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WAITING on first phone call and will be praying everyday can't wait to see her again my first born

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Hello Ihpa. My daughter left for bootcamp a week ago today. Those first few days were the hardest for me. I can honestly say 1 week later I don't cry as much. I am mostly just excited about her new career and looking forward to her first letter. I hope you get your call soon! :)
thank you seabeemomma i received first call last night she made it safe
My daughter left yesterday too and is to arrive in GL today. I've been on an emotional rollercoaster since Sunday. Not as bad today. She did get to text me from the hotel last night and tell me everything was fine.

How is it we mom's are so emotional even when we know they're doing what's best for their future? I'm so proud of her, but feel so lost without her....and here they come again.....
My son left this afternoon should be flying into GL in an hour or so. How void i feel? I cried my eyes out yesterday so i can't read too well today they are so swollen. I know he'll do great its the process of cutting your child away thats the part that hurts. Everyone you talk to says oh its okay he'll be fine. They just don't get it.He should be graduating around July 4th as well. Hope they get to leave and spend some time with us that day, before they are shipped out.
I know.. it sucks are you doing now? My son will be flying out tomorrow. We are driving him to his send out designation today!
I dropped my little boy off yesterday at the hotel and he flies to Chicago today. I cried so much I really feel sick. I don't see how the pain will stop. His last goodbye he slipped and called me mommy, I thought I would die on the spot but stayed strong for the final goodbye. He has a new wife of 3 weeks and she looks so pitiful. HOW DO I GET THROUGH THIS I feel like I am going to die.
hartman - my son left on February 9 exactly 1 month after he married so I understand looking at your new DIL. It's double tough. Sitting through a wedding and the realization that your little boy is a married man, then sending him off into the unknown without any contact.

We saw him off at MEPS and watched him get on the airport shuttle. I held up pretty well there. He was worse then me or his wife and told us to go to the car while he went to the bathroom so he wouldn't see us walking away. He had his cell and called from O'Hare when they landed and I did okay then. I held up okay when the official "I'm here" call came. I came unglued a couple of hours later. You'll still cry at odd times but it does get better, I promise.
Thank you for the reply. I am wearing his clothes today somehow It helps.
I know how you all feel with your kids gone........... my one and only child (a son) has been in the Navy over a year now, and I still miss him as much today as the day he left for BC, it does get easier but it is still very hard........... it helps now that we can talk more.......we talk atleast every other day even if just long enough to say Hi, how are you. I just keep remembering this is good for him, he seems happy and most important of all.............he is stationed in Hawaii :) I am going in July to see him.
Also, remember this................ "NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS" when in BC.
My son left yesterday for Chicago. My husband and I stayed at his hotel, ate dinner with him that night, drove to MEPS the next morning and got to spend 3 hours with him there. We just sat and talked. I held up great during that time. I got to video his swearing in ceremony. The captain made a space for us moms with cameras after the ceremony on the stage and posed for all the pictures we wanted---my son just gave me a "look" cause I have done nothing but take pictures of him (and cry). I don't know why.....but for the last week and 1/2 everytime we had a meal together (mostly eating out).....I would cry!!! Aurghhhh. Brave? Not me! We did not go to the airport.....I just hugged him one last time before they were served lunch....I knew it was time to leave.

It has been 24 hours since my first phone call from him telling me he arrived. I have stayed dry all day!


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