, I think Anna has no spare time now. :-)
Comment by spyder013 on Tuesday
Sucks you didn't get the job...must be something better in the wind for you! Sucks even more she let him back in...if only we could give our wisdom. Extra Prayers sent...maybe in Anna's spare time she can reach out??? Not that there is spare time unfortunately.
Comment by Catsmom on Tuesday
Just got the call, I did not get the job, they gave it to a manager from another school. She has been begging for 8 hrs, she only had 7. :-(
Comment by Catsmom on Tuesday
Blondie, love the name for your puppy! Hope you feel better soon, and have a good trip! I know you are counting down the days! How exciting for all of you. Give you girl a hug for me, and tell her congratulations! Can't wait to see pictures!
Hope they don't go changing things at work again for you, but if they do, pray it makes things easier for you.

Anna, happy you had fun, sorry you missed packing something. That would be me...LOL soon you will be ready for your next adventure!

Haven't heard if I got the job yet, did get a call telling me that I need to go in early and place a whearhouse order on Tuesday ???? What does that mean?..
So I need some more prayers from all of you for my girl...I am afraid that the POS is working his way back in...she let him back into the house " temporarily "..... BIG MISTAKE! She thinks she can help him change..stop him from killing himself...OMG! I am so sick about it...I feel so scared and helpless..please Pray she sees the light for good, I know he will hurt her more if given the chance....wish I knew some good ole boys there, to have a Talk...with that scumbag..
Comment by Jean on Tuesday

Good Morning to everyone.

Blondie, I like the dogs name. It fits. Have a safe trip.

Anna, glad you are home.

Catsmom, good luck on the job. Hope you get it. 

Comment by spyder013 on Tuesday
Anna, glad you made it home safely.
Blondie, hoping your migraine leaves quickly studio you can get on with your life;). Love Jack's name! Only a few more days....hoping they go fast! !!
Comment by Blondie on Tuesday

Anna, over already?!  How come Vacation time flies by but time in between crawls?  Ice cream sounds great for lunch lol  or breakfast....

Catsmom,  tell her to stay away from him!  he'll say anything to get her attention... GRRR

puppy is now Jack.  I call him black jack, sailor calls him captain jack....

another migraine, praying travel goes well with me.  3 more sleeps and we start our trip, 4 more and I get to hug my baby girl!!!!  okay and Joey :)  need to pack yet.  the older I get the longer it takes.  LOL  I think I take more health care then clothes!

hope you all have a wonderful week, I'll try to check in before I leave.  even with part time help, I can't get caught up.  and now they're talking another BIG change in Sept. so we can do meaningful use Oct.-Dec.  I'm so tired of this *(%^&%^$^

Comment by Anna on Monday

Hello Jean and everyone!!!  Happy Monday!!  If there is such a thing!! 

Made it back home safe and sound last night!!!  Always hard to say goodby to the kids but vacation had to end!!  Now I have to finish cleaning the apartment and clearing some stuff out by Wednesday.  That's our final walk through and turn in of keys and such.  Already I found something that I was supposed to pack and missed!!!!  Damn!!!

Hope everyone has a great week ahead!!


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