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Here is our one stop shop for all things 9/112 .

I am a new Navy wife, so my insight is limited, but this site begs for hours of exploration. Well worth it! Feel free to make friends,share info, PIR plans, etc.

I personally booked Residence Inn after hearing great reviews. Free shuttle, free buffet, great rooms ;)

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So glad to hear this! Thanks for sharing that about the division. I was getting a little concerned since my sons last letter said they still had a ways to go in that department.:)


If anyone hears what the date is for Battle Stations would love it if you let me know. Thanks! I'll let you know if I hear so you can message me for it.


Definitely, and likewise.

We are at the Residence Inn as well as we are bringing a grandmother and recruit's  girlfriend with us and they have 2-bedroom suites available.

My husband got a surprise phone call from our recruit earlier this week- sounding a lot more confident than prior call.

Ours is 20 and will be going to A School in San Antonio for corpsman training. We live in Houston, so we are thrilled!

My SR is going to A school in SA as well! Looks like they'll be pals.

Hello everyone.  My son graduated on Friday. 3/30.  Yesterday, we were at RTC and division 112 was by the NEX in an area that has a fast food section.  They have a Taco Bell, Subway, Pizza Hut.  My son said they were never allowed in there which was located right after the phones. 

I just want you to know that everyone in this division was there enjoying the food, talking and they all looked really good.  

We ran into my son's friend who started BC a week after my son.  He's in this division, I told him I was going to post a comment on here to let all of you they all looked good and are doing great and looking forward to PIR.

I know you will there next week, I just want to let you know it was AMAZING.  After PIR, you will have constant contact with your SR.

Hang in there one week to go :)

Thank you for the info! My son called me while they were at the fast food section. He sounded like he was having a good time finally!lol Again thanks for posting that you saw them! I can't wait until Friday, everyone says it's amazing. Thank your son for me next time you see him for being willing to serve. Takes special people to step up to the plate!

You are very welcome.  I know I'd want to know any little bit of info that I could get.  I so badly wanted to take pictures of them, but I didn't want to get them or my son in trouble.

Yes, they definitely are special people and I pray for ALL of them everyday.

Yes, thank you!! My husband was at Subway, so that makes my day. How sweet of you!

You're welcome :)

Don't know if anyone checks this group anymore but thought I would post a little something on here. How are everyones sailors doing, where are they for A school and do you hear much from them?

Mine is in Pensacola FL and is quite surprised at how nice everyone Talked to him the beginning of the week and he said he is still coming down from BC and is waiting for someone to yell at

Just wanted to touch base with all of you and would love to find out how everyone is doing.



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