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My son has advised me that he may have leave time at Christmas from 12/19 through 1/4. Is anyone elses sailor coming home and if so, when do they have to check back in on the 4th. Trying to make plane reservations!! help

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My son called with the same info. Is your son in San Antonio for MA? Colin said leave starts at 4:00 p.m. on the 19th and they must be back by 4:00 p.m. on the 4th. Ooops! Thats 1600 and 2200.
No, I see Garrett is Gunners Mate. But is he in San Antonio?
Garrett is still in Great Lakes, just graduated BC...will come home for the holiday!! we are in California. Susan G
Katie is at GL and said that she was borrowing some days and would be home from 12/19-1/3/08. She said that there was a shuttle leaving base at 0430 on Dec 19 and that she had to be back on Jan 3rd at 2359. Her commander told her not to make reservations for too early of a flight just in case the shuttle ran into traffic/weather. Last night she said she was going to the Travel Office on base on Thursday to see about flights. If they can't get her a flight around $120, she'll let me know and we'll book it direct from Chicago-Detroit.
Hi Marianne Heather is at GL too. She never mentioned a shuttle but I'd like any info on it. She has the same times for Liberty as what Katie has. I talked Heather's recruiting office and the Petty Officer there gave me his cell phone for Heather to call when she gets back here. The recruiting office will be closed the same dates as her liberty but he said he could get 5 days of leave back for her. She would have to work with him and he'd get her the paperwork. Trying to get back as many days as possible if it means I can see her more. lol
Hello Everyone, my son is still in GL on the Base side doing Pre/BUDS...he will be coming home 12/19 thru 1/3. He said that he has catch the bus up to Milwaukee at 4:30 AM on the 19th and then he leaves Denver on Jan 3rd.
Hi all..I mentioned to my son that he could "earn" more days back by working with his recruiter but he told me that he can't do that while he's in "A" school.....Is he incorrect or confused? Thanks to anyone that can answer my question...
Hey Ruthann,
James said the same thing. He will arrives home on Monday, December 22nd and leaves Saturday, January 3rd. We spoke about working for the recruiter he called it "wrapping time" or something like that. He says that he cannot do it until after A school also.
Oh, that's good to know. My son said he would prefer just to spend the time with us, but would think about working with the recruiter to save some of his leave. Maybe that isn't an option anyway. He said his 'A' school is so long that he will make up the time and then some by the time it is over anyway. I'm estimating that he will be finished with 'A' school sometime around mid-July, unless there are down times between classes, which I've heard there often are. I figure they earn about 2 1/2 days per month of leave. It should only take them a couple of month to make up the days 'in the hole', then they will start earning days again so they come see us after 'A' school. One can only hope!!!
My son is in San Diego. He doesn't know when he's coming home...or if. He is in SWCC. Anyone have a sailor in SWCC in San Diego? Do you know anything about their leave?


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