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Mom's of Daughters 2

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Women In The Navy - videos

Started by CryptoDad. Last reply by Leach73 Nov 11. 1 Reply

The link I posted yesterday sort of drops you into the middle of a Youtube playlist of women in the Navy. If you want to start at the beginning then,…Continue

First Weekend without my Sailor!

Started by Ampingitup. Last reply by twinmom729 Nov 9. 5 Replies

I am doing pretty dang good.. I have been focusing on my and trying not to worry about my daughter. I writer her a note every day even though I don't have her address yet. I am trying to de-clutter a bit also... she did some of that with her stuff…Continue

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Comment by Blondie on Saturday

raining ice here and everything is frozen...dogs couldn't even stand up.  Thought about not coming to work but nice doctor is working and part-time help has a longer drive....hubby salted deck, sidewalk...helped me to car....drop s-l-o-w got here and parking lot is a sheet of ice, slide off the end almost hit neighbor's house!  called doctor told her to take her time, her first appointment not till 9.  she has 3 young girls, hubby out of state working...she has to carry them to car and drive them to sitter....I know I use to do it too with 4 kids but I feel for her, she's nice :)  I salted sidewalk and front half of parking hasn't rang yet.  all my work is done and I'm bored!  sitting her worrying about hubby out driving service truck that needs tires!

up note :)

Sailor flew into Joey's last night, I got the text !  Wish she was here but she NEEDS to be with him right now.  With her getting Chief and him not advancing....and her career looking like it's ending next year.....But can't wait till they make their way this way....!!!!!!!

More to worry about lol  they are driving and bringing the dogs...bad weather expected here and 4 male dogs!  then other daughter will arrive with her 2 females.....thinking maybe I shouldn't clean house until they leave.  it's a shore, takes so long....good news is my sling is off, as long as I don't over do....elbow hurts the worse, they say it's because I use it to type, write, use the mouse.....Dr. Mel( nice one) said Thur. I was twisted and a mess she couldn't believe I hadn't complained.  I told her Lori (part time help) complained enuff for the both of us!  She laughed and I went home early :)  I only have to get thru mon. tue and wed. next week I took thur. fri. and sat. off.  why not?

Comment by Blondie on Saturday

Wonder if they ever sailor has held 3 positions there....been under ground a few some regulations and guidelines....probably your daughter's worse nightmare.  LOL  sailor says, too many civilians, bull crap and politics to get anything done.  :)  last I knew she worked on de-classifying information for other the beginning heads rolled, she said no one followed the rules, there were no good guidelines...then she got fed up and just changed positions....I think that is why she's ready to leave now. 

we don't do drama, bull crap or stupid!

Comment by CryptoDad on November 21, 2014 at 3:39pm

My Sailor so wanted to work at the Pentagon. While on the staff at Camp David her duties included security YN and keeping everyone's Yankee White (presidential) security clearances up to date. That meant regular trips to the SECNAV office for final sign offs. She had high hopes of working there full time before the PTS fiasco.  Oh well.....

Comment by Blondie on November 21, 2014 at 3:22pm

Thanks spyder  :)

sometimes we just have to Bit____.

Comment by spyder013 on November 21, 2014 at 3:01pm
I do understand both our you...what a waste of talent on their part.
Comment by Blondie on November 21, 2014 at 2:52pm

sorry for all the spelling,  and grammer errors, it upsets me....mostly because she's up set.  but I've noticed as wedding plans go forward, she's not as upset, she just wants it finished.


Comment by Blondie on November 21, 2014 at 2:49pm

CryptoDad,  Such sad stories.  These young women go in and make such a hit and do so well.....then this!

my sailor's stories started April 2013...she put in to go reserves, her rate is undermanned so they put her back on active duty.  They did not tell her until the end of June, even tho she was in contact with them ever few weeks. so didn't get any transfers....she liked so she did an extention at the Pentagon....then she moved jobs .....Anything to keep from deploying....after each extention she puts in for reserves....well to find out her handler and higher ups were messing with her statis because they wanted her in....her specialty is the Middle East....anywho now they say the reserves are full and no place for her.....well last year Norfolk had a place waiting for her....they had to feel it when she was tagged as active.....if she re-enlists again she will have to go to sea.......she works for the joint chief of staff, she has a lot of important, higher ups that don't want to loss her, she has a lot of important info in her brain.....if she's reserve they can use her....she can activate at any time....but if she gets out they loss it.  She told them, I will not get forced to deploy, I'd rather get out and start my new life.....But they have to find a spot for her on the reserves.  Her contract/papers said they had till may 31st this year.....she's given them 6 more months!  so it's do or die here....she says she's tired of not knowing or not being able to make plans.  so the wedding plans continue and she has resigned herself on getting out.  She said I'll always be apart anyway because of Joey....

So HAPPY for your daughter that she has found Love.

Comment by CryptoDad on November 21, 2014 at 2:26pm


I know how you feel. My daughter has said that she will not be going for a 4th enlistment. She's just not happy with her current rating, CTR. At her last re-enlistment she had to cross-rate because YN, which she loved, was overmanned: The infamous Perform To Serve program.  It meant that at E-6 she was having to learn an entirely new skill set and pushing back any chance of making Chief by years. With another 9 years to make her 20, doing something she doesn't enjoy (even though her evals are great and she was nominated for Sailor of the Year) just isn't worth it.YN remains overmanned and CTR undermanned, so the possibility of switching back isn't going to happen. The whole PTS program was a major screw-up, a fact the Navy now admits. She is very discouraged by the whole thing and has lost all her enthusiasm for the Navy.

Add to that, she too has fallen in love (non-service member) and wants to settle down into a 'normal' life. Can't blame her for looking  for happiness elsewhere.

The Navy has been a wonderful experience for her and she has no regrets. She will be getting out with a great resume and a bachelors diploma. None the less, its sad that the Navy doesn't know how to retain great Sailors.


Comment by spyder013 on November 21, 2014 at 11:39am
Happy Friday! All its good, i am with my daughter until after thanksgiving;). Living the weather...cold and drizzly! Quite the switch from!
Hope everyone had a great weekend...Have fun with Santa pics.
Comment by Blondie on November 21, 2014 at 9:24am

Jean, Sorry to hear you'll be job hunting again soon. Praying for you. At least you are moving, I'm still in the same job, for the last 24 years! has it's good and bad.

Enjoy today!!!

suppose to warm up Sunday now and rain, then there will be flooding....wish it'd just stay cold now! I love all the seasons and can't imagine life without them. have had some Fantastic sunrises!!!

Sailor called last night....90 % sure she's getting out, completely. Oddly she's okay with this. She just wants an answer so she can plan the rest of her life. She hates to give up her Navy Career but refuses to go back to sea for 3 years because of someone else's mistake. She stated if Joey gets deployed and we're separated I can deal with that, If I had to deploy, I could deal with that. But to be assigned to a ship for the next 3 years...because of some &(*%^$#*&)(* Unacceptable! She found the Love of her life and is ready to settle down, get a house, go back to school, get a part time job and think about having kids. I think she's telling me the truth, she sounds calm, settled.... I'll know when I see her. Her Master Chief told her he has no hope but General and Admiral said they'd work on it.....not sure she wants it bad enuff to continue the fight and not sure it they win how she will feel ????I believe she has lost faith and trust in .....She did make Chief so she will be going out on a good note :)

Catsmom,  thanks, I keep telling him he's too Old!  but it's his job :(  and he's too young to retire......or look for another job   same ole story, we're all getting older....thanks for caring.


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