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BattleStations is the final test for your recruits. It is a 12 hour drill, held overnight, in a ship designed by Disney...very realistic.  They are subjected to any situation that could arise for them on a is a night of adrenaline, teamwork, and training.  They are not allowed to talk about specifics to anyone (confidential).  At the conclusion of BattleStations, they have a capping ceremony in the early morning when they trade their recruit caps for their sailors caps...and they are sailors!  Later that day, you should receive your "I'm a Sailor" call...depending on the number of divisions that went through the night before, these calls can range from 15 minutes to an hour.  If a sailor has watch, his/her call may not come until the next day.

BattleStations are not held on Fri or Sat nights because of Captains Cup on Sat. This is an athletic competition that is a welcome break for the sailors/recruits.  It is a fun day...BattleStations usually start Thursday a week before PIR (if a larger PIR group), and can resume Sun-Wed of PIR week.

Your sailors are not allowed to go to sleep until 8 pm on the day they finish BattleStations. So they may be a little drained and tired when talking to you!  They are given candy bars and energy drinks to keep them going until lights out!

Please ask your recruits the day they are scheduled for BattleStations and post on here and on the main board.  They start with the lowest numbered divisions and move up.  900 and 800 divisions go at random times--usually connecting with either each other, or with 2 brother divisions, or even alone at times.

Here are the brother divisions in this group:

39+40, 41+42, 43+44, 45+46, 47+48

908 could go alone or with 2 brother divisions


Here is what I have read so far regarding the schedule:


------BattlleStations Schedule------

Thus, Jan 6th/7th   Div 39, 40, 41, 42

Sun, Jan 9th/10th    Div 43, 44

Mon, Jan 10th/11th  Div 908

Tues, Jan.11th/12th Div 45, 46, 47, 48

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Is it okay for us to post the dates? I thought I read somewhere that we weren't supposed to give the details out. If we are allowed to, I'll post the date for ship 02 div 908
Vanessa, that was something blown way out of proportion.  When the FB comment first surfaced about BattleStations a few months back, and people on N4Ms freaked out, Lynne, one of the veteran moms, called RTC as a representative of N4Ms.  Ironically, the man she spoke with there is the one who had posted the BattleStations comment on FB.  He was surprised that this had gotten into N4Ms.  His reason for posting it on FB was because apparently many were being very "loose lipped" about Navy goings on on FB and he said he wanted them to get used to not sharing so much detailed info in this social network about everying Navy-related for when their recruits became sailors and were stationed (where the security risk is huge).  He told her there is absolutely no issue with posting BattleStations dates on N4Ms.  Not only that, but actually BattleStations take place almost every night of the week in most cases (with the exception of Fr and Sat nights).  So it would not take any security breach for "people" to know that.  Long story short....please disclose dates when you know them!  Thanks!
Also, if anyone would like to keep their name out of disclosing a date, you can always private message me.  I don't feel this is necessary by any means, but would like for you all to know that is an option.
I want to know SHIP 07 DIV 044 battlestation date.., please


My daughter is on Ship 07, DIV 043 and her date is January 9th. I believe DIV 044 is her divisions brother division so they should go together for this. I hope and pray all goes well for our recruits, soon to be sailors.

Hi mamabear my daughter is on this same ship/div. I hope and pray for all of our recruits as well.

Are you going to the the meet and greet??

I dont see as much responses to this ship/div??  Hope to talk to you again.


Yes, my husband and I will be attending the meet & greet. We are also staying at the Ramada.

Our daughter leaves the next day for A school in Pensacola. How about your recruit? Hope to

meet you Thursday. Safe travels to you!

Looking forward to meeting you as well.  My daughter will be in GL for about four weeks.

Safe travels to you too.


kale, it looks like they will go Sunday night, Jan. 9th, finishing Monday morning.
Anyone know when ship 7 div 44 will be doing Battlestations?
Eeeek.  I think Div 45 and 46 are brother divisions. Tamme said they also might be Sunday or Monday.  Anyone else heard anything?  

Yes, you are right, DramaboysMom.  They are brother divisions.  I think the nights you mentioned are the most likely possibility for them.  They may join 43 and 44 on Sunday.  They can go up to 4 divisions at a time.


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