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Good Afternoon!!

My son just graduated today!!

But he needs to reroute his ticket?

he says he's to report to Fallon on the 12th but his flight doesn't leave till the 13th?

has anyone else had this issue?

i really should look at his ticket information when he gets home tomorrow but i thought that someone else had commented on this before.

Thanks for the support and help

Have a great day!

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Replies to This Discussion

He needs to contact the government travel office that issued the ticket. Sometimes there is a number they can call on the itinerary and get it taken care of.
Yep, there is a specific place to call to help them with that stuff. My son paid for his ticket from San Antonio to Sacramento and then called the place to have the ticket from San Antonio to Key West changed to Sacramento to Key West. It cost him $60 or so to make the change, and of course the price of the ticket home.


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