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Mom's of Daughters 2


Mom's of Daughters 2

A place to come to for support, guidance, to ask questions and share stories. We are all proud of our Navy Daughters.

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Women In The Navy - videos

Started by CryptoDad. Last reply by Anna yesterday. 3 Replies

The link I posted yesterday sort of drops you into the middle of a Youtube playlist of women in the Navy. If you want to start at the beginning then,…Continue

First Weekend without my Sailor!

Started by Ampingitup. Last reply by twinmom729 Nov 9, 2014. 5 Replies

I am doing pretty dang good.. I have been focusing on my and trying not to worry about my daughter. I writer her a note every day even though I don't have her address yet. I am trying to de-clutter a bit also... she did some of that with her stuff…Continue

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Comment by Catsmom on Thursday
Blondie, continuing Prayers.

Anna, praying for Jenn. you all have the wedding soon! That is a very happy event! Safe travels to you when you get back on the road. Let me know when you get here and if you need anything!

Splash, that is horrible! Where in CA. Is she stationed? Yes bleach and fabreeze. Lysol too.

Jean enjoy sweet Aurora!

Booked my flight to go visit Crystal at Easter. I know it is a few months yet, but I am excited!
Have a good day everyone, almost Friday!
Comment by Catsmom on Thursday
Good morning everyone
Comment by Jean on Thursday

Good Morning to Everyone.

Anna, Sorry your daughter isn't doing so well. I wish it would work.

Blondie, Still praying for everyone.

Splash, that is horrible. My daughter was down there for 3.5 years and did not have that trouble but she also lived off base because they did not have room for her on base. 

Comment by Anna on Thursday

Sorry for the book!!!!!

Comment by Anna on Thursday


Where in CA is your daughter?  So sorry to hear about her living conditions.  Some of our Navy's buildings are very old and they can accumulate some very interesting odors!!! I think the issues Blondie's daughter had to deal with was while overseas in foreign countries.  But I think your suggestion of cleaning and fabreeze is a good one.  If nothing else knowing her environment is clean will make her feel better.  Hope it gets better for her soon!!!!


Yay for Crystal!!!!  I'm sure she is so excited to be in charge of boots!!!  (not!!)  But it could end up being a feather in her cap!!!  Hope she likes her class!!!  How is work going?


Sorry for all the health issues.


So happy you are getting some good time with your little granddaughter!!!! 

So Jenn got more "less than good news".  She finally got a decent doctor to go to.  Her quack doctor has been out of the country for the past month plus, so she has had no follow up on the radioactive treatment.  Her new doctor has all her records from the previous guy and he did a new blood test on her.  She is showing some improvement but it is very, very minimal.  May not be a result of the treatment at all.  But he can't give her another radioactive treatment until 6 months.  So since she has been on hold for so long now, her original orders have expired because she never got to report to the new squadron.  She has to have new orders written and she's concerned that the squadron won't want to wait any longer for her and for that matter the Navy itself may decide they don't want to wait any longer for her, especially since it could end up being a whole year yet.  It amazing this thyroid condition has screwed up her life for so long, and there doesn't seem to be a quick end in sight!!!

On the plus side, we are about 6 weeks away from the wedding.  Hubby and I have been stranded in Oklahoma with Jenn and David while waiting for parts for the trailer repair.  We got good news this afternoon that the parts are in transit so, God willing, we should get our trailer back next week.  We have been without our home since before Christmas!!!  I'm so looking forward to getting some different clothes!!!!  Hopefully we will be continuing our travels toward San Diego in a few more days!!!!!

Comment by Blondie on Wednesday

she sent me this also

Comment by Blondie on Wednesday

this just in from cousin, Peggy

Papa Bob update:
He had an MRI this afternoon. Won't have results until later today today. Possible hip replacement surgery tomorrow and if not tomorrow than Friday.
When I visited with him Yesterday he was more alert. His eyes were open and he was able to make eye contact. Responds aprpropriately to questions asked. He squeezed my hand, winked, shook his head yes or know. When we Glenna and I were talking and not responding to him he would move his feet and wiggle hi...s toes. I told him to close his eyes and rest and he shook his head no. I told him yes he needed to rest and again, he shook his head no. Those who know Bob know he doesn't like his naps. Just 10 minute power naps. He mouthed the words "Where is Mary"? To Glenna before I got there. I asked him if he needed something and shook his head yes then took his tongue and attempted to push the breathing tube out of his mouth. Again......ornery papa Bob. He's getting his sense of humor back. However, he is scared and the fear in his eyes is heartbreaking. When he holds your hand he has a death grip and doesn't want to let go.
We still have to remind him of what happened and where he's at. He shakes his head in disbelief. We always remind him he was the only one injured and he nods his head yes.
I was going to keep this short but I rambled on and on. I have appropriately nicknamed Brook due to my babbling like a brook. Sorry for that!
Continued prayers please. Will keep updated as I receive them

Comment by splash on Wednesday

Blondie...that is just horrible!  I told my girl to get a bottle of bleach and some paper towels and clean everything. And as you said Febreze everything as well. I would think with the Navy standard things would be cleaner. Humm...another thing I am wrong about...LOL

Comment by Blondie on Wednesday

sorry to say, my daughter has dealt with roaches, spyders, and sewage backing up in her shower, for months she closed her bathroom door and stuck towels under the door and used someone else's bathroom....she's lived in condemned buildings....(she's never been to CA)

maybe Fabreeze it 

Comment by splash on Wednesday

Good morning everyone. I need advice. My daughter is undes. She got to her permanent duty station in CA last night. She said the room she and 3 of the othere girls were put in is filthy. She said it is really bad and smells horrible. She is terribly upset.  I did tell her to get some bleach and paper towels and clean everything. Has anyone else had this happen?


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