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Commissioning - Is there a special gift that's appropriate?

I saw this question somewhere on the website but there were no responses.  For those of you who have had a son or daughter commission from NROTC, is there a special gift that anyone knows of to give your new Naval Officer?  Or, was there anything special that you did or gave to commemorate this special occasion?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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We presented our son his sword as a commissioning gift along with a wooden sword and scabbard holder to hang on the wall. 99.9% of the time it just hangs on the wall in his office, on rare occasions he is required to wear it. He had one of his best men use it in the sword arch at his wedding and of course to cut their wedding cake. I think cake cutting is the usual duty for officer's swords... check out the Change of Command photos on the USS Harry S Truman Facebook page.
Thanks, Helomom. Where do you get one of these swords???
I have never heard of a "kindle". Where do you find it? So.....they have to purchase there dress uniforms??? All this is news to me. Thanks.
We are fortunate to live very near a naval base and I have friends that are Navy so I had base access. I ordered it through the Navy Exchange uniform department. The official sword is about $400 plus the bag to keep it in, the cord that wraps the handle, and the belt. They had the wooden holder with the Navy crest on it at the NEX too. I think Marlow White might be the supplier. You might Google them along with US Navy Officer's sword. I just checked... has swords and sword shields (the one with the crossed scabbard and sword). Marlow White swords are on
Thanks, Helomom. I saw somewhere else on the website about . Must be a good place to look. All help is appreciated!
My husband received his dress sword for commissioning - he's worn it in several weddings, cut the cake at our wedding, as well as in several change of command ceremonies. Our son has worn it in several parades, and for his commissioning in 2011, my mother plans to give him my father's sword. A Kindle is an electronic book (ebook) reader. There are several different companies making them, but i think the Kindle is rated the highest. Navymomxxxy is right, space on the ship is tight. the kindle allows downloading of newspapers and magazines, too, maybe more. Dress or regular uniform pieces are also a good idea (or a check to purchase uniforms). I gave my husband a good diving watch when he commissioned as a navy diver, and plan to make a quilt for my son (since he's getting a sword from his grandmother)!
You are obviously from a Navy family! Thank you for your feedback. I am hoping to make my son a quilt of all his tshirts that I have saved over time which represent important things/events in his life. Hopefully, I will get it done sometime soon. If it takes as long as his Christmas stocking that I embroidered when he was born, we're probably in trouble. :)
I do have a question for you and hope you won't think I'm being too nosey.....but do you live at Va. Beach and is your son at VT and did he do EOD cruise last summer? My son did EOD last summer and met someone from V.B. who attended VT and visited him at his home. Just wondering.
Thanks for your help!
Thank you so much. I am overwhelmed by all the info. I am starting to take notes so I will remember all this stuff (getting old). :) So many good ideas. Didn't know that the ebook thing was called a "kindle".....not with it, I guess. Thanks again......your help has been invaluable.
I hope I'm not wrong, but my research shows that newly commissioned Officers receive a one-time uniform allowance upon commissioning that more or less covers the cost of their uniforms. It varies by service and sex, but the 2009 allowance for a female Navy Officer (I have a daughter) was around $1,700.00. From what I could determine, Officers are responsible for replacing their uniforms as they wear out. Of course, receiving money or uniform pieces as gifts would allow them to use the allowance money for other things.
Thanks for this info. Will ask my son about it. That would be nice and then we could possibly go for the sword. I think that's what he wants. :)
What we gave our son was a little over $6000 as a down payment on a new car.We had actually said we would buy a new car for either of our children if they received a full scholarship for college, but that mon ey was all we could come up with after four years in ROTC. But he still appreciated it very much, and did buy the car he wanted...
Laundry and ironing every night??!! Don't make me laugh. :) Sounds like a lot. I was talking with my son yesterday about all this and he is thinking of getting stuff thru Naval Exch. He says they carry Brooks Bros. there. (Are you kidding me???) We'll see how this all works itself out. By the way, what is a CPO jacket?


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