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I thought that it would be nice to have a discussion group for our recruits that are in Ship 02 Div 921. So join in fellow Moms. Thank you.

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Hi there! My son is on ship 02 div 921 too! :) I heard from his recruiter he is part of the performing unit at graduation! I still haven't gotten the most talked about letter every mom is waiting for!!  Hope it comes tomorrow because I can't stand this waiting game any longer! lol 

I haven't gotten the letter either...Miss him soooo much. My son's name is Sam and I am Ruth. I hope we get to meet at graduation. I'm proud but feeling a little stricken at the moment...So glad to hear from you!

It will come.  I finally got my letter yesterday and it was a huge relief.  My son also said he was on the performing unit holding a flag.  My neice, who is stationed in West Virginia, says its a tough job because the ceremony is pretty long.  My thought is atleast I will know where he is.


Hello!! I received the form letter with his ship and div # on February 13th also his belongings arrived the same day.  I have not received any other letters from him yet.  He played a brass instrument for 9 years in school, so I'm guessing that he is in the band. I hope your letter comes very soon. :) 

Yes, I did too. :) He left on Feb.7th from MEPS to the airport same day. The recruiter told me he will be doing the flags of the rifles the day of graduation! I text his recruiter and asked if he follows him through boot. He said just small bits but was able to find that out for me :) I hope I didn't ruin my son's surprise when he writes to tell me :) I hope to get that letter tomorrow from him! As everyone is saying we should get them tomorrow or on Friday. I hope your letter comes soon too :)

Thank you so much..I knew this would be very difficult, but not this difficult appreciate all the support. Sam's Mom

No letter today.....:( can't stand this!

I Know I was crying at the mail box..Need to get a grip!!! Sam's Mom

Thank you I will stay in touch. This has been very helpful especially on the days I miss him so badly  that I'm close to tears all day but I am so proud of him...Sam's Mom

I know how you feel Sam's mom ... thats  a long walk back to the house when no letter comes.... i have been saving anything and everything that has to do with his journey into the navy. all the paperwork and plane ticket ect ect. im a scrapbooker so i hoard those things...

I have been saving everything too...Praying for a letter today ,all these stories of how sick they get has me unhinged..

im going to check the mailbox now and i hope i get one :)


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