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Our letter came in yesterday! Glad to hear from our SR, but was a little disappointed to learn he wasn't on the Dec 16th PIR schedule. We received "the box" last week, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would of been. I think following the day by day boot camp activities has helped me deal with him leaving. I read it everyday 3-4 times, I guess you can say its therapeutic.

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Div 023 passes! Woot woot!
My sailor is friends with some of your boys, but since I cannot list last names, o had to get hints. So I am looking for the mom of a young man with two first names, if this is you, inbox me :)

Also he is friends with two young men that have Spanish last names (or could be Italian)

We have a sailor!!!!!!!!!!!!  So proud of him and the rest of DIV 023!!!!! 

@mulegal  We will pray for your son!! He will do fine. Let us know when you get the call!! We'll be waiting....

I agree! He will do well :)

mulegal- my son said that they were not worried about the one guy that had to BS with another DIV- He said he has " mad crazy skills" haha  said it "sucked" he wasn't with them, but they knew he would do himself and both divisions proud!  Rest easy mama he will be calling soon.

Does everyone have their red scarf? I cannot wait to meet you N4Ms woo hoo!

Congratulations to all!!  Thank you for your support.  I cannot wait to get the call that BS is over for him and the div he is doing it with. Still trying to find the right red scarf:)

Hi sure to let us know as we have full faith in him!

Yep I will.  Thanks 

Got my scarf and am ready to hit the Meet and Greet :)

YES!! Rec'd the call he is officially a Sailor.  I feel so much better we had a long chat. 


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