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Looking for some help----Travis got word that he passed his physical and got the scholarship. My questions are 1} does the scholarship help pay for dorms and food or just tuition and books? 2} He sent in his sizes for his uniforms and other things, does he have to pay for them or what?

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Congratulations! The scholarships pay full tuition and a stipend for books ($375/semester) plus the students get a stipend that varies by year, starting at $250/month freshman year for the months during the school year. There are a few other things they pay, like a bit for travel from home to school. I don't believe they give a uniform stipend, I think the NROTC unit supplies them upon orientation. When your son is commissioned, he will get a uniform stipend upon entry to active duty. They also train during the summer (what they do varies depending on what year they are) and they will be paid for that time. The overview of what is paid is listed at The scholarship does not pay for room and board but some schools (like RPI) make arrangements for that).
Congratulations to you and your son on that scholarship :) It is a little confusing until you get into the swing of things exactly what is being covered - I found a little because the way the collleges invoice there is a mulititude of "fees" that get tacked on. All of the required fees by your sons school should be covered under tuition (for example if there is a student activity fee or a medical center fee (not insurance, that is different)). My daughter didn't get anything for travel.
Centhea- does that depend on how far away you live?? She got the Book Stipend, the Monthly stipend, the Unit supplied her with all her uniforms and PT Gear. Room and Board is up to the individual school- they are all different.
Paulette: It should be paid no matter what distance, but I'm not positive. My son's orientation letter stated that they get paid for travel if they are scholarship students. I don't have the paperwork with me at the moment, but if I remember correctly they specified the mileage rate as the same as the JTR (Joint Travel Regulation) rate. Mileage was all that was mentioned. My guess is they fill out the paperwork at Orientation and it gets paid directly into their Direct Deposit accounts.
Hi Centhea-

I think I understand now- My daughter entered as a college programmer so she was not under scholarship when she attended orientation :) Ahh - the "little" things. Not a big deal considering though, I'm just happy she got the scholarship in the end. Thank you for the explanation, one less unknown out there.

Can you tell me what they owe the Navy when they graduate. What is expected of them. We are hearing some different info than what the recruter told us.
For my son, who is a freshman this year, the requirement is that he give 4 years of active duty and 4 years reserve. Those who are in placed in communities that require a lot of additional training (i.e. avaition), the commitment may be longer. It looks like service requirements have changed beginning with this year:
College of the Holy Cross covers room only, not board.
A caveat to this, the GWU room and board stipend is for Engineering majors at GWU only, not any of the consortium schools, and it is because GWU is trying to boost their engineering program.
The University of St. Thomas (crosstown for University of Minnesota) provides free room and board, as well, or a generous stipend for those who choose to live off campus.
Villanova covers books and university fees ONLY. Student Health insurance is not covered ($1050/yr). So make sure you have adequate coverage (in the area where they are attending school) for your child on your health plan.
I don't believe NROTC will cover Student Health Insurance at any of the schools. The Student Health Insurance is different than the Student Health Center Fees which are usually mandatory. The health center (or health clinic) fees are usually a lot less and cover them when they go to the clinic on the campus. That fee is considered part of the tuition. Nothing like even more confusion :o
Not everyone gets room & board paid for. My oldest son did not & we paid his housing. my son currently @ Boston University does receive a stipend for room & board but it is a set amount. If he wants to upgrade his room and/or meal plan the university/rotc does not cover that. Your child should be prepared to cover initial costs themselves until the reimbursement money comes in. There is an occasional glitch with the payments. Check out the amazon book site or any of the used book sites for their books. My son usually gets his that way & saves alot of money on their costs.


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