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Mom's of Daughters 2

A place to come to for support, guidance, to ask questions and share stories. We are all proud of our Navy Daughters.

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First Weekend without my Sailor!

Started by Ampingitup. Last reply by Anna Mar 29. 11 Replies

I am doing pretty dang good.. I have been focusing on my and trying not to worry about my daughter. I writer her a note every day even though I don't have her address yet. I am trying to de-clutter a bit also... she did some of that with her stuff…Continue

Women In The Navy - videos

Started by CryptoDad. Last reply by Anna Jan 25. 3 Replies

The link I posted yesterday sort of drops you into the middle of a Youtube playlist of women in the Navy. If you want to start at the beginning then,…Continue

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Comment by Anna on Wednesday


So happy your kitty is coming around.  My white and black kitty is my lap cat, and she snuggles up with me every night when we go to bed!!


Safe travels.  Can't wait to hear about the wedding.


From the sounds of what the ex and his family are doing to those beautiful girls, I think karma needs to come in the form of a steamroller!!!  As long as the girls are somewhere else at the time!!!!!!!


So exciting!!!  It will be here before you know it!!!!  I used to live in Waukegan and I was always so excited to see the families and the brand new recruits in the mall or restaurants around town each weekend!!!  Always brought back the memories of when we went there for Catherine's graduation!!!  I remember the exact spot where we dropped her off on Sunday before heading back to Ohio where we lived then!!!  


July 14th will be here before you know it.  I used to love to just spend time with my girl and talk about her plans, her dreams, and just preparing her for what was to come.  I see your girl is choosing AC.  I have such a soft spot for ACs.  When I was serving I was an OS and worked side by side with the ACs - I did the ships, they did the aircraft!!!  And now my second daughter is training to be a flight officer so she'll be talking to ACs!!!!  Stay with us and we'll help you through these next several months - - and beyond!!

Comment by Vickyrun on Tuesday

BaileysMom, Yes, I know your daughter is a single Mom, as have mentioned before, and will say as many times as I can; The Navy recruiter lied to Chrissy and she was unable to get custody back after BC. Chrissy decided not to fight her ex and she will try to get custody back after she gets out of the Navy. Chrissy has more separation anxiety then her son. Aidan is now 8 years old, well-adjusted, happy kid. Her ex and I get along well, so I am allowed to see Aidan whenever I ask for him. It does upset Chrissy that he calls his step-mother "Mom" and her "Mother", but I can't blame the kid since she has been him step-mother since he was 2 years old. Chrissy gets visitation when she is in the States and when she is on deployment, she makes him DVDs, calls him, and sends him gifts. Aidan is into superheros , so I told that his mother is a real hero, she is in the Navy fighting the bad guys. He liked that.

Comment by Julyasmom on Tuesday
Mall'smom....on this adventure right along with you. My daughter graduates from high school next week and leaves for boot camp July 22. I think time may be going just a bit faster for us moms than our girls! :-)
Comment by BaileysMom on Tuesday
vickyRun. Your daughter and my daughter has gone thro the same thing. Shes almost 22. 2 girls 2 & 4. This was the hardest thing for her to do as well. She needed to make a move for herself, the girls and their future. She also chose the Navy and had to give up the e trit to POS dad. Im not to fond of him because he and his family have told the girls that their mother left because she doesnt love them. The gilrs tell ask me why, when they tell them this. I Reassure them that is not the case she lives me very much. We have made video and posted pictures everywhere for the girls to find. With your daughter being gone on deployments how has this effected her relationship with yher son? I hope and pray that my grand girls dont lose sight of their mother because their POS father has married the girl he cheated on her with and tells the girls Bailey doesnt love them. I know its not nice but I pray Karma comes in a form of a Mac Truck. Lol
I wish your daughter all the best with all the love & support.
Comment by roliesmom on Tuesday
Hello all! I just printed out gate pass. One day closer to seeing her graduate, soo very excited!!
Can someone please tell me why SR have to buy their uniforms? My daughter told me on the 9th she was broke, (even though she went in with alot of money in her bank account) because she just spent $750.00 on her khaki uniform.

Time does go fast. Whenever my kids go to camp I record them, telling jokes, acting silly, saying things they would say everyday, especially "I love you". The good mornings come at 4 my time and 6 her time and so on with the good night's. It comforts me to watch the many clips whenever I miss her but it will get easier as time goes on. I felt like I could breathe after I got that first letter. I wish you and her all the best and I hope this helps.
Comment by Vickyrun on Tuesday

Good morning all, Mall'smom, July 14th is a long way off. I only had three weeks from the time she told me her ship out date and the time she left! Before that I was just in denial thinking she wouldn't really go thru with it. lol Well, my case is a little different. Chrissy was 24 years old and going thru a divorce, looking for a job and the Navy promised her a career. She was living in Sacramento(an hour away form me)  and her car broke down, so I had to help her, and drove her around that last week. The hardest part was packing up the baby's things and giving him to her ex, the night before. Chrissy is 30 years old now and on her 2nd deployment, The Navy has been good for her. it was the right choice for her. The military life is not for everyone but she has done very well. I am proud of her. The best advice you can give your daughter before she leaves is that "to obey orders without question"

Comment by mall'smom on Tuesday
Ok so this mama is getting a little nervous! Not only is my daughter the last in the nest, she is graduating June 12th and heading out for basic July 14th. So things are moving very fast at least for me lol. What are some ways you guys have handled this adventure with your daughters? Be blessed!
Comment by Catsmom on Tuesday
Jean, so happy your kitty forgave you, and is so loving. I miss having a cat. We have Willy, Crystal's Chi. He is my lap dog..LOL
Comment by Catsmom on Tuesday
Blondie, safe travels, know you will have fun! Give your girl and her soon to be hubby a hug for me, can't wait to see the wedding pictures!
Comment by Jean on Tuesday

Good Morning to Everyone

Blondie, be safe and well see ya when you get back. Praying for your safety.

Catsmom, we had 3 cats when my daughter went on deployment and they all died all while she was on deployment. She will never forgive me for it either. LOL. 

We haven't had animal in the house since I lost my dog in September and it is time. Dogs are to much work for me so a cat is better. 

The cat forgave me for taking it to the Vet yesterday. All it wants to do is climb on me and sit in my lap. YEA!!!!. 


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