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Welcome to the Division Discussion for Divisions 411 and 412

These two divisions are brother divisions and will be training together from the beginning through BS21 their final test. Your SRs, soon to be SAILORS, are becoming friends, and some of them may be heading to A School together.

Get to know each other, your SRs are!

Please still use the Main Wall of the PIR Group to post questions, and concerns, we “veteran” moms don’t always get to into the discussion area as often as we would like.

Every single question that is asked is important Every single concern is genuine Every single member is important to us We don't want to accidentally overlook any of them or you.

Hang in there!!!

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No, didn't hear a thing.  Haven't heard anything since 9/14.  I hope this is harder for us then our SR's.  I would hate to think they are feeling like this.  I'm hoping they are too busy , which I'm sure the Navy is keeping them.  Remember, only temporary!!

My son is division 411... Brother divisions that train and do most together. He called Saturday around 5pm. Only talked for 11 min and then he had to go.
Te last letter I received was Wednesday, and my Daughter got a call from My Grandson last weekend, nothing since. I imagine they are really busy!

Nope - didn't hear from my son today  ;(  this time I had the phone with me at all times too...

Super Cute Bunny Waving

Well, here we go again!!  My son just graduated on 9/20 and is now in HM A school, my nephew ( who is like a son to me and my wife) is on Ship 13 Div 411 so it like deja vu for us.  The good news is, we have been through it once already (twice for me as I am retired Navy) and have some firsthand knowledge of the process and how it works.  If anybody has questions, please feel free to ask and I will do my best to help out.  My wife will be adding this group and she will no doubt have a different perspective on things than I do and that may be helpful as well.  It is an emotional roller coaster as you all know but it does get easier.  Hang in there and good luck to all your future sailors.    

SR sounded great  ;)  especially since I missed his first call.  Said they had earned a flag and were rewarded with a 1 hr to talk today.  He said he was having trouble with the PT but I told him to find someone to help him out and it would all be good.  They don't know their baseline PFA's since someone had called TTO - they will do another PFA next Thursday he said.  He is the one who gets to deliver everyone mail, so he likes that since it makes the guys happy when they get something.  Sometimes he has to open all mail before it is handed out and other times only the ones that feel thick or feel like they have pictures.  He sounded way more confident, still very insistent I bring his boxers  :)  He's sleeping much better because he is bone tired when it comes time for taps.  They have only had been IT'd twice, he did good on his inspections, passed with only 2 hits.  Spent 4.5 hrs yesterday getting dress uniforms.  Some in DIV had Wisdom teeth out last week and some had out today.  Made friends and has a few that are going to same A-school so that is good.  It was a very good call and made my week perfect!!

What us TTO and PFA

TTO=Training Time OUT

PFA=Physical Fitness Assesment

Got my phone call tonight from my son! He sounded great and was proud that they received a flag today and received the hour of phone time. We talked for 31 minutes but still had to call his Dad and Girlfriend! That 31 minutes meant everything to me today!! Miss him, says there should be a letter in the mail tomorrow.  How did everyone else's child sound?

Awesomeness!!!! My world is a better place!!!
He Sid he passed the test he took yesterday, but was telling me about the PFA they are going to retake next week something about someone in the other division... I didn't catch it all because the phone was really staticy. Haircuts tomorrow, uniforms tomorrow (peanutbutter) and next week dress white and dress blues... He just sounded really SOO good... Made me feel SOO good... He called me, then his dad, my mom, his sister (left her a Msg) then he called me back, I talked with him for 18 min total.. I'm still in the clouds hours later.

Talked to my Grandson today and received letters.  It was very emotional for him.  He is sick and not getting much rest because of homework.  Seems to be more homesickness then anything.  This is a kid that couldn't wait to get out of this town.  Now he says he misses everything about the town.  He has great family and friend support and I know he will do great.  He just needs to get over this hump.  Otherwise he said he is doing great.  Here is a funny one ladies, that you can relate to.  His Mom was getting a mammogram at the time he called.  She took the call and the technician continued on.  Nothing was keeping her from talking to HER SR!  Have a great day.


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