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Due to developing some ongoing medical problems, as a result of pnumonia contracted during boot camp, my son is in the process of separation from the Navy. He tells us that he has undergone more tests and that now he is waiting for something called a medical review that must occur prior to being released. He has been at Great Lakes since early June. Although he has earned leave he has not been allowed to take it and come home for a visit or been allowed to have anyone, including his wife, visit him. While trying to do the right thing he is bored, frustrated, and questioning what will happen next and how long it will take before he can come home.

If anyone has any experience with such a situation or has knowledge that would be helpful I would appreciate some advice.Is there a way he can get even a brief leave, can he recieve visitors, how long can we expect this process to take,etc.   


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I cant answer your questions but you might try group ship 5 they maybe able to help you

I know my son is looking to go to the medical board. Once he is there he can be out in as little as 3 weeks. But getting to it is taking sometime. We just have to wait. He had to complete 3 limited duties. They are like 6 months each. But of course this is from injuries and not a illness. He is working but not in is rate. They have him in a office. He hates it.
My understanding is it just takes some time to get to the board.
Guess it took them 2 days to copy him medical that's a slow copy machine or a while lot of paper

Craig, Angie or AntiM would be a couple good people to check with. 

Thanks, I will try those names.

Here is the link to the Ship 5 Group on here.


There is a lot of info on the Main page and you can repost your questions over there. Angie has been on there as well as a former Seps Admin and a lot of moms that have been through. It doesn't look like it has a lot of activity...but usually the folks on there are checking it.

BTW on a side might want to change your username. It's not a good idea to use your personal email address. Also, last names of Recruits/Sailors are not allowed on this site if they are the same as your. Not a slam...just looking out for you! It's a public site and anyone can see it.

Here is how:

To change your username on here.

Just go to "Settings" which is in the list in the far right hand column of this page...under where you sign out of N4M's.

Your profile page will open.

Under "Profile" Username is the third item down.

Clear the info and type in your new username.

Once you do that make sure to click "save" at the bottom right of the page.

If you need any help let me know!

I wish the best for your Son and your Family. This must be so hard.

Thanks for the help, just changed the username.

I really don't know a lot about medical separations in boot camp.  I do know the main reason they can't take leave is because if the medical board convenes, the sailor must be present right that minute.   Plus, honestly, RTC is not set up to grant leave to recruits.  Sailors take leave ... not recruits.  It is probably out of the control of the RTC staff.  

The process takes as long as it takes, which is no comfort.  Every situation is just so unique.  I assume he's getting paid and BAH for his wife?  

As for a visit from the wife, she should contact the RTC PAO (Public Affairs Office) and inquire.  Explain how long it has been.  (He won't be allowed to leave the base though).   She may do well to talk to the Command MasterChief as well.  A spouse will have more "rights" than a parent and might make more progress.  

Both Craig and Angie would have far more references.  I'm just going off experience.

I dont think her son is in boot.

"He has been at Great Lakes since early June. Although he has earned leave" I'm thinking school. Why would they keep him in boot almost 10 months?

I've seen over six months in boot for fractures to heal ... but yeah, you're right.  A school.   Still, if he's waiting for a medical board, then he can't take leave, same reason, he has to stay on hand.   But then "no visitors" is simply untrue, as even sailors on Phase One liberty can have visitors or leave base for the evening as long as they're back by curfew.  That's why I assumed it was RTC, not NTC.

There is a member who's recruit has been on Ship 5 for almost a year pending discharge.

So is he in bootcamp or "A" School.


IF he is in bootcamp...go check out ship 5 group.


If he is in "A" School, he can have people visit him, is it him saying he can't?  That is on him then.  As far as how long it will could be anywhere from 6-18 months before he is seperated depending what is wrong with him.


More info is needed to answer questions for you.




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